The Frey Brothers

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10 Hot mess

The next morning we sat outside in the sun, until I noticed John's skin turn red and little dots appeared on his arms and chest.

I made him walk into the kitchen with me as I told him I had this reaction to the sun sometimes too, and knew it could hurt and itch like hell. Taking his arm and leading him into the shadows, he confirmed

" Yes that must be it" he smirked a little not to make me worry. But I did.

I went to get some cream that had helped me a little and I smeared it onto his arms.

His skin was so soft. Just like a baby' s ass, and I clearly enjoyed it. He just watched me the whole time while sitting in front of me.

" You are intimidating" I looked up at him and smiled a little.

"I am?" He asked with raised eyebrows.

I stopped. " Yes John, you are"

He stood up "Oh, so how about I'll show you some really intimidating things?" John had this serious look on his face.

He took a step forward, and we were very close to each other. My heart ran a thousand, miles a minute.

" Why are you breathing so heavily?" John looked down on me.

I got a hold of the kitchen counter because I felt jittery.

" I - I am not"

His hand came around my waist, and he pressed himself onto me.

I must have looked into his eyes with a puppy look on my face, because he was so much taller than me, then I let my hand rest on his chest. Man, he felt so good and warm.

He whispered into my ear "Isn' t that intimidating?"

I let out a slight moan and heard him growl a little. "Last time I told you I won' t be able to stop. Do you remember?"

"Mhm" I nodded while still looking into his eyes, which were sparkling in such a pretty way.

Suddenly he lifted me up and sat me onto the kitchen counter behind me.

" Well, last time I controlled myself, but this time is a lot more difficult"

John pressed his lips against mine which showed so much hunger that he had.

" Then don' t" I whispered.

He growled, then poked me back a little, so I was laying on my back, close to the edge, with my legs spread and him in between.

His hand wandered up to my face when he stopped at my breast. He freed it, so one of them was showing. His thumb ran around my nipple when it really started to feel so good. I closed my eyes and moaned as quite as I could.

"Mona, just show me the pleasure you feel. You don' t have to hide anything"

Next he pulled me towards him. I opened my eyes again, waiting for what was next.

John looked at me...dark. "Tell me to stop and I will."

No, I did not say a thing. Because all I wanted at that moment was him.

He keeled down and threw up my dress, so my panties were exposed.

John then ripped off my panties and I felt my spot pulsating.

"Hell you are beautiful"

Wet lips touched my spot, and I flinched some. At first, he was moving them very slow and went faster within time. His thumb was running around my clit and it drove me crazy. I was moaning out even louder now and within that his growls in between drove me further.

I felt myself building up, and I was close. But he stopped. I was hot and sweaty, but he just stood up.

He took me and picked me up.

John brought me to my room and laid me on my bed.

I watched him take off his shorts and my mouth dropped open a little.

How was I going to take this? I was looking up into his pretty eyes that were now sparkling wild. He smirked.

The next moment he took my legs and spread them. John came closer to get a ahold of my waist when he slammed inside of me.

My still pounding spot was now being massaged my his thumb and it drove me wild. My hands went into his hair, gently pulling it.

When his lips met mine, I came all over him. This feeling was unreal. I had never felt so much pleasure in my life.

When John heard me moan into his mouth, another growl escaped his lips.

"Mona, how can you do this to me" he whispered almost wailing some.

He flipped me over, got a hold of my hair and pulled onto it, not hurting me, but driving me further again. He thrusted in and out of me again, but this time a lot deeper and rougher than before.

"John, I will come again" I moaned.

The next minute both of us came together.

He smacked my ass one last time, and I let myself fall onto my back, still breathing like I had run a marathon.

The next morning.

My mom, Luna and I decided to go for a sort hike. We talked about old times when Suddenly, we heard something hush somewhere close to us. All of us looked at each other and looked into all directions, but we didn' t see a single thing but trees and bush, so we just kept walking deeper into the forest. And this time I saw something hush. I honestly thought there was a person with a red t-shirt standing to my right. Heck I got so scared. Not to say that I am a paranoid person, but I am the extreme of it. I felt watched like the CSI was keeping an eye on me, but I did not tell one of them because I wasn't going to scare them and just walked a little faster than before.

It reminded me of when I was a little child. Me, mom and dad also went for a hike and a similar thing happened to me. But I always shook it off because I thought I was crazy seeing things that didn't even exist.

However,, as always, nothing happened.

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