Confession of a Gay Gangster

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Isaiah Julian Montenegro is gay. A gay gangster. What will happen if a gay gangster is to be sent to a school where delinquents are studying?

Romance / Action
Elle Sugi
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“Oh, come on, Isaiah!” I ignored the guy who just screamed in my ear. If it wasn’t for these damn chains binding my hands and feet, I would have smashed his face against the floor and drink his blood just for punching me across the face.

No, calm down, Isaiah. Liam told you not to let your temper get the better of you when dealing with these kinds of things.

I sat still on the chair, releasing my hands that were tightly clenched in a fist. Closing my eyes, I tried to control my breathing that would clearly help me calm down. I couldn’t remember who told me that, it might have been Tisoy (1) who said that, but that son of a bitch had said so many things before, I couldn’t remember all of it.

But before I could do any of that calming down bullshit, the guy in front of me threw another solid punch on my face, earning a loud grunt from me. God damn, Martinez’ punches were heavier than this and it hurt ten times that what these assholes did to me, but just thinking about my nose being broken and bent—ah, I want to kill them all.

“Now, are you ready to talk, bitch?”

Eyeing the bastard right in front of me, I could see his boys watching as if this was some kind of entertaining brawl of two men fighting fair. But of course, they wouldn’t do that. They knew what I could do.

Students in North Vale were known to be the trash of society. They used to say that youth is the future of our nation. Well, people who have said that were definitely rolling in their grave now that the Philippines had officially built a juvenile school meant for the shitheads of society. They finally admitted the country had a problem, and that treating children who had committed crimes weren’t cut out for rehabilitation and such. It wouldn’t solve the problem, I’m certain of that.

And as morally correct as half of the population was for not pushing the death penalty law, there’s only one solution.

Put those children who had committed rape, murder, arson, trafficking, so on and so forth in a school meant to imprison and reform them for the better.

It’s the only choice. And the politicians were aware that if they didn’t want to kill those oh-so innocent kids who still had the chance of changing (ugh, just thinking about those righteous fuckers makes me sick), supporting and funding North Vale Institute was the only option.

I’m no journalist and I’m definitely not someone who studies statistics, but I’m well damn sure that almost half of the crime in this damn country was caused by kids—kids who grew up in the slums, who didn’t have proper education, who had parents that were loose in the brain—what the fuck, why am I thinking about trivial stuff such as crimes in the Philippines when I’m in the middle of being tortured and interrogated!

And it’s all because of my stupid boyfriend!

“What am I going to talk about?” I asked, spitting the blood out of my mouth caused by one of their many punches that didn’t even hurt. “You want me…to tell you how Liam’s fucking me? Or…” I stopped after seeing their faces turned into whiter than a sheet, now that I had mentioned Liam’s name, “do you want me to tell you how I fucked him? Pick, losers.”

They didn’t seem to like what I said. The guy standing across from me charged, growling as he swung his arm to give me another painless punch. I braced myself to accept it, but the idiot suddenly stopped, halting in fear. He backed away, as well as his friends who were about to piss their pants. They were all looking past me, their eyes widening in fear.


“Don’t even bother explaining, Cruz.” I immediately recognized that voice. It sent shivers down my spine as I realized he came to rescue me.

About god damn time!

I tried to turn around to see him but these chains around me were so tight, it’s about to break my hands! “Hoy [hey], Liam! Hurry up and untie me!” I demanded, growing tired from being immobilized. I could picture Liam rolling his eyes, annoyed that I brought myself in this situation. Again. He walked past me, ignoring the fact that I was still tied up. Martinez came into my sight, eyeing me in disappointment. “What are you looking at, huh?!” I asked, angered that he had to come too. Of course, he’s here. What am I even expecting? He’s Liam’s loyal dog.

“Wait, Liam! We can explain! Please!”

I could feel someone taking the chain off my hands and when it finally came off, I saw Tisoy grinning childishly at me. “And here I thought you were smarter than this, Iza,” he commented and it’s obvious he wanted to piss me off.

“Shut up,” I said, slapping his hand that was about to help me from taking the chains off my feet. I stood up, smirking at the idiots who were just torturing me a while ago. “Now, it’s payback—”

“Stay out of this, Isaiah,” Liam ordered, pushing me back.

I glared at him. “What?”

“Just…leave. I’ll take care of this,” he said, his voice as calm as the night. And it was a peaceful night today, if I may add.

“What? You think I’m going to let you punish these fuckers for me?” I sarcastically asked, scoffing at how ridiculous that idea was.

Liam sighed. “Yes. Because it’s your fault why they managed to take you,” he reasoned out. The fact that he sounded exasperated annoyed me even more.

“Hold on a minute,” I retorted, grabbing his shoulder to make him face me. The guys who kidnapped me stood still, just watching Liam and I bicker like fools. “This is my problem.”

“And I just helped you solve this problem, Isaiah,” he defended.

Liam had always been a patient guy. But after dating him and getting to know him, I knew better how dangerous he could be when pushed to the limit. And he had shown me what he could do when that switch turns on.

Hell, he’s a Torres-Shao for God’s sake. They’re all insane. They’re spawns of the devil, it’s the only explanation for the fear and chaos they bring everywhere they go.

But out of all the Torres-Shao brothers, Liam might be the evilest of them all.

And sad to say, only a few people, including me, knew why.

“Don’t make this hard for me, babe,” Liam cooed, and the way he said babe instantly melted me. He definitely knew how to play this game and it’s obvious he was winning. “Go back with Steven, please?”

I narrowed my eyes at him. I knew why he wanted me to leave. Two reasons. One, because he wanted me safe. Two, because he wanted to mutilate the people who did this to me.

Wiping the blood dripping off my nose with his thumb, I watched Liam lick it off his finger as he turned away to hide that menacing smirk he only wears when he’s angry.

“Fine,” I said, sighing in defeat. “Just don’t overdo it, okay?”

Liam didn’t even answer as he ordered his men to gather everyone related to my abduction. Steven wiggled his eyebrows, his eat shitting grin never leaving his face. “Godzilla’s about to wreck this place, Iza. Let’s go.”

I rolled my eyes at him. “Fine.”

Liam Torres-Shao might be a patient man. But he knew how to terrorize people, and if I had to say who’s the most dangerous Torres-Shao brothers, it’s not Anthony or Kenneth, not Tyler who’s the student council president.

It’s Liam.

And only I could tame the demon inside him.

(1) Tagalog; short for ‘mestiso’ it is the slang term for a male of mixed race, part of which is Filipino. Also, tisay (female)

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