The Frey Brothers

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16 Mates


"Do you not want to drink my blood? I mean don' t you have the urge to eat me alive?"

John let out a low chuckle that sent shivers down my spine. "Hell I do. But I won' t. Not today, tomorrow or ever. I drink animals blood which keeps me the slightest bit weaker than normal, but it' s okay, I just dont want to harm any human."

I nodded my head. "So- how old are you? I mean how old are you really?" I gave him a small smile, still sitting in his lap.

His lips came to my ear and he whispered, mouthing the words against my neck, his light stubble scratching it " Oh dear miss Summer, I was born in 1721" He smiled against me and made me clench.

I came forward to look into his eyes which were now a sparkling mix of blue green and grey. Right when I got ripped out of my bubble by a burning hot hand sitting on my shoulder. And when I looked up, there was Daniel standing over me, with a serious look on his face, brow furrowed together, lips pressed and a tensed body. Just like the one I was sitting on, now.

"What do you think you are doing?" John asked. And oh, he was upset. He yanked his brother' s hand away from my shoulder and pressed me away to stand up. John pulled me behind him.

"Oh, what do you think I am doing with OUR mate?" I stepped forward now looking at both of them. John' s face became awfully pale, the moment Daniel' s words left his mouth.

"What the heck are you talking about?" I asked, not knowing that what I was about to hear would change my whole ife.

I was looking back and forth, trying to read any expression on their faces, but there was none. They were looking at each other with such a cold hearted look, that I stepped in between and stared at John "John, what is up here?"

I got worried when there still wasn' t any word coming from his mouth. But before I could say another word, he sprinted off the porch into the forest in a blink and faster than I had ever seen.

So I stood there mouth opened. I turned around to Daniel, with my arms crossed over my chest and my death stare into his eyes. Finally he was looking down into mine and his expression softened. And as I was about to open my mouth and say something, he took my hand and brought me into the house. I didn' t even hesistate for god' s sake.

"He needs some time, I just crossed the line. But I know that I would have regret it if I didn' t" He poured some scotch into a glass and leaned over the counter. " You are our mate Mona" He explained with a pained expression.

At that point I was wanting to rip my own hair out "God, Daniel, what the heck is a mate? Why is it such a big thing and why is it me?"

His fingers went in between his eyes to his temple and were pressing onto it. " A mate is someone that was meant for you, someone you can' t stop loving, want to worship. You don' t just decide on who it is to be." He looked up at me.

"The moment I saw you, my wolf purred for you, he screamed for you as his mate. And since then he consantly tries to rip out of me and worship you, show you the love we can give to you. But unfortunately I am not your only mate." He let out a sigh and my hand fell over his, resting on the counter, and it was burning hot.

"Daniel, are you okay? You are scorching" He closed his eyes.

"Dusk is screaming for you, Mona. He wants you in his arms, claim you as his. I am just holding back and he is really angry at me."

"Your wolf?" I asked him and he nodded, brows furrowed, eyes changing back and forth.


My heart was racing, almost jumping out of my chest.

She walked around the counter, sat the much needed drink out of my hand and wrapped her arms around my torso.

"Mate" Dusk had now faded into a whispering purring and I closed my eyes, wrapping my own arms around her and inhaling her breathtaking lavender vanilla scent.

One thing, I was very sure of, she felt the same. And even though we were still some kind of strangers, we felt home in each other' s arms.

I lifted up her feet and put us onto the couch, where she snuggled in even more, and a second later, her before cold body was now sleeping in my arms. Just like my wolf was fading away slowly drifting to sleep.


I woke up to footsteps echoing trough the living room. And while we must have slept for at least two hours, since it was dark outside already, John just came home from doing unimagianable things in the forest.

Daniel was still sound asleep, holding onto me for dear life. Light snores escaping his soft lips.

John came walking towards us, tears in his eyes, pained. Blood on his lips, ecstasic.

He sat to the opposite of us, just watching and coloring his scenario. When my heart fell to my chest, looking at him, in this state,

I whispered " John" his eyes shot to mine. I patted the couch in front of me "Please, lay with me."

But instead, he got up and left. And my eyes closed again, a tear siding down.

I hurt him, it' s all my fault.

What felt like twenty minutes later, a blanket was thrown over us, and the spot besides me gave in. And it was John' s smell that was flattering up my nose. It was a hint of leather and cinnamon. He must have went to shower first, before he scooted closer, under the blanket, wrapped his hand around my neck, pressing down to his chest and his foot placed over mine. I was intertwined by both of them. And I knew that the things they said were true.

They were my mates. My forever, because my heart only beat for them.

There will be a way - by Dotan 🎶

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