Talias Savage

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Chapter 4

The sound of thunder cracking outside woke me up. I could hear the rain beating off the windows and the wind howling outside. As I jolted out of bed I could feel my anxiety rise and my body start to shake. Another flash of light and crack of thunder shook the pane of glass in my window and had me linking Xander as a whimper left my throat. "Xander. Xander, please wake up!" With no response, a tear slid down my cheek. "Xander please." Still nothing. I started to cry anxiously waiting for him to respond. All of my life he was the one who kept the monsters at bay. Now was no different.

I waited anxiously hoping it would sink in his head that I needed him but when I still hadn't received an answer I grabbed my jacket and slipped my boots on. I was going to make a run for it to the boy's dorm. As long as I was with Xander I knew I was safe. Just as I reached the door the lights went out causing my fears to rise that much more. Just like when I was younger and our pack was attacked. My breathing was quick and I clutched my jacket for dear life. Slowly I made my way down the hall trying to keep my shrieks to a minimum and found the stairs. I clutched the handrail and stepped one foot down at a time until I reached the front door. Looking outside the storm was just as bad as I thought. I took a deep breath trying to calm my nerves, counted to three, and ran.

Tears streamed down my face as I made my way through the pouring rain. Lightning struck a tree close by and I could feel the electricity coming off of it causing me to scream. Running harder I kept my head down willing my feet to move faster. As I rounded the corner to the boys' dorm I ran into something very hard and was knocked on my ass. Tingles ran through me and I screamed in shock. I looked up into the most beautiful pair of eyes. Dark blue with silver streaks. I was about to apologize when he looked at me with the look of death.

"Watch where the fuck you are going mutt."

"I... I'm sorry. I didn't see you there. I was trying to get to" Lighting struck again and I couldn't stop the scream and tears that followed. I looked up at the man in front of me to see his lip curled up at one side and I think hatred in his eyes. He stood with so much power. His hands in fists resting on his hips and the wind blowing his black hair in front of his face. "What the fuck is wrong with you. It's just a little storm"

I stood up and walked around him not sure what to say. I didn't want to appear weak in front of him. I had so much to prove here and the power radiating from him told me he was an Alpha. "I. I.. I have to go!"

I took off running into the boy's dorms without a second glance at the man I left out in the pouring rain. Although it was hard to ignore the electric shock I felt running through my body. I quickly found Xander's room and started knocking on the door. Tears streaming down my face as I whisper screamed "Xander please wake up. Xander, please let me in"

I could hear footsteps coming down the hall and that woodsy scent I smelt in the woods started to fill my senses. Just as I was about to turn to see who it was the door opened and Xander pulled me inside. I grabbed onto him and cried while he hugged me back. "Talia it's ok. You're ok. I got you!"

I held onto my brother for dear life as memories flooded my mind and tears stained his shirt.

Graysons Point of View

So much for staying away from her. I couldn't even head to the gym to work out my anger without her being there and crying none the less. What a weakling to be scared of a little storm. Just another reason not to have a mate. I watched as she ran around me to the boys' dorm. My wolf started getting jealous and wanted to take control. Why was she going in there? Who was she going to see? She is mine! Shaking my head, I decided to put off my workout and followed her back inside to appease his curiosity. I knew if I didn't he wouldn't stop.

She was standing outside of the door next to mine. Whimpers left her mouth accompanied by a scream when the lighting and thunder danced outside. I stood back at first watching as she knocked on the door. "Xander please wake up!" She knocked again I could smell her tears "Xander please let me in!" A low growl was building in my throat as I walked towards her but the door opened and she was yanked inside. Whose room was that?

I stood outside the door listening. I could hear her crying and then the boy's voice. "Talia it's ok. You're Ok. I got you". So her name was Talia. Saying her name made my wolf happy but caused my anger to rise. Now I knew her name. I didn't want to know her let alone her name. I was about to turn around and leave when I heard "Cmon get in my bed. You need to sleep. We have to get up in a few hours"

I let out a low growl this time and clenched my fists. She was in another man's bed. I was about to knock on the door when I realized I was letting my wolf's emotions bleed into mine. I turned on my toes and walked out to the gym. I had to work off this frustration. Maybe I could tire myself and my wolf out enough to not worry. Linking Mitchell "Meet me in the gym. NOW!"

"Grayson it's 2 in the morning"

"Did I stutter?" Gym Now!"

I walked out of the doors and into the pouring rain. I stood there for just a moment hoping it would help put out the flame my anger ignited but it did no good. Damn it I didn't want a mate. Maybe it was time to talk to my most trusted friends about it. I needed a plan. A way to reject her without hurting myself or my pack. The elders' words ringing in my head. She will make you complete, stronger. For the good of the pack. They were wrong. I was Complete. I was Strong. And only I knew what was good for my pack.

I was sparring with a punching bag when Mitchell showed up. He looked upset but I didn't care. I needed a human body to spare with and we also needed to discuss my current situation. As much as I hated to leak that information I had to. Being here in such close proximity to that mutt, our mate bond was bound to reveal itself soon enough

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