Undisclosed Desires: A G.E.M Series Armarria and Savion

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If Amarria Martin knows anything in life then it's definitely heartbreak. Once she meets the inhumanely strong and handsome Savion however, she soon learns that she, like her fierce new protector, is much more than what meets the eye. Overcome with an inexplicable attraction, Savion has placed himself in the beautiful Amarria's path - and potentially placed her in the midst of danger as well. Will these unshakable feelings be explored or will she high tail it out of Savion's inviting reach to reclaim the quiet life she has always known? Will their time together lead to an amazing adventure filled with challenges they can only overcome together or will Savion’s judgment now intertwined with desire lead to unspeakable tragedy? Indulge yourself in a world of secrecy, passion, rage and preternatural feats then decide.

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Chapter 1

June 14th was a day Armarria would never forget. Her life changed so rapidly nothing could prepare her for it. No book, TV show, or song. Nothing. It started as a night filled with dread. After a long day of work, all she wanted to do was go home and relax. Perhaps cuddle with her boyfriend, Ryan. She smiled at the thought of him as she walked to the apartment’s entrance thinking of how madly in love with him she was.

Ryan was her everything. No one could replace him. He was kind, loving, and always put her first beyond all else. She could admit though, he wasn’t perfect. He had his temper and could be a bit distant. He would leave for long periods of time but always came back to her with the most welcoming arms. She needed him because she had no one else. She had no family and hardly any friends except her best friend Mattie.

She had known Mattie for 10 years and she was expected to be her bridesmaid whenever she and Ryan set a date. Ryan had proposed to her a couple of months ago. After five years of them being together, he finally popped the question. The anticipation was overwhelming as the days went. Her forever with the love of her life was just around the corner and she couldn’t wait to capture it.

She walked up the stairs to her door, still smiling as she thought about the look on his face when she got home. The love they would make. She turned the key to the apartment door. She opened to find an empty living room. Her smile faded as her mind began to scream at her. Something wasn’t right. There was a ladies purse on the kitchen counter. Two glasses of wine poured. Then she heard the noises. The bedframe hitting the wall, with a loud moan following.

Armarria’s heart sank to her feet as she investigated. She quietly placed her purse down trying not to alert the intruders. Her mind screamed at her even more. She could feel the darkness rising. The surge of power she knew laid dormant for so long, now reaching at her to take her revenge. Even if her heart screamed turn away she couldn’t stop moving forward. She didn’t want to see. She didn’t want to feel either.

Her mind processed it was someone in her bed with her man. In her house with her man. The moan grew louder as she approached the door. A man groaned. She knew it was Ryan. She would’ve known his voice from anywhere. Every thrust could be heard from the bedframe slapping against the wall. With every thrust, her heart broke. She had known somewhere inside of herself. There were signs. Signs she purposely ignored for the sake of love, but now she was paying the price. Where was his love for her? A heartbeat or two later, she reached for the doorknob, but it opened without her hand making contact.

Tears ran down her face, unable to control them. The man she loved hurt her in such a disrespectful way. How could she come back from that? There was no coming back from that. No forgiveness. There truly was a thin line between love and hate. She walked into the room, turning the corner as time stilled as the moaning stopped. Armarria’s eye met his dumbfounded stare. More tears dropped as she tried to talk.

Her mouth opened to scream, yell, cuss, but nothing came out. She looked at the woman under him. Her mind recognized her and anger grew even deeper. “Mattie?” There was her voice now, confusion filled her face, as her emotions threatened to choke her. The woman looked away, scuffling from under Ryan to find her clothes.

“Mia you are home early.” Ryan calmly said, finding his clothes.

“Unfortunate for you. I ruined your fun I see.” She replied sarcastically. “How long?” She crossed her arms to steady herself.

“He was supposed to tell you, Mia. I’m so sorry.” Mattie replied, tears running down her face as she stepped into her underwear.

“Don’t.” Mia gritted her teeth. “How long?”

Mattie licked her dry lips. “Four years,” she responded. The memory of their meeting flashed in Armarria’s mind with instant regret. “I’m sorry Mia. We never wanted you to find out this way.”

Armarria’s hand fell angrily to her side. “When was the right time? Once we were married and on our honeymoon? I can’t believe this!” The room gave a small shake as her knuckles turned white.

“Mia it’s not as bad as it looks.” Her eyes shot up at him as he tried to walk over to her. The ground shook underneath his feet haltering his movement. She took off her ring.

