Forced to be with him

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She was a girl ordinary wanted to be love . He was a billionaire wanted to dominate. A marriage proposal that let them together. He was darkness and she was light in his darkness....... follow them and there journey ------::::------------ Hi guys I am very excited about the story plz read it and English is not my first language so if any writting goes wrong plz help to solve and I always wanted to become a writer this is my first story dont hate and plz support...... and plz leave a comment always enjoy the story

Romance / Drama
Aysha Binty Asa
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Alisa POV.....

She was smiling and looking at her big bro,and her mom and dad they were preparing for her 18 th birthday. She looked outside at the house hoping every thing goes well today at the party hoping to have a peaceful night ,she was happy finally she will have her own car . Alex look at his sister and smiled his little sister has grown up but frown at the idea about her dating thing. He loves her too much so no boy is perfect in his eye for his sister so she has to wait until she is 35 for boyfriend he thought.

Mr . Jack carry watch his son and daughter for the corner . he was was happy to have a loving daughter and son and wife to die for he looked his wife who was smiling at him.

Mrs. Carry a loving housewife and mother of two child always love to cook looked happy at her daughter birthday and was going to enjoy every Secand of it . The party was her priority so her daughter would love it ... she hoped that her son and daughter get the best in there life

The family was happy cherishing there moments but little did they know there life would change after this party because devil will enter there life and destroy half of it

On the other side a man in his early 30 was looking outside of his office windo and drinking. A knock came and the man returned to his office sit with authority he gave permission to come in the door open and enter a slut type women with her cleavage showing and said ''Good morning. MR.XAVIER sir there is some document to sign and Mr.colin was outside if you wish to see him before she was going to continue he raised his hand and said before you continue stop being slut and said send colin in the girl look terrified and left he smirked when he sees the girl was at the verge of crying something about others pains pleasurd him ofcourse he was a sadist he enjoys others pain . At that time another man came in with a smile that can creep anyone out but not the Xavier knight with a cheeky smile he said my darling Xavier gess what I got . With the look of colin face xavier knew his dear friend has caged a traitor. With a big smirk he sat back and inhale a deep breath and thought finally someone was going to regret to for backstabbing him and there monster in him going to love every single of it but little did he knew that meeting with the traitor he was going to meet bis angle whom he will love destroy.

Colin looked his friend the man was nothing but ruthless so who ever backstabbed his friend was going to regret and he was ready see it but he never thought that this particular traitor will lead them to a angle who will destroy his devil friend . He looked his friend and said Munro is going to our employe daughter birthday party. Xavier raised his eye brow with a questioning looking about his employe involvement with Munro but stopped when his friend continues saying that Munro's sister is best friend with the girl that's why his employe is involved with Munro. Munro doesn't want his sister to fought by Xavier so he was personally going for her safety.

Xavier smiled and looked his friend and said looks like we are going to crash a birthday party and both of the friend start to laugh with that from talk they started to walk out the Xavier industry to there car .

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