Confession of a Gay Gangster

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chapter 20

// this is the censored ver.


I continued carrying my bags along the stone path. It’s been twenty minutes since I started walking and I hadn’t seen a single building, or a person. Given that it was already closing to midnight, it didn’t explain why I couldn’t see the damn dormitory. I did read the signs and it said to go left, then right then left again and go straight on this god damn path.

I wanted to scream from frustration, but I held it in. I’m so damn tired. All I wanted was to find the dormitory building. I wasn’t even expecting someone would tour me around. This school was trash, and I already hated it without even meeting anyone who goes here.

Another ten minutes and I was done. I dropped my bags on the ground and heaved a loud sigh. “F*ck, motherf*cking, f*ck!” Where the hell were the dormitories?! Was it so small that I couldn’t see it? And how big was this place anyway! There’s no end to this pathway.

The loud howl of the wind and the sound of the owls or whatever it was that echoed in this deserted place filled the air, and it was eerie.

Good thing I wasn’t scared of gho— “Are you lost?”

I almost jumped out of my skin when I heard a soft voice behind me. I turned around and saw two guys standing behind me. The one who spoke was the shorter between the two, and he smiled at me.

Wait, was he even a boy? I stared harder to see if he was indeed a guy. He looked too…pretty.

“Well, are you?” he asked, his light brown eyes looking back at me.

“Yeah, I am,” I answered truthfully. There’s no point in lying even if it was embarrassing that I was lost. It’s my first time in this damned place anyway, it’s inevitable. “I can find the dormitory.”

The two of them looked at each other, amused. “The dorm’s not that way. Unless you’re a pedophile who wants children, that way is where the elementary dorms are.”

I gaped. “What?”

“The senior high dorms are in the opposite direction,” he said, his smile enchanting. “Come, we’ll bring you there.”


“Carry his bags,” the guy said. His companion didn’t think twice and approached me. He towered me his gigantic height that I immediately felt my instincts kicking in. Calm down, Isaiah! He’s not going to beat you up.

“I can carry it myself, thank you,” I said, forcing a grin at him.

His dark eyes narrowed at me. “Please, I insist,” he said, yanking the bags from me.

I didn’t even try and fight back. I’m too tired for this shit. The three of us walked towards the senior high dormitory. My feet were aching and I’m so yearning for a bed to sleep on and forget this day ever happened.

“By the way, what’s your name?” the shorter guy asked, walking beside me while wearing that everlasting smile. I eyed him and noticed how pale his skin was. If it wasn’t for his flushed lips, I would have thought he’s a vampire or something. His brown locks were curly, and it looked soft to the touch—this guy’s adorable.

Meanwhile, the guy he was with, Miki, right? He looked like a bear—big and muscular and scary. He’s probably six feet or maybe even taller. It’s my first time to see one, a lot of guys in my old school were short and it sucked. Looking closely, I could tell he’s a mixed race. Japanese, probably? Or maybe Korean. I couldn’t tell. He didn’t have an accent when he talked. Maybe he was born and raised here.

Yeah, the other guy doesn’t even look Filipino. The color of his eyes proved that he’s a half. But then again, almost half of the population had mixed races.

“Isaiah,” I replied.

The short guy giggled. “That’s a cute name. I’m Evan, by the way. That guy is Miki.”

“Hey,” I greeted, nodding my head at the bear.

He smiled. “Nice to meet you, Isaiah.”

Oh, that’s unexpected. I thought students here in North Vale were all delinquents, people who had been forgotten by society as they were possessed by all kinds of demons to be sent here. But quite the contrary, they were civilized.

“The other new students arrived this afternoon, why were you late?” Evan asked, eyeing me in interest.

“I don’t know. The guys who picked me up were late,” I reasoned out.

“Ah, probably traffic,” he murmured, his voice dripping in disappointment. “I don’t miss that part.”

I scoffed. “Yeah, traffic sucks.”

We continued walking until I could see a building from a distance. Finally! I never thought I’d find my way to the damn dorms.

“Oh, thank God,” I groaned.

We arrived in front of the building and I was in awe. It looked small from afar but now that I stood in front, it was gigantic! There were two other buildings behind with the same architecture as the one in front. I wasn’t expecting the dorm to be this modern, it looked like any other corporate buildings in Manila.

“Welcome to the senior high dorms,” Evan said, grinning at me. The side of his bangs was pushed behind his ears, giving him off a feminine appearance. I was taken aback for a second. This guy’s really ethereal—he’s like a character from an anime or something.

Nevertheless, I was thankful that Evan brought me here. I would have slept on the grass if he didn’t.

