Talias Savage

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Chapter 5

"Grayson. I honestly don't see how you can break the bond. One it isn't meant to be broken. The goddess chose her for you for a reason and two if you do it will weaken you." Mitchell held up his hand to silence me before I could speak. "We all know you are strong. We all know you are feared. But breaking the mates bond will cause you such pain that it will be felt by all almost instantly causing you and the pack to have a target on its back."

I narrowed my eyes and stared at him "Then just what the fuck am I supposed to do. You know why I don't want a mate, Mitch. This just can't fucking happen. There has to be a loophole somewhere!"

I watched as he shook his head. Undoubtedly thinking of why I don't want a mate and also with the knowledge that there was no loophole. I growled and hit the bag in front of me sending it flying off of its chains to explode against the wall.

Why has the moon goddess cursed me with a mate? Why couldn't I be one of the lucky few who never found them? I was seething. Anger radiating from every pore in my body, trying my best to keep my wolf inside. Mitchell walked over to me and placed his hand on my shoulder. "Calm down Gray. It will be alright"

I threw his hand off of my shoulder and pushed him backward. "Don't tell me it will be alright. How in the actual hell would you know?"

Regaining his balance and straightening his shirt he looked at his watch. "I don't but the moon goddess wouldn't pair you with her if you weren't supposed to be together. To balance each other out!"

I rolled my eyes. "She is weak Mitch. I told you that she ran into me last night crying because of the storm. How can she help protect and defend my pack if she can't handle a little thunder?"

He shrugged his shoulders again. "You don't know her story, Gray. Maybe you should find out before you pass your judgment. Now we have to go. Classes started a while ago."

I took a few deep calming breaths to regain my composure and we both walked out of the gym only to find the girls training on the field in front of us.

Talia's Point of View

"Damn it Talia do you have to hit so hard" Abby rubbed her stomach giving me the death glare!

"Sorry Abs. Got caught up in the moment. You know how much I love to spar!"

Rolling her eyes "Yes I know."

I laughed out loud and received a disapproving look from our sparring coach, Thompson! "Talia, Abigail" He screamed in our direction "May I ask what is so funny?" We turned to look at him. He looked me in the eyes with a look of disdain and was pinning me to the spot. "Do you think you are above training with the rest of the females here? Hmmm?" I squared my shoulders and looked him in the eyes "No Sir." I said in my most authoritative voice. I might not be the Luna of my pack yet but I would be soon and I wasn't going to take any crap off of him. He walked over to me and put his face in mine. "Maybe we need to knock you down a peg mutt!" he whispered in my face.

I looked to Abigail and could sense the fear that she was trying to hide. She was a baker, not a fighter. The coach stood up and looked around landing on the two guys standing outside the gym. He took a few steps towards them and yelled "Alpha Grayson, Would you mind to help me with something?" I watched as the man's frame went rigid. "That depends on what you need Thompson" he responded while he crossed his arms over his chest. "I need to take this Alpha wannabe down a few pegs. She feels like she is better than the rest of the females here and my class bores her!"

I looked at the coach with disbelief. I tried to stop the tears and emotions that swirled in me. Abby put her hand on my shoulder as if to say don't listen to him. How could he say such things when I said nothing at all. I looked up to Grayson and tried to steel myself. The look of disgust he gave me made me want to go back to my room. "I can't but my beta Mitchell can." He said it with arrogance and slapped the man's shoulder beside him. The beta looked at me as if he was sizing me up. When our eyes met there was an emotion there that I couldn't pinpoint.

"Listen up Ladies! Talia here thinks she's too good for this class." I looked around at the girls around me who held hatred in their eyes. "I never said that Thompson you did!" He rounded on me with hatred in his eyes and grabbed me by the wrist with excessive force and slung me into the crowd of girls that had gathered around. "Beta Mitchell has agreed to spar with her. Let us see how well she does." I squared my shoulders not afraid of a challenge but inside I was scared. Here I was going up against the Beta of one of the most feared packs. I linked Xander real quick "Tell me I can do this"

"Do What"

"Go against the Beta of the Black moon pack"

"Talia that isn't funny"

"Good because I'm not joking"

"On my way"

"Don't bother its starting! Love you" I cut the connection between us so I could concentrate!

Abby stood back and watched with fear in her eyes. I knew I was good. I went up against the male warriors in our pack and won with most including my dad. I watched as the Alpha and Beta approached the circle the girls had formed and that woodsy smell returned. Not now I thought to myself I need to concentrate. The coach stood with a smug smile on his face and Alpha Grayson stood with his legs slightly apart and his arms crossed over his chest while his face contorted with irritation.

"Alright Alpha wannabe. Let's just see if we cant put you back in your place! Mitchell don't hold back"

That statement earned a disapproving look from the Beta but the Alpha stood there with indifference. I looked him in the eyes knowing he was who I bumped into the night before except this time it was like a shock! The words mine tried to escape my lips but I clamped them shut. I would have to deal with this later. I couldn't deal with it right now. We took our positions and were getting ready to start when Xander showed up.

"Thompson, what is going on here?"

He turned to look at my brother "Ahhh Xander your just in time. Your sister here thinks she is better than the other girls so we are putting her to the test!"

He looked at me and I shook my head letting him know I didn't. "I find that hard to believe Thompson. Talia thinks she is no better than anyone and may I remind you she is the next Luna of the Crescent Moon pack!"

He gave Xander a smug smile "Well then as the next Luna this little sparring match shouldn't be a problem now should it?" He turned to us and yelled, "Begin!"

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