Love hidden by arrogance

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"Do you always walk without looking or do you have vision problem?" he said. I am out of my temper by his sentence. "It occurs because of you who always come in my way". Stafina Hart was sweet, innocent, pure, beautiful but sassy girl who falls in love with arrogant, cold, unsocial and devil by nature guy Denial Luscious after him hating so much. But before her confession Denial gave a reason to hate him back and broke her heart...... What will happen when they meet each other after 5 years? Will she forget his behaviour and fall in love back with him? Will he be able to know his feelings for her and conference it to her?Will they unite or the gap between them will increase?

Romance / Drama
Devenial Dream
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Chapter 1

Love ......

You can feel it but not catch it. No one can define, no one can refuse, no one can forget, no one can regret. It's complicated. It can change you to a level that you can't believe yourself. Change your life, attitude, personality, worldview, present, future everything .........

I know this is what everyone tell, and we don't believe on it

I also don't believe ....... because I never felt like that before ........ even though my boyfriend has been with me in the past ........ then he cheated on me. I don't want anyone and I don't mind being left by him...... because I want to be in love with me. ......

"Wake up honey"

I slightly opened my eyes " Please .... I don't want to go". And turned my blanket on my head......

"You have to go. And you are already 15 min late. So be quick and refresh. I am going to pack your box."

" You are so tempted, do you know that?"I turned to the other side.

" If you don't wake up in 2 sec then I am going to spank you."

I sighed and immediately walked to my bathroom. Taking shower and brushing my teeth I walked to the closet.

I wore dark blue ripped jeans and white crop top. After brushing my hair, I made it into a loose pony and wearing my black Snicker I went to the kitchen.

My coffee was already there on dining table with bread toast

" What are you going to pack in the box?" I asked.

"Chess vegetables roll"

I sighed "I think you'll make me a fat ball one day."

" You will look cute that day. Now be quick."

I rolled my eyes and finished my coffee. Taking my bag I went towards the main door.

" Take your spare key with you. You can even stay at your friend's house if you want. I am going out."

I turned to the key box and asked " Where are you going?"

"To my sister's house. I will be back tomorrow evening.

"Ohk mom, wish you the best journey and say Hiii to aunty"And I went out of the house.

Blair, my best friend's car was already there in parking. I went towards a car and opened a passenger side door.

" Why are you always late?" She asked.

I knew I had to face her. I sat in the car and closed the door. " Because I'm not in the mood to go to school." I said and rubbed my face with my hand.

" I see" she muttered.

"What?" I looked towards her.

" You are not interested because you don't have any interesting person to look for." She said with a smile on her face.

She was going to give me a headache.

I sighed. " It's not like that..... Can you please focus on the road? We are already late."

She glared at me and said " I will but you have to mark my word".

" I will but I will not stay at your house for tonight if you do not stop this conversation now". I said with a smile because I knew she loved me when I stayed at her home.

"Wow..... That's great...... I also have a plan too." She grinned.

" What's the plan?" I asked.

" Oliva said that we haven't been to the club for a long time.... So today we are going to Wilson's club". She said with a grin.

" No way." I sighed.

" Just listen .... Romen is also going there to throw the welcome party for his friend .... And you know I have to be there " She said with a pleading face.

" Ohk...ohk" I sighed.

" Olivia is coming with her boyfriend. I thought if you come with your once...." She smirked.

" Offf.... You will be the reason for my drunkenness if you don't stop it right here". I shook my head. She was really giving me a headache.

" Ohk.... But you are coming with us". She said.

"Talking like that if I have any choice" I sighed.

This is going to be a long day.

Hii guys....

This is my first book. English is not my first language. Also, I am writing from the phone. So please forgive me for my mistake and support me. Also write a review and also inform me for any corrections.

Love you guys.

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