The Frey Brothers

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~ Mature Scenes ~ John, Daniel and Craig. Also known as the Frey brothers. They couldn' t be any different, not only by character but also by their abilities. If vampire, werewolf or magician, all three of them still share one mutuality. And that is the strong and endless mate bond and temptation for Mona Summer.

Romance / Erotica
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1 Mona

Hello, my name is Mona, I'm eighteen years old and I'm a student in highschool. I live in California with my sister Luna and our best friend. She is called Jade and just as old as me.
Luna, Mom and I moved in a small house last week and we decided to go to the mall to really arrive here in Cali.

"Mona, where do you wanna go first?" asked Jade as we were walking into this huge mall.

Looking up to the see a total of three floors. How was this shopping trip going to ever end? I thought to myself.

"I have no idea", I replied.

"Maybe we should of look out for a map ?" Luna said.

We nodded and split up.But as I couldn't find one I decided to ask some stranger.

"Hello m'am, could you help me please?"
I asked a woman having her back turned to me.

"Hey, how can I help you?" She asked after turning around and instantly showing off her marvellous smile.
She must have been a model. With her perfectly flat black hair, the stilettos she wore which only added to her stunning height, her great shaped body and a face to die for.

"I'm new here and can't find a map. Do you have an idea where it is?" I stuttered, not being the kind of social person I had always been wanting to be.

"Yes of course " she said with a happy grin on her face.

"So you just have to walk to this green bench over there. Then turn left and you will find it to your right."

"Thank you " I waved her goodbye, hurrying to look for Luna and Jade.

"No problem! Have fun shopping!"

While being on my way over, I took out my phone to text them to meet at the entrance. Probaby not the best idea....Just a short moment later I heard someone screaming my name from the other side of the mall and stood still to look around me.

°dock° I felt someone bumping on my back.I fell down and so did my phone.

"God no!" I complained., when a deep husky voice ripped me out of the drama my head was now trying to make over an old broken phone.

" I am sorry miss,I didn't notice you ". This person hand out for me and I took it to get up.

"I'm really sorry -" he paused for a moment.

" Mona my name is Mona. It's okay. I am the one who stopped walking." before even looking up into the stranger's face.Staring into his big green pretty eyes, he caught the air in my throat.
We just studied each other for a moment.

" Yes but I ran into you" He looked down to the phone in my hand. "And now your phone looks broken" As I was about to speak, he commanded. " I will replace it. And I am John by the way." still holding my hand.

" Mona! " I heard someone screaming again, ripping me from the warm bubble I was floating in.

" Luna " John jumped and let go of my hand like I had just burnt him to death.

" Sorry It took so long. This place is huge!" Luna said as she stood with Jade beside me. When they noticed John, Luna poked my right arm. She smiled at me and began to blush. Comprehensible.

" I'm Luna and this is Jade. Sorry for interrupting."

John just smiled at her and shaked her hands while he introdued himself to them.

" So, what happened? " asked Jade as she noticed my broken phone.

" I bumped into Mona here and sadly destroyed her phone" he said, slightly rubbing the back of his head.

" Oh yeah, and by the way, can you please give me your address or something? So I can send you a new device?" he said with an innocent look on his face.

" Yes but it's really not necessary." I stared to feel uncomfortable and looked to the ground.

"It totally is." he said a bit more seriously. Not wanting to make him upset, I just let him have this. I gave my address to him and said goodbye.

Today's monday. And I for sure can tell that it was not the rising sun that woke me.It was this damn alarm clock. I would never get used to being thrown out of sleep.

I decided to take a cold shower to wake up.I got ready, curled my hair a bit and took a little lip gloss to avoid getting crusty at some point of the day.
So I put on my black n white nike shoes who perfectly match with the black hotpants and white top wore.

"Mona! You comin?" Jade screamed.

" Yes I am on my way down!" Jumping into the bus at 7.30 wasn' t something I was ever going to be a fan of. Being nauseas in the morning let the 12 minute ride feel like a whole 2 hour session.

Arriving at the new place, I had to run up the stairs to finally arrive my classroom at 7.55.
I might have had a much too long chat with the two of them on the way to the class lists.

" Hello I'm Mister Frey ! " is what I heard as I turned around to sit on my blue plastic chair.
He walked over to the blackboard and wrote
Frey onto it.
John Frey. Fits him perfectly.I thought to myself.

He laid down his bag on the desk and looked trough the classroom until he reached my eyes.I couldn't but feel a bit intimidated.He smiled at me and nodded a little with his head.

"Sit down please"

"So my name is John Frey, this is my second year here at this Highschool and this year I will teach chemestry and geography for you juniors" he said while half sitting on his desk.

"Now please introduce yourselves so I learn to know you a bit" he said happily while sticking his hand out in my direction.

" Please start " I think I began to blush as he said that smiling at me.

" Okay I'm Mona Summer and I'm eighteen. I moved here a week ago. I love to read and write" And with that my face turned even hotter. It got really hot and my heart was pounding like hell, but I had to remember that this is my teacher and I would have to have the whole year with him.

" Thank you miss Summer. Very impressive !"

As the rest of the class has introduced themselves I couldn't but had to smile.It's a bit weird to exactly know your teacher's eyecolor cause you stared into each others eyes. They are so stern and have little lighter colored sparkles around.But I am not even trying to lie. There is something different about him. He is smoothe.

" Miss Summer ? "

He stood close to me , supporting his hands on the edges of my desk. So I had to look up at him to ask-

" Yes? Sorry, I dozed off a bit"
He smiled at me and said with a sarcastic look on his face
"So am I that boring? "

" No, no!. I- " I stuttered.
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