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She's a successful and intelligent lady. She's tough,ruthless and does whatever she wants. He's a lycan. The most heartless and strongest one ever. No one dares to disobey him. What then happens when Scarlett and Grayson collide,letting sparks fly and entering a world of love and secrets which could change their lives forever? Will they be able to overcome the trouble that lies ahead?

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1


It was already evening and I was still looking for my aunt's house. I came across a building which turned out to be a club and entered hoping to find someone who would show me the way.

All eyes settled on me as I came in but I ignored them. I decided to relax before I continued the search for my aunt.

"What can I get for you,beautiful?"the bartender asked as I sat on one of the stools by the counter


"Coming right up"

I drank three shots of vodka,still wanting more. I knew I wasn't supposed to drink but when I ran away from my aunt,I was caught by a man who wanted to sell me and some other children as slaves in another country and the only thing we were given as food was vodka. Though sometimes we stole food to eat.

While waiting for my fourth glass,a biker came and sat beside me.

"Hello darling,did you just fart? Cause you just blew me away"he said and I almost choked while holding back my laughter. Did he really think he was going to win me over with that stupid line. This was why I believed that men were stupid.

"Oh, I see. You're not a talker,right? Well, I don't need you to talk,just to satisfy me"he ran his large hand across my lap and I held it immediately.

"Don't touch me"I threw his hand away and his expression changed.

"And what if I do darling? C'mon baby,will you really stop me?"he tried to touch me again and without thinking twice,I gave him a resounding slap. He stood up and pulled my hair,making me groan loudly."I don't like disrespectful girls,darling"he whispered against my neck.

My anger rose and I stomped on his foot with my black Gucci GG Platform Heels, he left my hair screaming."Never hurt a lady"I punched his stomach and kicked him in his area,he fell down and cried in pain.

His friends came to help him at once."What's wrong with you,girlie? Look what you did"

"I told him not to touch me"I sat down back and finished my drink.I stumbled across the room,trying to move away from them. I was upset but I didn't want a big scene. I felt a hand turn me around and punch me hard,slamming me into a wooden table.

"Don't mess with us,girl"I heard a deep masculine voice say. My mind was filled with fury and I stood up at once,running up to the man and plunging myself at him. He fell to the ground with a loud thud,giving me the opportunity to tase him.

"Don't mess with me. I can make or break you"I threatened. I moved away from him and started leaving again. What is wrong with people here?

"Hey, get back here. You just beat up our boss and his brother"I turned to face the rest of the gang with a smirk

"You're right. I deserve an award"

Most of them moved back in fear but three of them came closer trying to attack me.

One charged at me with full speed and once he was near, I immediately attacked him with my pepper spray and dived out of the way for him to hit the wall and fall. I felt like I was in a movie and I was the hero beating up bad guys. Of course,that was all thanks to the vodka. I motioned to the other two to come and they ran towards me,at the same time. Thanks to my slim figure,I was able to slide under them moving to the other side of the room. They looked at each other and nodded,as if they had a plan. Which they did. One of the bikers came towards me slowly allowing me to move away till I was in the middle of the room. There was a lot of space now since almost everyone had taken to their heels when I was on the table. So now I was in the middle of the two bikers who were charging at me now with full speed. These guys were dumber than I thought. I moved away suddenly as they were about to pounce on me,causing them to slam into each other. Hard.

I sat back on a stool,inspecting my cuts and bruises. I was actually expecting a broken bone but there was none. I stood up to leave when I heard the sirens of police cars. Two cops came in,they looked startled as they saw five unconscious men on the floor. Great,more drama.

"What happened here?"one of the cops asked one of the dancers who looked as if she had seen a ghost.

"Officer,it was that girl over there. She got into a fight with those bikers and now look, the club is ruined"she told him in a tiny voice that irritated me. I hated her already. I am literally going to sue her. The officers looked at the remaining people there and they all nodded,agreeing with the stripper.

Then they came to me. My first day in this stupid city and I was about to get arrested. Didn't anyone here know who I was? "G'day Ms. We would like to talk to you. What's your name?" Think,think,think.

"My name? It's um..Stacy Macaroni"

Stacy Macaroni? Seriously? I'm so doomed.

"Well Miss Stacy,you just destroyed a perfectly good club. Can you please tell us why?"

Wait, did they seriously believe me? Wow, these people are dumber than I thought

"Officer,it's very simple. I'm suffering from intermittent explosive disorder. It's like having anger issues but it's advanced and it's just comes and goes so that was what just happened. When that biker tried to harass me,as the gentle lady that I am I tried to make him stop but my disorder took control. It's a really sad story,officer"I lied again,shedding crocodile tears. Ugh, this is so gonna ruin my makeup. I looked at the first biker I had beaten up. I was pretty sure that I had crushed his eggs with my heels. Poor dude! It was his fault though. But how did anyone here not know who I was? Wow,this was so devastating.

Thankfully,the officers believed me and decided not to arrest me. Instead, they were gonna take me to the owner of the club which wasn't a problem since I had money to pay for the damages. And hospital bills. I convinced the officers and we left in my Mercedes Benz GLE 400 4matic.


"Yes,of course. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Good night"I groaned,ending the call. I had a lot of work to do.

"Mr Rivera,the police have arrived with the culprit. They are waiting downstairs sir"

"Be there soon,Geoffrey"I told my butler and he left. I was really curious to see the person that had the nerve to fight in my club and destroy it. I wasn't gonna let him go,I was going to make sure that he paid for his crime.

I headed downstairs, a heavenly delicious scent filling my nostrils as I got there making me feel insane. My heart rate tripled,my green eyes turned black and my lycan went wild,almost making it impossible for me to control it. The smell was amazing. It was driving me and my lycan crazy.

