The Frey Brothers

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12 Curious

My heart skipped a beat.

Not only because it does everytime I see his name pop up on my screen, but also because I was afraid of what John would want from me.

Did Daniel tell him about the situation earlier?

Was he going to be mad at me for not telling him a longer time before?

I told Luna and Jade not to wait for me and I' d see them in class later, though I knew they were going to ask questions I wasn' t going to be able to answer.

On the way to that office I imagined hundreds of scenarios on, which was at the other side of the school. My feet felt wobbly. I mean of course it' s just John, the man, the teacher I had secretly slept with, the person I am falling for. But hell it' s always been a challenge not to be nervous by his presence. Even the first time I met him at the mall.

I knocked at his door and walked in. He had an okay look on his face. Not too nice or excited but neither mad. But that didn' t keep me from wondering.

His office was pretty dark looking. It was all black wood and sleek. And it looked more like himself than he did.

John made an indicating gesture for me to sit down in front of him. He then got up and walked over to me to sit down on the edge of the desk before me.

God, this man was a present of god. I looked him up and down. Almost eating him up with my eyes. Just like he did that night.

He wore black jeans, pretty slim fitted, a white v neck shirt and his hair was on point, just as always.

Not like a lot of the other teachers, he had class.

I had to bend my neck upwards to his face, after all he was a lot taller than me.

I think he noticed me checking him out after I saw a small smirk on his face, which expired right after and blurred into a concerned look.

"Mona, first of all, are you good?"

I nodded " Yes, we why, what' s up?"

My face went to the ground. If I was completly honest, I did not want to talk about it. There' s things in life that happen to you, which you don' t want to tell everyone because you' re afraid they will judge you after. And that is something that had happend to me a lot of times before.

His fingers came to my chin. John had a soft grip to it and lited it up towards his face. Which reminded me of his brother' s doing, which grip was a little stronger on me.

I breathed in slightly opening my lips. My heart, again, was pounding loud and fast until I could feel my pulse in my head.

That' s when I saw the desire in his eyes which caused me to bite my bottom lip, still staring into his piercing eyes that were now sparkling wild. If you had a closer look you could surely see his little sparks flying around.

He tilted his head and his mimic changed to a lot more serious than before. John immediately backed off, moved his face into a difffrent direction and sat back on his chair. He took his head into his hands.


Next class would be in 3 minutes and I still had to walk trough the whole school to get to my classroom. I' d be late now anyways.

He looked up. The sparks in his eyes were now gone, like the gong woke him. He looked stressed.

" You know what, let' s meet when school' s out, okay? Maybe just come to my place at 4 or something? I really have to talk to you, but we' ll need time"

What even for? I was going to go nuts til 4. I already knew I wouldn' t even be able to concentrate in class but I just said

"Okay, see you John. But whatever it is, don' t stress yourself like that" I smiled and left the room, knowing he wasn' t the only one stressing out after all.

When I came into class, all eyes were on me. I was late. A whole 2 minutes. Which shouldn' t be any problem if you have a normal history teacher, but well, mine is 55 years old somewhat and the strictestteacher I had ever had before. This time he seemed to let it go, but I was sure that next time would take consequenses.

However, the moment I walked in I was greeted with a funny look on Jades' face. She was grinning at me like I looked like a smurf. I sat down and got jostled by Jade. She whispered "I want to know every little detail after school. Am I clear?" She made a serious face and popped out her bottom lip to me, which made me burst out laughinng, which did not let a good light shine on me from Mister Trace. But seriously, Jade was the most chaotic and curious person I knew.

After almost receiving a reference from Mister Trace, I went home right after school was out.

Of course I took Luna with me, which didn' t help because she was asking so many dumb questions I probably would have asked her too if I was in her place.

But if that wasn' t enough, Jade also decided to stay over til' 3.

How was I going to lie to my best friends all along? I man I love them, they are everything for me.

Was I being silly for thinking any of this could ever work out?

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