Fragile Past

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“You need to leave!” Dawson screams as he pushes me away from him. Looking at his eyes I can tell he doesn’t want me to leave, rather stay in his arms where I’m safe. “I’m not leaving without you” I take a step closer to him and bring his face closer to mine. He sighs and touches my face “You don’t understand Bella ,they are going to kill you!” pain evident in his tone he takes a step away,with his back facing me he sighs “I’m sorry Bella”

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

“I can’t believe it Issy, Barbra Wilson the most famous artist asked you to work with her. This is huge!” My mum screams with joy over the phone and I laugh

“I know mum, I still can’t believe it!” I pace around my room, the Barbra Wilson wants to work with me! Me! This will look so good on my job application

“Well I sure can, I mean my princess is an amazing artist it’s time someone realised this” my dad replies and I smile. Dads always been supportive for my passion, I mean you would think that him being the leader of Black Arrow( like the mafia but minus the crime) that he would want me to be a solider for his agency ,but he always wanted me to follow my dreams . Hence, I’m in Washington, attending Washington College and studying art.

“Thanks Dad, but you do realise I’m 18, quit calling me princess”

“Your always gonna be my princess” my dad replies and I can’t help but feel tears welling up. I miss my parents and not being able to celebrate this news with them is breaking my heart. No stop Isabella you can’t cry this is a happy occasion stop being a baby.

“Your brother will be very happy when he hears this” my mums voice brings me back to reality

“What do you mean will be, where is the dumbass?”I ask my mum, knowing that I’m going to get in trouble for calling my beloved older brother a dumbass

“Isabella Belvedere, Elijah is your older brother which means you cannot call him a dumbass” she scolds and I roll my eyes “ and for your information your brother and Grace have took Emilia to icecream shop, ever since you Skyped us and were eating chocolate ice cream Emilia has been annyoing your brother to get her ice cream even though she was sick” my mum explains and I can’t help but laugh. Emilia has always been a feisty little spirt, I mean even at the age of 4 she has her dad wrapped around the finger. Just like her Aunt.

“That’s my niece” I reply and my mum chuckles “Anyway, hows Grace? I haven’t had the chance to speak to her.” I lie on my bed looking up at the ceiling

“Well other than her morning sickness and your brother driving her crazy she’s glowing.”To be honest I’m not surprised by mums repsonse, We are taking about Grace she’s always glowing and full of energy despite her horrible past. My brother is a lucky man

“Is my beloved brother stopping my sweet sister in law from working at her dance school. I swear I need to talk to him” I huff but before my mum can say anything I can hear voices behind my bedroom door “listen mama I gotta go. I love you and I miss you and tell dad I love him too” I explain to my mum and she sighs

“Okay my love bye, be safe and congratulations again” and with that said she hangs up and I sigh. Gosh I love my family. They can be too much at times, but nonetheless I love them. Apart from my family I also love my friends. Speaking of them, I turn around only to find my bedroom door swing open revealing the two of my besties. Sacha and Lily. Sacha with her sleak, inky hair and ocean blue eyes walks over to me and wraps her arm around my shoulder.

“Since you got a request from The Barbra Wilson, I think we need to celebrate. And that means partying” I look at her sapphire eyes only to find mischief

“Partying? What do you mean partying?” I ask ,but before Sacha can answer me a sweet voice interrupts

“She means clubbing Issy, obviously ” Lily states. I turn to look at my shy friend, her fiery ginger hair in a high pony tail and her dark chocolate orbs staring back at me. She’s so cute

“That’s right, we are going Clubbing and I’m taking no buts” Sacha explains and I roll my eyes

“Seriously Sacha, you know I hate clubbing I rather order pizza and celebrate with just the three of us”I explain and Sacha groans whilst Lily nods her head in agreement with me

“I swear I’m friends with 70 year old women. Actually,scratch that even 70 year old women would love to grind with hotties” Sacha jokes as she moves her hips infornt of me and I laugh “I’m gonna continue to do this until you agree to go” she continues to give me a lap dance and I can’t help but laugh

“Sacha,to be honest I don’t mind this you have a sexy ass” I explain and she just winks

“Issy, I swear you should just agree with me or Lilly is going to turn into a tomato” Sacha reminds me and I turn to my very red friend who looks so adorable.

“Ok,ok Sacha we will go with you” I raise my hands in surrender and Sacha stops and sits next to me on my bed

“No there’s no we, I’m not going” Lily states and we both look at her

“C’mon Lil, Issy got a request from Barbara Wilson, we have to party” Sacha stands up and has her hands on her hips whilst looking at my sweet friend

“Look, I’m very happy for Issy ,I am but I’m not going clubbing. You know how I feel about clubs” Lily leans against the door and I sigh. Lily’s ex cheated on her and we spotted him practially having sex with some bimbo in a club.

“Sacha, maybe we shouldn’t go. I want us all to be togethe-.”

“No, you two go ahead please. I don’t want to ruin your night. Please go and have fun. I’m fine really”Lily explains. I walk over to her and put my hand on her cheek

“You sure?” I whisper and she nods

“Then that’s settled. Lily I love you darling and Issy you come to my room we need to find you an outfit” Sacha claps her hands together and walks out of my room. I laugh, Sacha is so bossy.

“Lily, I’m serious I can convince Sacha and we can all stay” I reassure her but she puts her hand up to interrupt me

“Issy, I’m serious you two go have fun, I’ll be fine. But promise me you will be safe.” She sits near me on the bed and holds my hand. I smile at my caring friend,I’ve known her for four years and I can still say that she’s the same Lily since high school. Squeezing her hand for reassurance I smile

“Ofocurse Lily, when am I not safe?” I nudge her and she rolls her eyes

“Hmmm, maybe all the time. I mean remember when in high school you climbed the highest tree in school because Jason dared you. But then when you jumped and broke your leg. I made an oath after that to make sure your always safe” Lily nudges me and I laugh remembering high school and stupid Jason. I pull Lily’s cheeks and smile

“My sweet, sweet Lily I’ll be safe don’t worry and I’ll make sure that our friend Sacha is always safe huh” I laugh and Lily rolls her eyes and moves my hand from her cheek. Before we can say anything we hear a high scream

“I swear to god Issy, bring your sexy ass here right now we have 1 hour and 55 minutes left. Hurry!” Sacha is never stressed, so seeing her so panicked and stressed is very funny and odd

“Ok, ok your highness I’m coming. Jeez” I reposed. Kissing Lily’s forehead I get up from my bed and walk to the Sacha’s room. Lily’s about to speak ,but I interrupt her

“I’ll be safe Mom!” I wave her off and run to Sacha’s room

And yet, I was so wrong. Because that night I was far from safe

Thanks for reading the first chapter. I hope you enjoyed it!! I know it was short but I promise the next chapters will be long👍👍

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