"Sup Grayson"Matt,my best friend snapped me out of my thoughts. I really didn't know why I wasn't mad at him. He was supposed to be managing my clubs,that's why he was the manager of my clubs but as usual I'm sure he was out on a date with his mate, my sister Alexa.

"Hey, so where's the dummy who had the nerve to destroy something of mine"

"Well, that was just rude"a voice said behind me. The voice sounded so angelic and as I turned to see whose it was,my eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. It was as if an angel was standing in front of me. An angel with bright blue eyes that matched her straight jet black hair with two white streaks on separate sides of her head. She had full luscious lips and glowing skin which were currently filled with bruises. They only made her look more beautiful though. The V-Pattern lace dress she wore brought out her curves perfectly. Damn, she was gorgeous and trust me, I know gorgeous when I see it. My anger left me at once.I felt so drawn to her,I wanted to get to know her at once."It's not like I want to be here. I just don't have a choice. I have a reputation to protect"she said,bringing me back to earth

"You look oddly familiar"Alexa said to her

"Maybe you saw her in a book of criminals"Matt replied,causing her to glare at him

"What's your name?"I asked her with a straight look. Although I wanted to just smile and flirt with her,I had to control myself.

"Stacy, Stacy Macaroni"Matt answered for her."That's what the cops told us before they left,they also said she was new in town and then your darling sister suggested that they should leave her here. Now she has to stay here till tomorrow morning. For all we know,she could be a serial killer"

"If I was one, trust me you'd be dead by now"Stacy told him with an evil glare. Her voice made me feel as if I was lying on a bed of roses. What was happening to me? Get yourself together,Grayson.

"Enough! So you wrecked my club?"I walked up to her slowly,taking in her smell. My lycan still felt a little bit angry. It wanted her to feel intimidated,it wasn't used to not being feared. Everyone feared me,even Matt and Alexa so why shouldn't she? No one dared to disrespect or disobey me, why should she be spared?

"I only did you a favour,those bikers were causing chaos. Someone had to do something"she replied,without a hint of fear.

I grabbed her and pulled her closer to me,trying hard to ignore the sparks that flew through me when I touched her."Listen, I don't know where you're from but in this city, I'm the boss. I'm like fire and if you mess with me,you get burned"I stopped,waiting for a reaction but got none."I have no time to deal with you right now and I won't issue a case or anything against you. Alexa will show you where to sleep for the night,she will also show your driver the servants quarters. We'll see tomorrow"I wasn't upset with her but I still wanted her to fear me. I turned to leave slightly brushing my arm against hers and the sparks intensified,making my lycan almost go wild again. What was she doing to me? I have never felt like this before.

"Grayson,I'll pay for the damages and the hospital bills. But don't feel so powerful. You don't know me. But if you mess with me,I will put you out"she left with Alexa.

What guts?! How dare she? I expected myself to become furious and make her pay for her threat but I just smirked and went back to my room. She was just like me and it made me like her even more.


I walked into the large bedroom with Alexa behind me. She was staring hard at me,desperately trying to remember where she had seen my face. I really hoped she didn't. I didn't need all that right now. I just wanted tomorrow to come so I could leave this place and find my aunt.

"Are you sure your name's really Stacy Macaroni? I've never heard that name but I'm sure I've seen your face before"she asked me

I sat on the bed heavily."My name's Stacy. Thanks for the room and for taking care of my driver too. Oh and sorry about your brother's club"

"It's okay. Wow, I didn't think you could sound nice. No offence"

"Yeah, it's just not my thing. Besides,your brother was being really mean"

"Yeah, he's pretty tough. If you're not in his good books,you can't get help in this town. He's like the boss but if you get to know him,he's really nice and also very helpful. Well, you must be exhausted. You should get some rest. Good night"

"Yeah, taking out bikers is really exhausting. Good night"she left

I removed my shoes and laid on the queen sized bed to rest a little before taking a shower. I guess now I had to be nice to that jerk if I wanted help around here. At least for a little while. I really need to find her,doesn't matter how. Who was Grayson anyways? Why was he so important? And why did I feel sparks when we touched? I felt so weird around him. Whatever,I'm sure he's just like everyone else,useless and unreliable.


"I knew it! I knew her name wasn't Stacy"Alexa barged into the dining room,disrupting my lunch with Matt.

"Where have you been?"Matt asked

"I knew I had seen her face somewhere so I did some research. Look"she threw a magazine at me. Stacy was on the cover and it read; New York's celebrity chef,Scarlett Paige."She just looked so familiar,especially with the hair. I saw her in the magazine once. She even has the same white streak"

"Great,so she's a serial killer with a fake name"Matt said and I nudged him."What? I'm not wrong"

"Guys,that's not all. When I tried to remember who she was,I couldn't so I went to get some help from aunt and the elders. Turns out she's not only Scarlett Paige,she's also Jackson and Sienna's daughter"

"What?"Matt and I said in unison."No way! That's not possible. Their daughter died ten years ago on her 15th birthday. Remember?"Matt told her. He still had a bad feeling about Stacy.

"Yes Matt but we didn't see the body,did we? Besides,we know their daughter was a human and when I saw her picture as a child this morning,she had the same white streaks"

"This is not good. You know we have bad history with her family. Wait,what if she knows and she's back for revenge? We're so doomed"

"Relax sweetie"she rubbed his back gently."I'm sure she doesn't know. We just need to find out why she's here and then we'll decide what to do. C'mon, let's go inside"

So she was Jackson's daughter? That explained why she was so tough,in a cute way though. If she was really his daughter, then it means she wasn't safe in this city. What if they come back for her? That can't happen. I have to protect her,no matter what. Where was she anyways? Wasn't she awake yet?

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