When the Moon Watches

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His bright eyes focused on the moon, her's engrossed by the handsome stranger. There is something mysterious about him, a deep sorrow etched on his face and a darkness engulfing his soul. Yet, he still seeks to capture the beauty, in his music, in his paintings, and in his heart. He intrigues her, scares her, and captivates her heart. Come explore an incident captured in the fabric of time as two souls come together again.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1 The Stray At My Door

Come to me my sweetest friend
Can you feel my heart again
I’ll take you back where you belong
And this will be our favorite song

-Goo Goo Dolls


I see you sitting under the stars every night. Your beautiful silhouette outlined by the moonlight. I wonder why you are there, why you can’t sleep. You look so alone and defeated yet you are so young and beautiful. Is this why I am drawn to you? Is this why I think about you all the time? It’s cold outside and I worry about you. I hope you haven’t given up. I stare out the window always looking for you, my mysterious loner neighbor.

As I prepare to go to bed, my thoughts are with you. Just from what I have witnessed every day, I wonder if you are suffering from depression or something else along those lines. I never see you with friends. The way you look up at the sky seems like the moon is your only friend. I want to be your friend. I want to be your sky. I want to be your moon.

“Jina, bring me some water please,” my boyfriend, Jaden, asks taking me out of my thoughts.

He is busy studying so I want to help any way I can. He has been staying in my apartment for two months now ever since he had to move out of his. I don’t mind really, it’s nice having him around. The university dorms are extremely expensive so it made sense for us to live together to save money.

“Sure, I’ll be right there babe.”

I brought the water and said, “I’m just taking out Molly for a sec.” Molly is the dog that we adopted together. We don’t know his breed, but it doesn’t matter. He is the sweetest little dog you could ever have.

“Thanks, come back soon,” Jaden thanks me and continues reading his book.

I’m excited to walk my sweet little Molly and it’s because I finally made up my mind to talk to him. This time I’ll say more than hi to my odd neighbor.

Opening the door, the cool air hits me as I put down food for the neighborhood stray. I reach out and try to pet the calico cat but it avoids my hand afraid to get caught. Molly sniffs the bowl and I pull him away before he eats the poor cat’s food. It seems no matter how much I feed him, the little cat is still very thin. I look up seeing his eyes momentarily meeting mine. I smile thinking he’s like the little stray hanging by my door, pretty and thin with small expressive eyes.

“Hey,” I greet him.

“Hey,” he responds and takes a swig of his beer. I admire how his hair shines in the moonlight. There is something about him that I find so attractive. His features are not perfect but they are striking and I want to keep staring at him. He is neither tall nor short and he looks more on the thin side in his ripped jeans and black t-shirt.

I shiver feeling the strong breeze that funnels between our buildings. “It’s cold out, shouldn’t you enjoy that inside?” I said gesturing towards the beer.

“I’m fine. I enjoy the night sky. It’s hard to feel alone with the heavens looking down at us, but I’ll go inside if you join me. Want one?” He asks handing me a beer.

“Thank you, but I need to walk my Molly.” I walk around him since he is sitting on the stoop of our apartment entrance.

“She’s cute,” he says rubbing the dog’s head.

“Thanks but it’s a boy.”

“Oh, I thought I heard you call it Molly.”

I laughed a little bringing a smile to his face. “Yes, we thought it was a girl too when we found him. By the time we realized our mistake, Molly had stuck.”

“I guess it doesn’t matter since he has no balls.”

His cute smile makes me smile in return. I feel reassured. Maybe he’s not depressed. Staring at his pale face the dark circles under his eyes betraying that he had not slept in days, yet he seems glad to talk to me.

“You shouldn’t walk alone at night,” he warns. “There are dangers out there.”

His comment makes me think he wants to come. “Would you like to join me?”

“How do you know I’m not the one you should watch out for?”

I watched Molly’s soft fur brush against him. “Well, my dog seems to like you, I trust his judgment,” I said making light of his attempt to scare me.

“But you know nothing about me.”

“Are you trying to scare me?” I say arching my eyebrow, “You know you can just say no,” I challenged.

“I’m trying to warn you. I’m not as innocent as I look.”

I wondered how old he was. He did look young with his soft features giving me a wide-eyed innocent look. What could be bad about that sweet face?


He smirked and his face changed as if mocking me, suddenly sexy. There was a hint of danger there that made my pulse race. A rustle from a nearby bush startled me making me jump. I realized it was probably the calico as my gaze returned to his sultry eyes.

“If you want to have some fun, come to me. I’m at No. 3,” he suggested.

“I have a boyfriend which you have probably seen. I’m not interested in you that way.”

“Oh, but I think you are. I’ve seen how you look at me from your window.”

“You presume too much. You are nothing but a stray hanging out by my door. Goodbye, kitty,” I say laughing at his boldness.

“But you care about the stray, don’t you?”

I shrugged watching the little smirk on his face as he waited for my answer.

“Yoongi, my name is Yoongi, in case you wondered. Goodbye, Jina.”

“How do you know my name?”

He didn’t answer and just smiled and turned away.

Thanks for reading. ❤

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