Talias Savage

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Chapter 6

Graysons Point of View

Great, just great! She was the last person I wanted to see this morning. I was just talking about how I could get rid of her as my mate, albeit with no success but either way and then there she was laughing. I had to say I liked the sound of her laugh. It was sweet and just the right pitch like a melody. I watched as Thompson stalked towards her and her laughing stopped. She stood straight and radiated power which was a surprise and she didn’t back down from him, making my wolf very proud. I watched, rooted to the spot, and waited patiently to see what was going to happen!

“Alpha Grayson, would you mind to help me with something” I looked to Thompson when he called my name. There was something about him that I didn’t trust so I had no tolerance for him. I looked to the girl who was supposed to be my mate before turning my gaze to him. “That depends on what you need Thompson.” An evil smile formed on his face as he turned to look at Talia over his shoulder before addressing me once more “I need to take this Alpha wannabe down a few pegs.” My eyes darted to her and the hurt look that crossed her features was quickly hidden all but the tears threatening to spill from her eyes. Weak. “She thinks she is better than the rest of the females here and my class bores her!”

I watched her with disgust as she looked at Thompson with disbelief. The cracks in her self esteem were showing. I contemplated his request before clapping Mitchell on the shoulder “I can’t but my Beta Mitchell can!” I finished with a smug smile and watched her reaction. Again it looked like she wanted to cry. The moon goddess made the wrong choice in choosing her as my mate and it was becoming clearer the longer I watched her. ”I don’t want to fight her” he linked me. I issued the command which I knew he couldn’t resist. “You can and you will”

We walked to the edge of the field and I stood with my arms crossed over my chest. Thompson turned and addressed the group of girls behind him that had gathered. She zoned out for a moment like she was talking to someone through the link though I wasn’t sure who. All of a sudden her eyes fixed on me. I couldn’t help but look into them. Blue and green. So unique. I watched as she clamped her mouth shut and the realization hit her. We were mates. I felt the agitation grow inside me waiting to see if she would voice it but she never did. Thank goddess.

Thompson leaned in and whispered something to her and Mitchell. I could tell by the look on Mitchell’s face he didn’t agree with what was said, but whatever it was he was already under the command from me to fight her. They both took their positions and crouched down into their fighting stances when another male showed up.

“Thompson, what is going on here?”

“Ahhh Xander your just in time. Your sister here thinks she is better than the other girls so we are putting her to the test!”

So the guy she went to see last night was her brother. My wolf yipped with happiness while it made no difference to me. “I find that hard to believe Thompson. Talia thinks she is no better than anyone and may I remind you she is the next Luna of the Crescent Moon pack!”

I looked her up and down. She was to be the next Luna of a pack. I laughed to myself. There is no way she was strong enough to defend herself let alone protect and run a pack.

Thompson smiled at her brother smugly while he stated “Well then as the next Luna this little sparring match shouldn’t be a problem now should it?” He turned to Mitchell and Talia and yelled, “Begin!”

Talia's Point of View

We both got down in fighting stance. I watched him for the slightest tip-off for when and where he would attack. Circling each other in a predatory stance my need to prove who I was and what I was meant to be kicked in. I wasn't about to let the egotistical teacher put me down and even if the Beta won I was still going to get back up until I couldn't. Time seemed to stand still as we circled each other. I was not going to make the first move my father taught me better than that. His words rang loud in clear in my head Talia let them move first. Study them. Their stance, their eyes, their hands. If a finger twitches that's his dominant side. If his eyes swipe to one side that's where they will strike first. Study your opponent! Don't be careless and make the first punch.

My eyes flickered to Xander and I could see how nervous he was about this. I cut off all communication with him because I needed to be able to think and concentrate. After 10 trips around the ring, Mitchell zoned out for just a second before he focused back on me. His eyes held a feeling. Regret I think. What would he have to regret we hadn't even started fighting yet.

"You two ladies going to spar or what" Thompson yelled. Personally I think he is trying to distract me but it wasn't going to work. I wanted to show him who he was dealing with. I am Talia Hamilton the next Luna of the Crescent Moon Pack.

Graysons Point of View

Watching her study my Beta was intriguing. She was obviously trained but I had stuff to do. My agitation level was on the rise and this needed to end now. I should never have agreed to help Thompson. I think it was more my wolf than myself. He wants to see his mate in action. Amongst wasting my time I had classes to go to that I didn't want to attend and a pack to check on. Linking Mitchell "Her brother is standing on the sidelines. Circle a few more times and force her hand."

"Gray, he has nothing in it. This is between me and her!"

We were quiet for a while longer. A yawn escaped my lips. I had little sleep the night before because of her and now she was holding up my day. It was time for the sparring match to get underway so we could get this over with. This game of cat and mouse was going to stop now.

"Mitchell grab her brother around the throat and slam him on the ground"

"Gray I won't do that. This is a simple sparring match. She will mess up here soon and I will pin her and be done!"

"Beta that's a command. End or start this now your choice"

I watched his eyes change. He will be mad at me for the command I just issued but he will get over it. He looked past her as they went around the ring once more and when he got to Xander he did as he was told!

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