The Frey Brothers

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13 Electric shock

My heart rate grew faster, the closer 4 rolled around.

After Luna and Jade tried to squeeze me out like a lemon, I began getting ready.

Crunching my hair one last time before heading to my car, a thought came to my mind. I was still going crazy about the fact that John and Daniel were brothers. The sparks in their eyes, which I had never seen before on anybody else, were so freaking intimidating. Whilst John' s eyecolor went from green to a sparkling forest party, Daniel' s seemed to change to a light ocean blue. Not only, but their touch on my skin felt completly diffrent. One was soft and slow, the other one hot and a little wild.

On the way to his house I was still caught up in so many thoughts around them and my father. When I saw something hush in the bush by the forest I was driving besides.

It scared me a bit, because it looked like a person but on the other side it was too fast to be one.

When I pulled up into the driveaway I was shook. I saw a sunkissed, muscular, godly body doing woodwork in the midle of the way. Daniel, him only wearing shorts, was now smirking at me and immediatly stopping

with what he was doing.

I took one last deep breath before I took my keys and got out of the car. While walking to the house I tried to look everywhere but to his side. When I reached him, I looked at his face, concentrating not to watch his abs move whilst his heavy breathing. It was hot, not only the weather that day.

"Hey" was all I said. He pulled off the sunglasses he was wearing.

"Mona, what' s up?"

Daniel' s voice had a weird effect on me. It wasn' t very soft, more of a little rough, which just drilled into one' s soul.

I looked away, at the house on the left side of us. "I- I - John told me to come here at four"

" Okay, yeah he hasn' t come home yet. But he should be here within atleast half an hour"

My mind was spinning. I looked down on my phone.

That moment I got a text "Hey, it' ll take a little longer, I' m sorry, but if you' re there already, just make yourself comfortable. Dan should be home anyways. Just tell him what to do."

Alright I thought. It couldn' t go any better from now. Home alone with his Brother. What an honor.

Daniel looked at me with a questioning expression.

"He' ll be here in a bit"

"So, do you maybe want to come in with me to wait for him? It' s crazy hot out here, isn' t it?

I nodded. My feat felt wobbly just by walking after him. His back was shiny from all the sweat and hell, he was HOT.

We walked trough the entrance, when he told me to sit down wherever I wanted and I chose their couch. I like it and it called a beautiful memory in me.

I sat myself at the edge "What do you want to drink Mo?"

My eyes went big. Did he just call me Mo?

" Just a glass of water, please"

He was now staring into the fridge, taking out a bottle of water and one of beer. I was able to see itti bits from the place I was sitting at. John' s kitchen had an extra room.

Daniel poured the water into a glass, went around the counter and handed it to me.

I looked up into his eyes and took it. Our fingers touched for a second. It felt like an electric shock and moved my hand away the second after "Thank you" I said and immediatly looked away.

He sat down besides me. And we were quite for a moment.

"Mona, can I ask you a question?" I flinched some at his voice.

"Yes I think so"

I could now fel his stare on me.

"Has your dad ever done anything to you? I mean physically?" His voice sounded soft and his talking was slower.

My eyes went to his when I turned my head.

I didn' t say a word when a tear left my eye. I had to think about all the shit Ray made me and my family go trough and still is.

"I am sorry" I blurted out , looking away real fast.

I felt a hand on my shoulder. "Hey, I am sorry, it' s none of my business"

It was quite for another few moments when I caught myself up.

Daniel' s hand was still resting on my shoulder, he was trying to comfort me I believe. " It' s complicated. But to answer your question, yes, he has punched me a little harder here and there. But this is not about me." My mom had it worse.

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