“Get inside and talk to the receptionist,” he said. “He’ll guide you where your dorm room is.”

Miki put my bags beside me and followed Evan as he walked away. “Ah, thanks,” I said, smiling at him. I guess it was kind of douchey of me to think that this place was trash, there were some good people left. Even if North Vale was meant to reform juveniles and correct behaviors, I shouldn’t have judged them as a whole. Obviously, they’re not all that bad. I hope.

“Good luck, Isaiah,” Evan said, waving a hand at me. I watched the two of them walk back the path that we took earlier. When they disappeared in the dark, I turned to face the dormitory building.

I walked through the glass door and unlike the outside, it was brightly lit in the hall that it almost blinded me. The ceiling was high, and the floor was covered in marble tiles.

If I’m being honest, this looked like a hotel. A five-star one.

I walked across the spacious lobby, towards the reception counter that was on the other side. I scowled when I saw no one was behind the table. Great, don’t tell me they’re asleep.

I leaned over the table but didn’t find anyone. Where—?

“Oh, hello. Are you Isaiah Montenegro?”

A woman appeared on my side, wearing a tight blouse and short skirt. Her hair was bright blonde tied in a ponytail, her lips painted in red. She walked around the table and stood behind it, smiling at me.

“How’d you know my name?” I asked, dumbly.

“You’re on the list, a new student, right? The others arrived earlier than you did, you’re the last.”

I checked the time. It was twenty minutes ’til twelve. Damn. I’m that late, huh? “Yeah, so sorry. I got lost and…it’s a long story.”

“That’s understandable. This school is very big,” the woman said. She browsed the computer and typed on the keyboard. “Isaiah Montenegro, seventeen-year-old…” she pursed her lips, her focus on the screen, “it says here you’re under the behavioral correction program, right?”

“Yes, my father enrolled me because I,” I stopped, embarrassed that I had to explain why I’m in North Vale, “I’m a troublemaker.”

The woman chuckled. “Aren’t we all?” she joked. I let out an awkward smile. “Anyway, you’re in room five hundred and two, it’s on the fifth floor.”

Fifth floor, huh? I looked around and saw a row of elevators on the side, three in total. Great, I’m not going up five sets of stairs just to get to my room.

“I’ll get you your keys, wait here.”

She walked through the door and closed it. I stood, still eyeing the place. When I picture a dormitory, I didn’t think it’d be this big and modern and fascinating. I pictured something old and dilapidated as most dorms were around universities. North Vale was a prison for juveniles, this place shouldn’t look like this extravagant. It felt like I entered another world, it’s surreal.

The woman came back, sliding a keycard on the table. “Here,” she said. “You have a roommate. His name is Leander Ramos. He’s a new student too, you might have met him when you took the entrance exam.”

I took the card and stared at it. “Okay.”

“I’ll call someone to bring you to your room. Please wait.”


She called someone and I waited behind the table. A minute later, one of the elevators dinged and a guy came walking towards my direction. He was wearing a pajama, his hair messy. Did he just wake up?

“Jeez, why’d you have to wake me up, Julie?” the guy complained, rubbing his head in annoyance.

He looked at me and froze. “Oh, a new student?”

“Yes, he’s the last one. He arrived late,” the woman whose name was Julie informed. “You’re the dorm manager, bring him to his room, Mr. Davis.”

Davis? Now that’s a fancy surname. Judging his pearl-white skin and dazzling blue eyes, this guy was a foreigner. What’s he doing in a place like this?

“What room?” he asked.

“502,” Julie replied as she sat on the swivel chair and started browsing her phone.

The foreigner sighed. “Fine, Isaiah, right?” he asked, turning to me. “Follow me. I’ll bring you to your room.”

I took my bags and followed him to the elevator. He pushed the button and the doors opened, allowing us to step inside.

While in the elevator, he looked at me. “I’m Steven, by the way,” he said, introducing himself. “Like what the bitch said, I’m the dorm manager.”

Wow, wasn’t he rude? “I’m Isaiah,” I said even if he already knew my name.

“So, what’d you do?”


He snickered, wiggling his brows at me. “You wouldn’t be here if you’re not a piece of shit, Isaiah.”

I rolled my eyes at him. “I’m not a piece of shit,” I retorted. “My father wants me to…study here.”

Steven laughed. “Right, because North Vale is where parents would usually want their kids to study,” he mocked.

This guy was getting on my nerves. “Why do you care anyway?” I asked.

I dropped my jaws upon hearing that. “Excuse me, what?”

The elevator door opened, and he stepped outside, his shit-eating grin annoying the hell out of me. “You’ll see soon, Isaiah. Come,” he urged. “Your roommate’s been waiting for you.”


