Copper: Savage Crows MC Book IV

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I came from some rough shit. My mom loved drugs more than she ever loved me. I had learned to take care of myself from a very young age. But as soon as I turned eighteen, I got the hell out of her house. I couldn't stay away, though. She was my mom - I loved her. But all I wanted was for someone to really love me, to take care of me. It was my one wish. I wanted it more than anything else in the world. And when the president of Savage Crows's northern charter saves me from a car accident, I may get a hell of a lot more than I bargained for.

Romance / Action
T.O. Smith
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1: Penny



Tears gushed down my face as I sped down the street away from my mom's place. I don't know why I always tried with her, but I couldn't give up on her.

Somehow, someway, I knew she had to care about me. I was her daughter. That had to fucking mean something, right?

I flicked on the windshield wipers, desperately trying to focus on the road through my tears and the rain pouring. It was raining so hard that it was almost physically impossible to see anything.

I shrieked when I realized I was riding in the wrong lane and jerked my wheel back to the right. However, I over corrected and when spinning off the road. Everything was a blur as my car spun in circles until it hit the edge of the road and flipped over onto its roof.

More tears rushed down my cheeks as I tried to undo my seatbelt to get out, but nothing was working. It wouldn't unlatch. I could smell smoke and I could feel heat near my legs.

I was going to die here.

I heard motorcycles tear down the street, and I screamed as something exploded, fire instantly beginning to race along my passenger seat. "Help me!" I screamed as I frantically struggled to get out of the seat belt. "Someone fucking help me!"

"Fuck!" I heard a male voice shout. "Royce, Dakota, fucking get over here!"

I sobbed, fear gripping my chest like a vice. Smoke was filling my car, and I could barely fucking breathe.

The door on my side was ripped open, and I came face to face with a lightly muscular man, his hair long on top and cropped close on the sides. A beard covered the lower part of his face, and he wore a Savage Crows cut with the president patch on it. "Hey, hey, you're going to be okay." He soothed as he pulled a knife out of his boot. "Focus on me, okay?"

I nodded jerkily, tears still sliding down my cheeks. "Dakota, hold her up so she doesn't fall when I cut her out."

I shrieked when I felt a flame lick at my skin. "Hey, hey, look at me, beautiful." He cooed, letting his striking blue eyes meet mine. "Focus." He commanded.

With two quick jerks of his knife, he had me cut out. Dakota - his VP - caught me easily. The President quickly grabbed me and lifted me against his chest, running away from the car as fast as he could. We hit the ground, his body covering mine as my car exploded behind us. "Fuck." He snapped as he leaned up to look down at me. "You okay, beautiful?"

I nodded, a sob ripping from my chest. He quickly picked me up again, talking soothingly to me as he carried me over to his bike. "Sabotage will make sure this mess gets cleaned up. I need to get her to the hospital." The President spoke up.

"No." I choked out. "Take me to the Savage Crows." I begged. "No hospital."

The President arched an eyebrow at me but moved without asking any questions. He settled me in front of him on his bike and strapped his helmet to my head. "Can you hang on?" He asked me.

I nodded. He grabbed his handle bars and took off for the club house, his arms caging me in. I began feeling light headed, and I leaned back against him, blinking furiously to stop the black spots in my vision.

He wrapped an arm around me, his other hand holding the handle bar. "Hey, hang on for me a little longer, okay?" He shouted over the wind as he gunned the engine, going faster. "We're almost there."

The gate to the club house slid open as Scab let us in. The President stopped the bike near the door and slid off, quickly grabbing me as my head lolled forward.

"Hey, look at me." He commanded, tapping my cheek gently. I locked my eyes on his blue ones. "That's it, beautiful. Show me those pretty green eyes. I need you to stay awake for me, okay?"

I nodded weakly. "Copper!" Sabotage called as he stepped out of the club house with Grim and Thor behind him. "Fuck, Penny?" He demanded as he rushed forward.

"She wrecked back on 81. I think she has a head injury. Where's Medic?" Copper demanded.

"Medic!" Grim roared. "Her room is upstairs, last door to the right." Grim instructed Copper.

I closed my eyes, but Copper shook me gently as he carried me up the stairs. "Show me those pretty green eyes." He commanded gently.

He pushed open my door and carried me over to my bed, laying me down gently on it. "Don't leave." I begged tiredly, my eyes fluttering open and closed.

"Not going anywhere, beautiful. Come on now, focus on me." He encouraged.

Medic rushed into the room with Sabotage and Grim hot on his heels. "Talk to me." Sabotage spoke to me. "What happened, Penny? Someone run you off the road?"

"No." I mumbled, desperately fighting against the darkness. "It was raining and I lost control of the car."

"What the hell distracted you?" Izzy demanded as she stepped into the room, Hailey on her hip. "You're too good of a damn driver, Penny."

"I'm tired." I mumbled, not wanting to talk about how once again my mom had chosen to shoot heroine up her arm over me.

"Stay awake, beautiful." Copper coaxed as he held my hand. "Medic, what's wrong?"

I shoved Medic's hand away from my head, jerking back from him when he hit a tender spot. Medic's worried eyes met mine. "Sweetheart, you need a hospital." Medic told me.

"No." I grunted, shaking my head. "No hospitals."

"Penny, don't be so stubborn right now." Grim spoke up. "You need serious medical attention."

"No." I grunted. Hospitals held way too many bad memories for me.

"I'll stay with you." Copper told me, drawing my eyes to his. "Will you go if I promise to never leave your side?" He asked me. "I'm a man of my word, beautiful."

"Promise?" I asked quietly, hating how weak I was.

He nodded. "I promise." He assured me. He gently lifted me from the bed, cradling me against his chest. He shook me gently when I closed my eyes. "No, open your eyes. Let me see those green eyes, beautiful."

I locked my eyes on his stunning blue ones. He grinned. "That's more like it." He approved.

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