The Frey Brothers

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9 369

He came back into the living room.

"So you' re a history teacher now. I still can't believe you dropped out of our business."

I left our business years ago after my father got killed. Daniel seemed to do great at his job, and I wanted to live a life where I could be just John or Mister Frey whatever they want to call me and see me as a normal human to live with, and not the Mister Frey, CEO of Frey Enterprises. It simply just wasn't me and it changed me so much. But not to the better side. I became hungrier and hungrier within the more money we made. And when our dad died it just opened my eyes and I didn' t want to be that person anymore.

"Daniel, just finally tell me why you are really here." I said now standing in front of him.

He sighed "Oh brother you know I missed you." He came to my side giving me a hug.

"Come on. Is it because of her?" I was annoyed by the game he has alwys had played.

"John. Are you serious?"

Daniel was my brother and we both had to keep a secret that gave the two of us a bond that couldn't be broken.

"In the last thirty years of your life you didn' t let a woman into it and now that you did I got a little curious you know, Brother" He winked.

I rolled my eyes at him.

I was a vamp.

My kind doesn' t really have to drink human blood. It' s sweet and like a drug to us but mostly we can just drink animal's blood. At least the good vamps do as we do.

Well I do because before I left the companie I had always went hunting for human blood. Every single day even if I didn' t need to. I became a Ripper. And I am not proud of all of this.

I am now 369 years old and not even the oldest one of our kind. My father turned 550 before he died and Daniel is almost fifty years younger than me, but the both of us look the same age just like dad did. We all had to act like brothers to hide the secret.

"But brother I would really like to see her face when you finally tell her that all of this was planned. You running into her at the mall, you being her teacher." He laughed.

"Wait a minute you were there?" I turned to him and hell I got upset.

"Well John I told you I got curious"


I came home only to get called by John a few minutes later. But I didn' t answer it because I simply didn't want to. I saw he was fine and I felt like he was ashamed because his friend got to see me.

I went into my bathroom to take a short bath. I lit some candles and put in a bath bomb that Luna got me for christmas.

Then I began to drown in thoughts and an hour went by. I came oout of the bath tub with soaking wet hair and as I was about to blowdry them, the doorbell rang. I thought Luna would have opened and I went into my room to get myself some clothes.

I let my towel fall to the ground and bent down to grab my underwear from the lowest drawer of my vanity and put on some red ones with lace. Then almost got a heart attack when I saw someone in the mirror standing at my bedroom door. I turned around and there he stood. John. In my own house In my bedroom with me standing front of him.

"Oh my god John! What are you doing here?!"

He turned around to look away. "Your sister let me in. I wanted to say sorry because I ignored you and I know you just wanted to look after me."

I threw a dress over me, walked over to him an tapped on his shoulder. He turned around and looked to the ground.

"It' s okay, you could have just told me you know"

John looked up at me and came in for a hug. "I know, it's complicated"

Then the wind came in my balcony door and rain started to pour into my room. It scared me for a moment and I hurried to close the door.

I giggled a little. "Do you want to watch a movie?"

He looked at me for a minute "You sure?"

I nodded "Just make yourself comfortable" and then pointed into the direction of my bed.

"What do you want to watch?"

"You know, anything you want"

At the end we started watching 'Five Feet Apart'.

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