“You never loved me. I was such a fool.” Her anger took over before she could control it. She threw the ring as the entire apartment shook violently causing Mattie and Ryan to take cover by the bed. Once the ring hit the wall, it exploded, creating a big hole leading outside. Mattie screamed as Ryan covered her looking horrified at Armarria.

The beast was unleashing. The power she tried to keep at bay ever since she was a child. Ryan helped her control it without realizing it, but now Ryan was the reason she would use it. “You two deserve each other.” She ran out the room, never looking back. There was no repairing her from this. Her heart was shattered and those pieces broke into smaller pieces. The bastard would get what he deserved one day.


Armarria sat at her desk zoned out. Boredom sat in along with her pain. Being an accountant at a local bank was nothing special. It was just enough to pay the monthly bills. She left Ryan everything and never looked back. She concluded he could have everything except her. Why would he want her anyways when he had Mattie?

But, he still called her every day. Mattie had even texted her asking if Ryan was with her once, so that was a sign he still had more than one woman. Now he was cheating on Mattie, which didn’t please Armarria like she thought it would. Ryan was hurting which is what she wanted more than anything. He was becoming even more annoying after he slept with another woman.

He sent some apologetic messages mostly blaming her for not doing something, giving excuses for why he cheated. She never responded. Not wanting to give him any satisfaction she just simply threw her phone, cutting herself off from everyone, which wasn’t a lot of people. That fact depressed her. She depended heavily on him and he betrayed her.

“Armarria!” She glanced up from her daze. “There he is. Jason Sanders.”

Her co-worker pointed towards a man walking through the door. He was tall 6’5, a giant compared to Armarria’s 5’8 frame. He had perfect smooth caramel skin with a muscular jawline. His eyes were a dark auburn that gleamed with menace. His eyes looked wise beyond his years like he had seen too much pain and suffering. She could recognize the pain in his eyes, but the rest of him was perfect. Every woman drooled over him. Yes, he was attractive, but Armarria wasn’t looking.

“He is nice.” She admitted to her co-worker.

“Nice?” her co-worker scoffed. “He is smoking hot sexy gorgeous.”

Armarria laughed. “I suppose he is. He is a regular?”

The co-worker nodded. “He is paying on the property of the land he built his house on probably for his wife.” She pouted.

“Well, it is getting close to time to close up. I better start heading out.” Armarria stood up grabbing her bag.

“Armarria I need to talk to you.” She froze. She knew that voice. Worse her heart knew that voice.

“Ryan, what the hell are you doing here? How dare you show up to my job of all places? Haven’t you done enough?” She tried to keep her voice down and calm, but the anger was there, causing the power to flow through her again. Everyone was looking at her. Even Jason ‘Drop Dead Gorgeous’ Sanders.

Her brown eyes met his auburn ones. There was a spark behind her pupil, a lightning bolt flashed as they made contact. The connection shocked through them briefly. She looked away from the weirdness of the feeling, back to the anger.

“Can we talk please?” Ryan grabbed her wrist so the focus wouldn’t stray from him.

A small smile crept on her face to reassure her co-workers it was alright. “Ok.” She agreed, allowing him to lead her out the door with no more fuss. The dark gloomy stares never left her. Everyone’s eyes, especially Jason’s, burned holes in her back. She glanced over at him one more time to confirm she still had his gaze. She did. Those dark fiery eyes never left hers.

Savion watched the man possessively take whom he called Armarria away. He saw the lightning bolt and felt the sizzling of power between them. She couldn’t have been? The evidence was there, but she couldn’t have been a G.E.M. The thought didn’t settle well with him. The urge to follow her was strong.

Whatever he felt, he had to know. Not only for himself, but for his family safety as well. His brothers and sisters depended on him to protect them. They needed him. He took them away from the cloak and brought them to the states to get away to give them a life. All of them had been through so much; he didn’t want to endanger them any further. Still, the compulsion was strong. He had to go after her.

“Mr. Sanders?” His eyes glanced back to the accountant handing him some paperwork.

“Yes thank you. Same time next month.” He smiled.

“You know we have an online setup that you can pay for at home. Not that we don’t love seeing you here, but its always an option.”

Savion nodded. “Yes, I do know about the online payment method. I’m just a little old fashion and like to make sure my money is going to the right hands.” He winked at the accountant causing her to blush. Of course, he noticed women throwing themselves at him. It became annoying after a while, but his charm was the reason he made all the runs for the house.

He was a sweet talker for sure. Armarria though, barely noticed him, until today. He noticed everyone at the bank six months ago, even had his brother, David run background for all of them. He noticed her, but this was the first time he felt the compulsion. That small surge of power burned through him like nothing else could.

