The Frey Brothers

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17 Mate no leave

I was woken by a slight stabbing pain in my underbelly. Also known as my lovely bladder that hadn' t gotten emptied for hours now. So I tried to escape the space I was locked in between, when four strog arms wrapped themselves around me tighter and light annoyed moans left their mouths. "Mate no leave" a slow mumble was dragged from Daniel' s mouth.

They wouldn' t let go any way. So I laid back down for five more minutes when it became unbearable to hold back my pee. When I tried to get back up a second time I felt both of them tense on me and stretch. "What in the hell are you doing?" John whined.

"Going to pee" I grasped out of his hold right before he slung his arms back around.

"Guys, If you don' t let me go to the bathroom, I am going to pee on both of you!" And with that both their eyes shot open und I was freed from their arms. "Thank you" I giggled.

After the afternoon at John' s house, when he brought me a sweater of his, I went to his bathroom to change. So now I was well aware of where to find it. I sat down and peed my soul out. I was for sure going to skip school today, not to mention that I was late now anywas.

One thing I was certain of was, that I needed a new shirt to wear, after I had just slept in this one.

And to my luck there was a freshly prepaired shirt laying on the bathroom counter. It was oversized, I mean, what else would I even expect between two giants living in this place. I took mine off and threw the blank black shirt over my head. It smelled like sandelwood, very strong actually.

When my gaze went over to the couch, they both were still asleep, turned to opposite ways.

Since it was 10 AM already, my stomach was growling at me like I hadn' t eaten in years. And my body itself made it' s way to the kitchen instinctly. My gaze went into the fridge when I was greeted with a whole bunch of food. Does John even eat food like this?

I took some eggs, milk and a bunch of other stuff to make some pancakes. I loved this kitchen, tinted in simple black and white colors I was happy to find a marple counter. I liked marple, a lot.

About to throw the next part of dough into the pan, I heard noise coming from the living room. So when I turned around two guys with thousled hair and wrinkled clothes were standing in front of me. They were both looking at me, when I turned back around to take out the last pancake off the pan.

I put the plate full of food onto the kitchen counter, when I caught their gaze. They were both smirking at the shirt I was wearing.

"I found this shirt on the bathroom counter. I wasn' t planning on showering over here, so I just took it. Hope you don' t mind" I looked at them puzzled. Not one of them saying a single thing.

Taking three plates and flatware to the table, I sat down on the bar stool.

"Do you- " I was about to ask him if he can eat stuff like this when he chuckled.

"- Yes I do. I really enjoy it. It makes me happy just like it does with anyone else. But I could live without if I chose to." John grinned at the food.

As they were diving into the pancakes, raspy moans escaped their mouths, sending tingles to my core. Holding back from the heavenly pulsating feeling on it, I pressed my thighs together and both their heads shot up from their plates to me immediately.

John' s eyes were sparkling like pure glitter while Daniel' s were changing back and forth from blue to a honey - like yellow. I took a sip of the coffee I had made myself. A big sip, trying to ignore the fact that they both must be smelling my arousal towards them. My gaze went out the window, but I never took the cup from my mouth.

Their stares were so intense that I could literally feel them on me. But the moment a growl echoed trough the kitchen, my head flew their direction, almost spilling the coffee on me.

Daniel had his eyes shut, pressing onto his temple again. Knowing his wolf was starting to go nuts inside of him, made my inner walls clench even harder. How was I going to stand this pressure any longer?

"Mona" John was standing now.

"What?" I asked, heart beating faster than ever and with shaky hands.

Now Daniel spoke up "Tell us what you really want" they were now looking at me like wild animals would stare at a piece of meat. I mean, one of them kind of was.

"Tell us how wet you are for us"

"How bad we make your pussy clench"

I took my sweaty palms off the counter, pressing them in between my legs to hold back.

"How you are pressing your legs together to keep a clear mind around us"

I cleared my throat and right after I was lost in thought imagining their figures on mine, my body jumped up as I felt two arms around my waist and a set of sparkling eyes staring at me, brushing my neck and touching the soft spot inbetween my neck and ear, making the soft hair on my back stand up.

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