The Frey Brothers

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19 Hello Brothers

A loud thud on the balcony door had me jumping onto John. My heart almost flew out of my chest. I wiped my eyes, when I saw a black bird with an emerald green feather on his feather dress, sitting on the balcony. I rolled off the bed, trying not to wake both of them, because it seemed they didn' t even notice.

I put on a robe and walked to the balcony door.

It was 1 in the afternoon already and that black bird just sat there, looking at me with his creepy brown eyes and tilting his head like a dog does when he listens to words he likes. And I swear, he winked at me. Enough. All too creepy for me.

"John!" I half whispered. He didn' t move.

I hurried back to shake him "John!"

He growled, squinting his eyes at me, smiling.

"Hey beautiful, what' s up" he looked cute with his tousled hair and tired, smiling expression.

"There is a black bird with a green feather sitting on the balcony, winking at me. Am I going crazy? Or do you' "

I was cut off when his face darkened, and he jumped out of bed, throwing the bedsheets over Daniel' s head. He moaned, turning the other way. Wolves sleep deep, huh?

I was still shocked at how fast he had jumped up, my heartbeat raising. John muttered something underneath his breath when he put on his boxers to hurry to the balcony door.

"Craig! " he screamed growling, letting the floor shake.

What the heck.

" Craig who- " I was startled when purple sparks flew across the bird, blurring the sight. I shut my eyes from the bright lilac light coming from them.

"Daniel, wake up!" John yelled. And the man behind me came up to the door while rubbing his eyes.

"Oh, hey brothers" an unfamiliar voice echoed through my ears. My eyes went wide when everything became clearer and a fully clothed, dark haired man was standing in front of my mates. His black locks hanging over his emerald green stern eyes reminding me of someone when it all came rushing in.

Brothers, Brothers it kept playing in my head on record.

"What are you doing here?" John' s face showing he was pretty pissed.

"Aren' t you happy to see me?" He put his arm over his shoulder as his gaze went to mine.

A smirk playing on his face. Daniel grunted.

"Actually, I felt a pull dragging me back down here. And when I saw this amazing woman at the coffee shop last week, it all came crashing down on me."

Oh shit, now I knew. Last Wednesday I was sitting in a diner when all of a sudden a black bird was dangling outside the window. I watched it some time, while talking to Luna and then my thoughts just drifted back into the conversation I had been having with her. Not spending another thought on it.

"No, you must be wrong. She' s not- " John got interrupted

"My mate?" Craig muttered.

Daniel' s gaze went to mine as he came storming into the bedroom taking my hand and leading me out to the staircase.

"Mona, please do as I say, okay? " he said calmly holding my hands in his. I nodded not knowing a damn thing what was happening.

"Good, go into the living room, make yourself comfortable, shower, anything you want to do, just don' t go upstairs." his face full of fear.

"We' ll be back in a bit" and with that I went down the stairs, hearing the door shut behind me.

I decided on showering, trusting them with all of me, not even thinking about overhearing their conversation. Of course my thoughts were on them the whole time, wondering what "Craig" was up to and why he followed my to the diner. When I realized only then, that he just turned himself from a freaking bird into standing on this balcony. What the fuck even.

The conversation I had with John must have made me chill because he had already told me about Craig being a magician, but seeing it with my own eyes, took it to another level.

I dried off and noticed I didn' t have any clothes on me. Oh shit.

After having a conversation with myself about deciding on whether to stay here and freeze or go into his room to get clothes.

At the end I went upstairs, knowing I broke Daniels rule and knocked on it slightly, afraid of what was going to be waiting for me behind this door.

"Yeah come in"

I opened the door, slowly sticking my head into the familiar room with a not so familiar man in it. At first they all looked furious, mad at each other, probably upset about me breaking the rule. And then I noticed a slight change, not only in their attitude, but their eyes.

A pair of yellow, one of purple and one of a sparkling rainbow looking me up and down.

When I remembered that I was clothed in a towel only. My gaze went to the ground, blushing.

"Can I- Can I have some clothes?" I muttered nervously, holding onto my towel for dear life.

A growl escaped their throats when they jumped and looked at each other, brows furred together.

Finally, John moved to take some boxers, a hoodie and shorts out of his wardrobe to hand it to me and I showed myself out as soon as I muttered a small "thanks".

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