The Frey Brothers

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15 Dusk


I threw my bag over the sofa and gestured for Mona to sit down on the front porch. And she immediately got into my favourite place, the basket chair. Her gaze went to the ground when I sat down in front of her. She bit her lip and seemed a little lost in thought. Though I for sure knew, that what I was about to tell her, would make it even more complicated for her to find a clear mind.

I took her hand in mine, as she rose her innocent gaze.
Her light green halo eyes, now staring into my own. Only one look would bring my friend down there to twitch. But I had to throw that thought far away. For now.

"What I am about to tell you now -
Is my full honesty. I am not tricking you."

She opened her mouth slightly, looking confused.

"Thousands of years ago, my father and my mom met. They fell in love just as much as any other person. Though there was an even bigger diffrence.
Celeste, my Mom, a vampire, had found her forever mate Kaiden, a werewolf. Their love is not only endless, but they also turned it into 4 other smaller souls. Which is Daniel, me, my brother Craig and my sister Hope.All four of us are diffrent. Not only because all siblings are in some kind of way, but because a vampire and a werewolf weren' t anicially meant to bond. That' s what nature says at least. "

I think she stopped blinking the moment I started.

" What- what do you mean by diffrent? "

" Long story, short. I am a vampire. Daniel is a werewolf, Craig is a magician and Hope, the smallest turned out to be able to talk to animals."

I had waited for a reaction. But there was none. She just sat there, looking to the driveway and apparently forgot blinking.

"Mona? I know It' s a lot to take. But I- "

"No John, it' s okay. I always felt like these things exist. Though I thought I was going crazy."

She took my face between her hands and whispered "You just answered me questions I never thought I' d get an answer of"
Well, that was a reaction I never thought I' d witness.

She came down and crashed her lips on mine, like she had wanted to do it just as long as me, since we were here. She sat on my lap and devoured me until her breath got caught. Her head went behind my own, when she continued to hug me, tight. Like I would run away if she didn' t. I shut my eyes, inhaling her scent.


How in the hell does this woman even exist?
The moment my brother had told me about her, I was suspicious enough to run trough the forest and give her a small visit. He told me, that Mona was his mate and that he was a hundred percent sure about that.

I smelt her from miles ago. She was showering, and the scent of her made my wolf go crazy. A mixture of lavender and vanilla had me have a conversatiom with Dusk, my wolf.
He wanted to climb up her window and jump into her shower to devour her. I watched her from the forest, longer than I should probably have.

I saw her body trough the window. Her beautiful, amazingly tight body. I could tell she was a sunchild just like me. Always outside, loving summer and the warmth it gave away.

Every curve within her, every wet lock that bounced over her back. She was perfect in any dammned way. I ran back into the forest, trying to cool off when I heard her car starting.
I ran back home, only to find her scent follow me.
When she arrived I had already put up a front and gone to rip wood.


I am not going to stand this any longer I told myself when my wolf had begged me to take her here and now. My lips crashed on hers faster than I thought they would. But it felt like sparks flying and exploding around us when they did.

I heard John turn into the driveway when I knew I fucked up. That moment I still had a hard on. Only before by just looking and listening to her calming voice.

I saw the look on her face while she stared into my brother' s direction. Something I did not want to witness any longer. And before Dusk coulf take over again and rip someone' s head off, I left.
Ran upstairs and took a freezing cold shower, to help us both cool down and take a clear thought.
What exactly was she doing to me?

I knew my brother hated me for taking all the women that belonged to him. It had always just been a game to me. A fun play.
But now I might as well feel guilty for doing so. Now that she came into my life, knowing he really does love her. So I wont be able to take what' s his this time.

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