The Bride of God of the Golden Garden

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There was a rumour that said there is a place where bountiful golds were buried together with a dead body. They were collected by a hideous looking god; forged as an armour and weapon for the God of sky- Zeus. That place was called Golden Garden- where plants and flowers turn into a monster to protect the gold. The King of the human world wished to own the garden, whatever the consequences. The infamous hideous God appeared in front of the King and all the duke inside of the room were surprised on what they have witnessed. He was too bright to stare at but the King had only uttered "Beautiful.” "I'm Hephaestus the Son of Zeus, the God of Fire, the God of the Golden Garden. I'm here to grant your wish." he said and gave a key to the King. “In return I will take your eldest daughter- Astaire. Long live, long live the king." He vanished while laughing sarcastically. All people who witnessed were left dumbfounded. As they search the Princess in whole Castle, the Princess is nowhere to be found.

Romance / Fantasy
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For 3 Years of searching for his eldest daughter Princess Astaire, the King collapsed and died caused by severe depression and old age.

Since the throne is vacant and he has no son; the Crown Prince Nikolai, the husband of the lost Princess became the King. The kingdom turned lively again celebrating for the new the King. But the King's Heart is still searching for his wife Astaire, not knowing that day when Princess Astaire was taken, she became the Bride of that God Hephaestus.

"I can't love you the way I love Prince Nikolai” said by 17 year old Princess Astaire. Marrying again the god Hephaestus was painful and all the more because she had to forget her husband and first love- Prince Nikolai, the current King.

Now how can the King find her?

Can she forget her previous life and be happy together with the handsome powerful God Hephaestus?

How can the King fight for his love against a son of the god Zeus?

Will Hephaestus achieve happiness despite what he did to Princess Astaire?

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