The Frey Brothers

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18 Pure pressure

The soft hair on my back stood up and I clearly enjoyed the electrcity in his touch.

Because now it all made so much sense. The way our souls connected the moment we saw each other the first time. The person in the shadow that seemed to haunt me now and then. It wasn' t me overreacting or going nuts. It was them. My one and only mates.

Small kisses were placed in betweeen my thighs when Daniel came down to my legs with his eyes still on mine. I felt slow circles being driven on my clit trough the shorts I was wearing. Which only added more friction and lust rising on me.

"Do you want us just as bad as we want to bend you over this counter and make love to you until you' re pleading for us to stop?" John whispered in my ear, his hot breath and heavenly deep voice warming my cheeks.

"I-" I was cut off when the pressure on my clit was rising and my hand flew to Daniel' s to keep myself from giving in so damn much. Brows furrowed together I was looking into yellow eyes.

His wolf was at the front and wanted to play with me, love me, haunt me. And I wasn' t going to stop him. Not today, not any other day.

A moan escaped my lips when John slightly licked my neck and I received two low growls vibrating trough my entire body. "Please" I pleaded.

"Please what" Daniel licked his lips.

"Just- just take me, love me, make me yours"

In my ears I sounded like a 4 year old child pleading for candy. But that' s what I really wanted.

Something inside of me had gotten a hold of them. My body started craving them. Being drawn to them, wanting both.

I heard a deep inhaling "Get up" John commanded.

So I did what I was told and the next thing I knew, was him picking me up and being gently thrown on a very big, very very big and comfy bed. My breath caught in my throat and my mouth flew open. "You just- " I looked at them crazy.

"Perks of being diffrent" he winked at me, smiling. I bit my lip imagining what else he must be capable of, swallowed by the thought and nodded.

Both where standing in front of the wooden bed, before Daniel came over me nibbling on my lip.

"You are the most beautiful and stunning creature I' ve ever seen" my cheeks flushed.

By the time my pussy started pulsating like crazy again, Daniel took the ends of my shirt in his big hands and pulled it over my head while I held up my arms to give him access. His eyes sparkling and a grin dancing on his face. "Stunning" he glid his finger over my waist sending shivers down my spine.

John went out of the room a moment ago when he then came back with a tie in his hand. Daniel put me up to the headboard of the bed when he moved aside.

"Do you trust us Mo?" John ased while kneeling in front of me.

I bit my lip and nodded, looking him straight into the eyes.

"Good, put your hands up for me" he gestured, then took the tie to tie me to the headboard of the bed.

I took a deep breath hoping to get used to being tied up.

John cupped my face in his hand and kissed me in a passionate but hungry way devouring my everything, showing me that I can trust him.

They both started taking off their shirts when Daniel ripped of my shorts to throw them on the floor. He took a few moments and just stared at me, lips parted, slight tears forming in his eyes. I wanted to touch him so bad, show him that the thing he felt was mutual, but my hands were glued to the bed.

Daniel came over me, starting to kiss from my lips further down until he reached my zone. By the time I must have been soaking wet and the arousal in the air couldn' t be ignored anymore.

Both in their boxers, John came down to take off my bra. That way I had a great look at his cock. And hell it made me remember how big he was the first time we had sex.

With Daniel I was sure, I wouldn' t be dissappointed either. His tongue was flicking over my clit trough the black laced panties I was wearing, torturing me, making me moan.

While John took my left nipple in his mouth to suck on it and the right one in his hand. They were going to drive me nuts tonight.

Daniel took my panties and threw them off the bed, to finally gain full access to my pussy. Yellow irises staring at my naked body.

My head flew back when his thumb made small rhythmic circles on my clit whilst his tongue started flucking over my bare pussy and now and then dipping inside of me.

In between breaths he mumbled "You taste like heaven"

John began sucking on my nipple harder, when he bit down slightly to make me jerk up. He kissed my lips one last, long time before he pulled out his cock to place him at my mouth, almost jumping into my face.

Daniel' s sucking became harder mere minutes and I was sure that I was soon going to fly over the edge.

I opened my mouth, letting John' s huge cock plunge into my mouth before wetting my lips. This was going to be a rough ride.

The pressure in my core made me close my eyes. The head of his dick came to a short standstill when he reached the back of my throat, then moving in and out together in a good pace.

Two fingers were put inside of me when my orgasm had me rising my body, but being kept down on the bed. John was breathing heavily now. Electricity in every pull he gave my hair.

"Fuck, you are so tight" Daniel moaned.

I clenched one more time, before hot liquid shot into my mouth. Tears were swept from my eyes, a smirk dancing on his face.

Daniel had sucked and licked up all of my juice, still moaning in between. He came up to my face kissing me, his tongue dancing with mine, letting me taste myself.

"Daniel" I mumbled. He pulled back and looked me in the eyes. "I want you so bad" I whispered. Daniel took of the tie and let me lie flat on the bed.

His eyes lit up and changed back and forth until his wolf took over. "Dusk, please take me" and with that he had ripped ofd his boxer shorts and his head at my entrance.

"If I hurt you, tell me to stop and I will."

He slid in slowly, letting my body get used to his size. A growl left his lips, letting me clench slightly

"You are so tight Mona, Oh my-" reaching the end of his cock, we both moaned. I gripped his forearms when he started moving slowly, then fastening his pace. His left hand was holding my waist whilst his right was playing with my breast.

After a lot of groans and me moaning my soul out of my body, we came together, having made love to each other. Sharing beautiful moments.

The three of us laying breathless on this huge bed, taking in and realizing what just happend. In a syncrone way, I heard both of them whisper "I love you". And I felt it too. Even though we hadn' t known each other for as long as others may have before they knew the person besides them was their soul mate, I had never been this sure on anything else. It was a bond forming bwtween us, that I wasn' t going to break for anything in the world.

Daniel came in with a warm cloth, cleaning my inner, showing so much love and respect. Before laying beside me and cuddling onto me for dear life, just as John did on my other side. Warming my heart. We all fell asleep in each others arms


Just to be woken by a loud thud at the window.

Hey guys!

I hope you liked this extra-long chapter and this type of writing. If you want more of it let me know in the comments♥️



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