He took a deep breath and walked outside. He heard them slightly around the building alleyway so no one could see them. The tears from the woman broke Savion’s heart, which made him want to break the assholes face.

“I told you I’m not coming back. I’m done. Go back to Mattie.”

“Me and Mattie are done, Mia. That earthquake that day changed me. Life is short and I could’ve died with this terrible dread I will never be able to see you again.” He grabbed her hand. “Or to hold you.” She jerked away. “We can get past this and move on with our engagement like planned. We can get married in September.”

Armarria scoffed. “You are serious aren’t you? You actually believe after you got caught sleeping with my best friend that I’m just going to take you back and marry you? You have lost your damn mind.”

Those words pissed him off. “So after all these years you can just let me go like that? That means you never loved me, Mia. You aren’t willing to fight for me like I’m fighting for you.”

The nerve of this guy. Folding her arms she spoke, “You never loved me and you trying to manipulate me into taking you back isn’t going to work. You are the one who hurt me don’t try and act like the victim. You were never mines. I can’t leave something I never had.” He reached for her again. “Mia, look I made a mistake alright. You were never home...”

That drove her over the edge. “How dare you?” The ground performed a slight rumble. The street lights began to blink. Savion knew now. That was her. He had to step in.

“Sir the lady said leave. Do so now.” His voice was deep and intimidating, compelling and dangerous. Ryan became more aggressive.

“Mind your own business.” He spat on the ground.

Savion smirked. “You are the one yelling and making a scene. The lady is clearly done. Just leave.” It was a warning, one he wouldn’t say again.

“It’s fine I am leaving.” Armarria intervened, grateful for Jason’s help, but not wanting anyone hurt. She tried to slide past Ryan. He grabbed her arm and that sent Savion over the edge. He swiftly, with one hard grip, grabs his neck, lifting him up as he did so.

“That is no way to treat a lady.” He threw him down forcefully. Ryan grunted with pain. “Now what did we learn?” He humiliated him.

Ryan stood up in rage blindly attacking Savion. With every attempt Savion moved from his right to left, dodging Ryan’s combos. Ryan was quick, but not quick enough for Savion’s speed and strength. Without batting an eye Savion punched Ryan towards some dumpsters.

“Stop please! I’m not worth all of this!”

The words escaped as tears fell down her face. She grabbed his arm to stop him from unleashing a fatal blow to Ryan. He looked at her first. The touch sent shockwaves through his arms, then her eyes. The bolt was there again causing his heart to do a funny flip. Everything in him stilled. The feeling was unfamiliar, he was almost angry she said those words.

“He disrespected you. How are you not worthy?” Savion’s voice was neutral even after the anger set in.

She sniffed. “Just don’t hurt him.”

Savion relaxed at her request. “I was not going to hurt him too much.” He fixed his tie and jacket. “But someone has to teach this asshole how to treat women.”

At that moment everything stilled. There was a heavy fog approaching the alleyway which caused Savion to go on high alert. Something was coming. Another G.E.M. and not a friendly one.

Before he realized it, he grabbed Armarria’s hand.

“We have to go.”

Armarria saw the danger in his eyes and how tense his body was, but yet relaxed and alert. His voice never rushed her. He even let it be her choice to go with him or not.

“What’s out there?” She asked, not sure if she wanted to know.

“We do not have that much time.” His voice was still normal and unrushed.

She hesitated but nodded. He began walking toward the alleyway, not the street. They turned the corner to see a man standing there with his hand out like a gun.

“Is he serious?” Armarria asked, looking at Savion, who looked prepared for a fight.

He inched her behind him. Without warning a shot fired from the guy’s fingers. So fast Armarria couldn’t see the bullet pierce Savion’s shoulder. The force pushed him back slightly with a grunt. Another shot sprang out of the attacker’s fingers, multiplying this time into single pressure point shots.

Savion stood his ground, blocking Armarria from any harm. She had two choices. She could fall victim after constantly being protected or save Savion, who she knows as Jason, from the bullets. She conjured up some courage and removed herself from Savion’s safety.

He glanced back shocked. “What are you doing?”

He panicked then. He yelled for her to get out of the way. Time slowed as the bullets seem to move in slow motion as her hand went up. The bullets stopped and the attacker was forced back. Savion stood in awe. He never came across a person with telekinesis. It frightened and intrigued him.

The bullets fell limp to the ground, as did her arms to her side. She was pale even for her brown skin. A trickle of blood fell down her nose and her eyes were dazed.

“Hold on Armarria.” Was all she heard before she blacked out.

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