The Frey Brothers

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14 She is mine

He sighed. I put my hand on his cheek and looked him in the eyes.

"Please don' t judge me now. I am still the person I was the first time you saw me. I won' t just break like glass"

I put my hand down and looked out of the window, ashamed.

When a tear drop touched my arm, I was shocked by the way this still made me feel, after so many years.

I was eight years old, when my dad started going crazy. We were talking about mom and going to the zoo. The thing was, that I had always loved mom a lot more. And that day, I told him I did not want to go without her. She had always admired them just as much as I do even now. And that' s what I told him.

He got mad at me, because he knew he wasn' t the one I loved the most. Dad turned me around, put me over his knee, took my arms with his left hand and with his right, he clapped my ass. I remember being in pain for the next three days, not wanting to tell my mother, because I was scared that if she knew, the same thing could happen to her.

"Mona, look at me. Please."

I tilted my head over to his side. The moment the next tear started falling down my cheek, he swept it away with his thumb. And it made me calm down. I studied his face for a bit. When he must have noticed, I saw his eyes light up into this pretty, sparkling color again. I couldn' t but smile. There was a shimmer of blue and another of green and yellow.

"What are you looking at?" he whispered.

I was speechles for a moment. "I- your eyes. I mean. They glow like crazy"

He quickly ran his hand trough his hair and looked away. I didn' t know what to say, that very moment. Maybe he was annoyed by me.

"I think I should maybe- I mean go home. I am sorry to have interrupted your working."

"No! It' s not that. It' s well- fuck it."

Lips were crashed on mine. I felt the hunger in his kiss.

His hands all over me and mine in his hair, his strong arms lifted me up against him, making me fall on my back on the couch. He paused for a second breathing heavily, looking me in the eyes.

"Do you even know what you were doing to me the whole time? Everything about you makes me go crazy."

I didn' t get to say a word, when I crashed my lips back on his. His hips were now pressed against mine, as I felt his hard member press against my belly. But I didn' t even get the chance to think about a next move.

A second later he stopped again. Strange enough, he sat up, got up and walked to the front door as if I burnt him.

"Mona, get up. " he said in a quite tone.

"Why, I- what' s up Daniel?"

"Just do it, please"

And I did as he said. I got up, calmed my breathing and my heartbeat that was at 180 and walked towards him, when I looked out the door and saw John jogginng to the front door. He waved me a hello.

My gaze went to Daniel, who was standing to my right. Did he know he was coming? Like do they have some instinct or what?

"Hey Mona, sorry for letting you wait. There was some trouble about a student in school"

He came to my side, with his sunglasses on, hugging me. When a thought came to my mind. The scenario.

I really just made out with his brother and now I act like nothing had happend. What kind of a person am I?

It' s just weird, because I felt so drawn to him. In a completely diffrent way than how I feel with John.

My arms went around him "Hey, It's okay."

He smiled at me. And as I looked to my right, Daniel was missing.

By now, my head was full of questions, I could never answer myself.

"Lets get in" He whispered into my ear.


I wasn't met with any pleasure when the smell of arousal hit my face.

How could I be this dumb?

My brother had always wanted what belonged to me. He easily took all the women I ever admired and fucked them over until he lost interest.

But this time would be diffrent I told myself. This woman wasn' t just a fuck, a fling or some kinda shit. It was so much more and she was meant for me.

For now I was going to let it slide. Not wanting to make a scene in front of Mona.

But he wouldn' t get away this easily this or any other way.

"So, what did you want to talk about" and with that I was ripped out of thought.

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