The Frey Brothers

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8 Daniel

I turned around to see my mom looking to the ground. She was broken in so many ways. The problem with her was, that she had a past even worse than the life she lives now. I went to hug her and she let go to cry.I would do anything for her no matter what price I had to pay for it.

We stood there until she calmed herself.

"I have to do a few more things before I'll be back in the late evening."

"Okay mom, but please watch out" I said, letting go of her.

The gate closed a second time and I went upstairs again. I must have fallen asleep the moment I fell into bed. I only remember wanting to read MK Rissen' s story Blood.

But today was a lot to take.

When I woke up I had a few messages to be read. One was from Jade. "Hey Mo are you okay? Heard about the accident at the beach"

I opened the other ones. They were from John "Hi Mona I hope you are doing fine?"

I answered them both in a short "Yes thank you" and continued watching some more Netflix.

The next morning in school Jade and I went to sit in class when we noticed a diffrent teacher we had never seen before enter the classroom. He sat his bag down onto his desk.

"Can I have your attention? I am Mister Dawn. I am the stand- in for Mister Frey."

Someone raised his hand "Mister Dawn do you know what is up with Mister Frey?

"No I am sorry"

Jade and I looked at each other "Do you think something happend to him?" She whispered. I just shrugged my shoulders at her because I hadn't heard from him after his message. But to be honest it did concern me more than it probably should. Because the thought of it made me go insane and the first thing I did after walking out of school, was call him.

He didn' t go to his phone not even after my third call. So I decided to give him a visit and look after him. I had asked a few older friends of mine If him missing in the past happend more often. But they all told me he never got sick. Not a single time.

When I got there I saw his car standing in the driveway and I was relieved a little. But there was another car. A sleek black McLaren P1. What the actual..

That car costs 1.15 million dollars. I was curious and got out of the car. I gave this goddess another short look and well, I am a true car lover.

When I was about to ring the bell I heard two men arguing and suddenly they became quite. I didn' t even ring the bell when someone opened the door. And that someone was not John because he sas sitting on the sofa in the background with crossed arms. He looked concerned.

The guy that opened my door was something in between 1.90 and 2 meters tall he was wearing black ripped jeans with a white shirt and stood there like a model.His yellow eye color made me feel like he could look right trough my soul. He smirked a little.

"Hey how are you" he asked.

"I don' t know" I looked over to John " How am I?"

"Who are you?" I said with my arms crossed looking up at him like a child.

"I am Dan and who are you?"

"Mona Summer" His face got dimples.

"What are you doing here?" He looked like he exactly knew. I swear.

"I just wanted to look after John because I was a little worried, but I think he looks fine so I might just leave now. See you"

I said turning around and leaving the driveway.


She walked off and it hurt not to be able to talk any words with her. Mona cared for me and now it looked like I didn' t care at all, even if that wasn' t the truth.

"That is her?" Dan looked at me kind of excited.

I let my hands cover my face while looking to the ground "Yes Daniel it' s her. I don' t know why myself."

He smiled. "Oh I do."

Daniel walked off to the kitchen " You know I could feel it right? "

Yes I knew. He felt the lust I had to restrain. And I am pretty sure he had to too but he had always been the best at hiding it. That' s what he had to do because afterall he owned one of the world' s most succesful companies.

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