The Frey Brothers

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20 You' re kidding

I went to the upstairs bathroom and put on his clothes, almost rolling my eyes at the way his smell made me feel, fogging my brain.

As I walked out of the bathroom, I was greeted with 3 sets of eyes, changed back to their normal colours. I cleared my throat at their intense stares.

"What?" I asked shy.

"We would like to talk to you about this situation" Daniel spoke up, ripping his gaze from me.

Before I could even blink, "Craig' s" hand flew to mine, taking it and leaving a kiss on it

" I am Craig Frey, you know, the other brother" he smirked. Our touch made my stomach flip.

"Uhm I am Mona, Summers. Why- why are you here?" I stuttered. His eyes changing back to purple for a second before I noticed him swallow.

" I am here to see you" now I felt even weirder.

I raised my brows an let out a hysterical laughter.

"What?" I asked, still laughing at the fact that I must be going crazy.

"Mona, it' s true. He might be your Mate too"

John' s words left his mouth, my mind ran on 1000 when my heart began to flutter and my body went limb. Everything was spinning.

My eyes shut.

"Mona, hey, please wake up." Daniel' s voice echoed trough my head.

I felt a hand caressing my cheek when I woke up to three very handsome men looking down on me, with Craig at the end of my feet, laying on his lap.

I looked up to see John sitting behind me, with my head in his lap, smoothing my hair. His worried expression warmed my heart. He really cared about me.

My hand went to Daniel's laying on my cheek. I looked him I the eyes and confusion swept my mind, trying to register what just happend..

"What happend?" I ask, breaking the silence.

I rubbed my eyes and got up to sit, just to be steadied by John from behind.

"You fainted out of nowhere"

"Oh I'm sorry" I felt ashamed.

"Come on Mona, let' s have something to eat, your belly has been growling the whole time"

Daniel gave me a caring smile, standing up and stretching his hand for me.

Still a little tipsy, with Daniel' s hand in mine, I went down to the kitchen, followed by Craig and John.

"Pizza?" Craig came around the counter and the barstool I was sitting at, throwing a careful smile at me.

"Mhm" I grinned back. I loved pizza.

He slowly closed his eyes.

Purple sparks started flying aroung his head and fingers. Was he turning back into a bird now? I thought.

But the only thing that came from him was a snap of his left fingers. A light went on to blurry the vision, when I saw unbelievable.

In front of me, there was a huge, family pizza that was enough for all of us.

"Where-" I stuttered.

"Italy" he grinned. My brows furrowed together. He shrugged his shoulders. And my gaze went to my mate smiling down at me. So he just took someone' s pizza from italy, stole it and...well I might be starting to go crazy now.

"Perks of having a magician as brother" he raised his eyebrow.

I cleared my throat and started eating a square slice of that delicious pizza and I wondered what else he had up his sleeve.

Minutes passed and we all enjoyed our food, when I spoke up.

"So would you tell me what' s next now?" My eyes went from one to the other and I received nothing but cold looks. They all nodded at each other when John spoke up "Mo, I- we decided that if you want to try and see if Craig is another potential mate to you, then we' re okay with that. None of us is going to get you in your way."

I swallowed hard. Another mate? Another boundarie? My head hurt trying to keep a clear mind. A short time ago I didn' t even know that mates exist, that werewolves, vampires and magicians are a real thing. And now, I am on to decide on getting to know my potential third mate. I wasn' t hungry anymore.

"Okay, I mean if you want to." My question was lead to Craig. His almost scared expression finally lighting up at my words. He nodded happily, showing off his snow white teeth.

Man, how can they all be so perfect in their own ways?

"I should get going now, Mum must be going nuts over me" I muttered.

I cleared my throat "Thanks for having me." I looked up to Craig "And for the food" I put on a small smile.

"Come here" John commanded and so I did.

Standing on my tippy toes he wrapped his arms tight around me and his lips crushed on mine, becoming hungrier within minutes, his tongue dancing with mine. Until I finally pulled away to breathe.

I turned around to jump into Daniel' s arms as a slight tear left my eye. I was happy. Happy to be able to finally feel loved and wanted.

My hand came up to swipe it away real quick and I pulled away from his lips, smiling at him.

He must have noticed the slight change in my aura when he was about so say slmething but I turned away from him, walking over to Craig.

He was the tallest of all of them. Even though he was the youngest, the slight stubble on his face made him look a few years older than John and Daniel.

I stood there looking at him, up in his yet green eyes, already flashing purple. I was willing to really work this out, give him a chance.

"Can I hug you?" I asked, feeling uncomfortable about my question myself, knowing he was a complete stranger to me.

He didn' t say a word, he just took his arms and came into a gentle hug with me, caressing my back. His heart beating against me wild. Heat radiating from his body.

He was really nervous about me being close to him.

My body reacting to his touch, making me shiver under it.

I waved them all goodbye and drove home.

Something was missing, someone was missing.

When I arrived at the house I was relieved to see my mom sitting on the couch, watching Modern Family, laughing her ass off. And it drew a smile on my face because seeing her happy made me happy which showed that dad hadn' t shown up in the past days to make her life a living hell.

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