Talias Savage

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Chapter 7

I watched it as if it happened in slow motion. Mitchell grabbed Xander around the throat and slammed him down hard! I swear the ground shook under my feet. I was stunned for a moment that he brought my brother in like this. Then seeing Xander's eyes roll back and the blood dripping down his neck I saw red and charged! I slammed into Mitchell slamming him on the ground. I positioned myself on top and slammed my fist into his face busting his lip before he flipped me over onto my back knocking the wind from me. I could hear Xander coughing and Abby helped him up and out of the ring.

I tried to get up but my loss of concentration cost me. Mitchell kicked me in my side rolling me over onto my stomach. I could tell he didn't use his full force but none the less the breath I just regained was lost again. He swung his leg again but this time I caught it and managed to cause him to lose his balance. It wasn't my most effective move but it gave me the time I needed to stand. We started circling each other again and the thought of him hurting my brother caused me to lose all common sense. I ran towards him again. He put his arm out as if to clothesline me but I grabbed it and flipped up wrapping my legs around his neck. Just as I was about to lean back to take him down he grabbed my arms and rolled me forward. I watched as the ground approached and I landed face first in the grass.

He leaned down with his knee on my back and pulled my arms behind me. I could hear someone yell "Finish it" and I was sure it was Grayson. I wasn't sure what his problem was but I knew that if this is what it would be like to be mated to him I didn't want any part of it. Holding both my hands in one of his he pulled me up to stand. Thompson looked at me "Done yet little girl? Ready to say, uncle?" I looked at him and smiled before slamming my head back into the Betas nose causing him to let go. "I'm nowhere near ready to give in Thompson!"

I rounded back around as a fist came flying at my face. I moved in time for it to hit the side of my jaw instead of my nose. We both threw our fair share of punches and knocked each other down. 10 minutes later I laid there trying to catch my breath. I was pinned down but you know what I was fine with it. I gave him one hell of a round and felt like I defended myself admirably. I rolled to my stomach and went to stand up when a boot connected with my side flipping me back over. This time I heard a definite crack. I screamed out and grabbed my side when I felt a fist in my hair. "See wannabe. The Alpha position is no place for little girls." He slammed my head in the dirt causing my vision to blacken. He lifted my head again and was about to slam it down once more when I felt him release me and I lost consciousness.

Grayson Point of View

My Beta had won like I knew he would. I was impressed by her fighting skills. She put up a good fight. I was sorry to admit I was kind of proud. My women were trained very well but she could teach them a thing or two. Granite I could teach her a thing or two too! Mitchell walked back towards me and needless to say he looked pissed but we would discuss it later. I looked at her one last time before turning to walk away.

A scream filled the air and I rounded on my feet. Thompson was standing above her and grabbed her by the back of the head. Slamming her face into the dirt and I took sprinting towards him. I didn't think at that moment I just did. What he was doing was dirty! The match was over and I wasn't sure what he was trying to prove. Just as he was about to do it again I slammed him into the dirt her brother went to her side and was shaking her. "Mitchell detain this piece of shit!" My Beta did as he was told and I went to see the state Talia was in. One sure fire way to set me off was to fight dirty!

"We need to get her to the medics office now!" Xander screamed. I leaned down next to her hesitating for a moment before I checked her pulse! A girl in the background spoke up "The office is closed due to flooding last night!" I grabbed her up bridal style careful not to put too much pressure on her side. You could see the blood pooling under the surface of her skin and a point sticking out slightly. Xander stood in front of me "Where do you think you are taking my sister!"

I stared him down for a moment. I had no reason to answer to him but to keep the peace for now I would. "The medics is closed and she needs a doctor now. My pack is the closest and I have the best team of doctors in the nation. Now do you want to dick around and waste time while she possibly bleeds out internally or are you going to get the fuck out of my way!" I could see from the look on his face he was struggling with the decision but I was confident he would make the right one. A girl came up to me "May I come with you?"

"Who are you?"

"I'm Abigail well Abby. Talia is my best friend she is like my sister and I want to come. She wouldn't be in this mess if it wasn't for me!"

Eying her up and down "You may come but you need to keep up and stay out of the way." She nodded her head yes.

Turning to her brother "You need to go and call your parents and inform them of the situation and where your sister will be. The black moon pack hospital. Mitchell escort this piece of shit to our cells and then inform the board"

After issuing my commands we took off. She moaned in her sleep so I slowed down a hair. She needed help and fast. Whatever rib was broken was obviously hitting something it wasn't supposed to. Her breathing was becoming labored and short. "Hang on Talia were going to get you help!"

As I crossed the border to our lands I linked with the doctors and patrol to allow Xander and her parents access onto my lands. We reached the pack hospital doors when I could barely hear Talia's heart beating. I kicked the door open and sprinted down the hall "JENSON!, JENSON! I need you NOW!" He came to me with a gurney took one look at her and took her straight into surgery. I leaned against the wall trying to reign in my emotions. Not even fully mated yet and the thought of losing her and chas me out of my mind. The worst part is I don't want to know her. I want her to live and be gone!

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