“Oh! You’re that guy, right?!”

I stared at the boy who I met back at the entrance exam, the one from the orphanage. “Hey,” I greeted, dropping my bags on the floor.

The foreigner shithead already left after he pointed my room at me, waving a hand while disappearing ominously in the hallway’s corner.

I was beyond exhausted. I couldn’t even appreciate the dorm room as I walked to the vacant bed on the ride side. My roommate was still unpacking his stuff, but he’s already finished while I on the other hand still had a lot of things to do.

But for now, I’m too tired to think of anything.

I collapsed on the bed, abandoning everything I had as I felt the soft mattress that lulled me to sleep.

“Hey, aren’t you going to change your clothes?” my roommate asked, but I only groaned. My eyelids were heavy, and my feet were aching.

“Tomorrow,” I murmured as I closed my eyes. “I’m so…tired…”


I woke up when I felt something creeping up my legs. With a blurred vision, I saw a light coming from somewhere in the room, but it’s too dark to see what it was. I was about to go back to sleep but immediately woke up when I heard several hushed voices talking.

What the—?

I got up only to see shadows on the foot of the bed. “What the hell?!” I screamed but someone’s hand clasped my mouth.

“Hurry, bring him to the room.”

A couple of hands grabbed me from my bed, and I was hurled out of my room. I struggled but I just got up, and I’m too exhausted to even fight back. It seemed like it’s still night time as everything was dark.

“H-hey! I—”


“What the hell, Liam? You’re f*cking late.”

My heart began to beat abnormally fast.


Wait, no way.

No freaking way.

“What are you doing?” the voice that greatly resembled Liam’s said. It was still dark as the light that came from the ceiling was ridiculously dim, it wasn’t enough to illuminate the whole room.

“Isn’t it obvious? We’re giving the new student its welcome initiation.”

I narrowed my eyes to whoever just talked. Now that I wasn’t worried about the big guy, I looked around and saw three people standing in the dark, watching us as if we’re the entertainment.

I hated that.

“Just because the president isn’t here doesn’t mean you can do anything you like, Keanne. He can still punish you.”

I couldn’t be mistaken, that’s Liam’s voice.




“And who are you—?” Liam stepped into the light and I swore time had frozen when our gaze met. His lips parted open, his eyes going wide as he stared at me in utter disbelief. “Isaiah?”

I was trembling and I didn’t know. Why I that shocked that I saw him here in North Vale or was I that elated that it’s him.

It’s him!


Everyone was quiet, well, not when Keanne finally opened his big mouth. “What? You know each other?”

Liam snapped his head in Keanne’s direction, his glare could cut through his burly body. The guy stepped back in fear and confusion and before he could ask why Liam was pissed at him, he was already walking towards me.

“Are you alright?” he asked, his eyebrows furrowed deeply. I didn’t like the scowl he had on, he looked better when he’s smiling.

Shit, what the hell am I thinking?

“Yes, I’m fine, I—” I didn’t know what to say. I’m just…this was just…he’s here.

Liam clicked his tongue. He suddenly grabbed my hand and dragged me out of the room. He abruptly stopped before going through the door, turning back to look at Keanne. “We’re going to talk later.”

What he said didn’t sound like I threat but everyone in the room knew better. He continued to pull me until we were far away from that place.

“W-wait, Liam,” I said, holding my head as I could my temples aching.

We stopped walking, and he grabbed my shoulders and leaned closer to inspect me. “What did they do?” he asked.

They, wait…what did they even do? I couldn’t remember. “They said they’re going to…”

For a second, I saw fury flashing across those beautiful onyx orbs of his. I was startled. This was the first time I saw Liam angry and…

It’s hot.

“I’ll go and talk to Keanne, wait he—”

“No!” I exclaimed, taking his hand back and pulling him in front of me. “They didn’t do anything, they just…I can protect myself.”

Liam stared at me and finally, he relaxed. His shoulders dropped and he sighed. “What are you doing here, Isaiah? North Vale’s too far for you to be lost here.”

“I study here now,” I said, looking at him in the eye.



We both looked at the guy who called him and I cursed out loud in my head when I saw Paolo.

Of course, this asshole goes here too.

He looked at me, blinking. “What’s he doing here?”

Liam turned to me, waiting for my answer.


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// latest chapters are available on Patreon (uncensored) and Radish (censored).


// thanks for everyone who’s supporting me on Patreon and Radish!

// if you wanna get the early access of my books + a lot more rewards such as reading sneak peeks and exclusive books that are not going to be posted anywhere but Patreon, click the link:

// and please if you can, support me on Patreon. any kind of financial support will be a big help for me to continue being a full time writer.

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