The Frey Brothers

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11 What the heck

"I miss your touch"

I saw the message pop up and it immediately put a smile onto my face.

Yesterday still felt like a dream to me and was all I could think about.

"Me too, see you later" I hit send and prepared myself for school. I knew, it was going to be awkward seeing each other in school again. After all the thing we had was amazing but not really legal.

When I'm with him, I don' t see him as my teacher. I see him as someone I could easily fall in love with. I laid my phone down and went to put on my school clothes and a little bit of lip gloss. I packed my stuff for school and decided to wear my White Nike air force.

White shoes kinda do it for me and that might be pretty obvious to others. Then went to the bathroom to tie back my curls. Sometimes they went crazy and I had to fight them. I have always been admired for my hair. I myself got no idea why, but they seem to have an effect on men, I' ll never understand.

When I drove into the parking lot and got out of the car with Luna, I sarcastically noticed I parked right next to John. However. As we were about to walk into school when Jade came running to my side.

She had a concerned look on her face.

"You two, don' t freak out but.." That' s when I saw my dad standing in the principal's office.

"Luna, wait here" She had a sad look on her face, already knowing what he was doing there.

Every time we moved somewhere else and had to go to a different school, our father someday ended up finding out what school we were going to. He wanted to make our lives a living hell, because he gave us the fault of him and our mom tearing themselves apart over and over again.

However,, for him, it surely wasn' t his alcoholic and abusive self. It was always us, while we stood up for our mother.

So dad went to school, told the principal, mom was crazy and not able to raise us in any way, that she took us from him and abused us. We would be held at their office all until mom showed up to tell them the real story.

Well, little did he know, that this time these dumb games wouldn' t work out.

At the very beginning over here, I had already told them that he would come and talk shit, while he was the one acting like a psycho.

So I walked to the office " Dad, come on. They won' t believe your lies " I sighed.

The anger was written all over his face and not only, but you could see his eyes flying around from drinking shit. I took a step back. He immediately began to cry and made a step forward into my direction.

His finger came to my face. " Brat, don' t tell me what to fucking do. You ruined my life!" I got screamed into my face.

I took another step back. It wouldn' t be the first time for him punching either Luna, mom or me. But he took another big step to me. That moment I saw his fist flying my way. Backing off I waited for a fist in my face. But I only heard a dull noise. When I opened my eyes I saw a back turned to me.

" Listen Mister Summer. That' s not a way to treat a young lady and out of all your daughter. Get yourself together" That person hissed out.

It was a husky male voice I think I had never heard before.

I watched the security men that were called. They threw my father, and he got house banned for life.

I must have inhaled sharply when a piercing look drilled into my soul. Then It finally came to my mind.

" Hey Beauty "

I was lost for words.

" Ehm I - thank you"

My eyes went to the ground, when my chin was lifted by fingers. It was Daniel.

" Don' t thank me. I don' t want to worry you, but I am sure he' ll do it someday if he hasn' t already. If not in school, then anywhere else." He looked anxious and worried about it. Like he really cared.

Tears shot into my eyes, which I didn' t plan on letting escape. I nodded and was about to turn around to walk into my lesson. " Mona you know where to find me if anything happens " I nodded again and it was a big relief for me to finally sit into my familiar chair in class and calm down.


It was break time, and I was afraid of walking into the cafeteria, because I was worried that others could have noticed our little fight and talk shit.

But I did anyway, while Luna and Jade would never let me take the break all alone.

"Are you okay? " Luna asked me while sitting right next to me.

I nodded. We never needed lots of words to understand each others emotions. She knew whenever I didn' t want to talk about it I' d just nod, and she' d leave me, because the same goes for her.

*Text message*

"Can we meet in my office?"

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