The Frey Brothers

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21 SurprisešŸ”„

Days turned into weeks and my mind turned into a complete mess. I had a lot of exams ahead and the only people I had seen these weeks was John at school, he had come over a few times, helping me with stuff I didn' t really get, and Craig.

We didn' t want to lose touch for god' s sake. Being complete strangers made it very difficult for us to be comfortable around each other. But after Craig wasn't a very shy person, he made me loosen up pretty soon.

He told me a lot about his life and how he became the person he was now. Craig was a doctor, a senior physician. Being a magician brought lots of perks within. Healing people was one of them.

He wasn't able to heal cancer, but anything else you can think about. Craig chose to be a doctor when he was very young, growing up with supernatural siblings, he had to learn how to help them when they got into fights, which apparently..they did a lot.

I learned that they all grew up in Spain, their mother being spanish and their dad american. He also said, that I looked a lot like their mom when she was in her younger years.

Now, hold your socks. They all were born on the same day, just in another year.It' s all so weird.

Anyways, Craig was a big talker, but very much afraid of touching me. Thinking he would break me. But after I am a big hugger we shared a lot of cozy moments on the couch, after he had helped me study and we both fell asleep in each other's arms. Sharing any sexual activities between only the two of us wasn't even an option.

Today was the start of a long needed break.

John, Craig, Daniel and I had wanted to spend some time together. It made me sad, thinking about, how much mental pain they must have gone trough all these weeks. Worst case, Daniel. I could only imagine his wolf being ready to beat the shit out of his body.

I was really excited for this day and was on to stay the night at their house. Yet trying to avoid all these nasty things playing in my head.

I threw on a pair of white jeans, a black top with lace on the back and a white pair of Nike Janovsky' s.

I jumped down the stairs, hair in a complete curly mess as always and a small bag in my hand with all the things I' d need.

When I arrived, Daniel was missing and I wondered what he was up to.

"Hey guys!" I was greeted with bright smiles and two men dressed in blue jeans and either a white and grey shirt. Hugging both of them hello I asked where Daniel was at, when he came up to the porch, breathing heavily with a huge bag in his hand that I didn' t even try to question. He took my hand and we went to the kitchen.

"You know Mona, after you didn' t have enough time to get to know all of us better, before being mated to us, Craig had the idea to take some time off, somewhere a lot less american. You' ve taken a lot of time studying and stressing out on it- "

I cut him off. Super excited, after I had never ever been on a holiday before.

"Where?" I squealed, jumping up and down.

They let out laughters, entertained by my behaviour. They shared a look as Daniel spoke up.


I jumped into his arms, legs closed around his torso. Daniel kissed my forehead.

" We' re leaving in thirty minutes " Craig said, caressing my back and my eyes grew wide.

"Wait what?" I gasped.

"I am going to have to pack my stuff ASAP!"

Craig giggled. "No you don' t. It' s all done" biting on the flesh of my exposed shoulder.

"You' re ours for the next 30 minutes" John' s deep voice echoing troughout my whole body, making me shiver.

Daniel threw the heavy-sounding bag onto the floor and within a blink I was thrown over his shoulder, a giggle escaping me before his hand came down to slap my ass slightly.

On the way up the stairs John, behind us, took off my shoes, throwing them down to the livingroom. "Hey" I complained shyly. They were totally new pairs and hell, shoes will be my death someday. Everytime I had a short job on holidays I saved the money for new nikes. It' s just an obsession.

In a swift I was stood onto the floor in John' s bedroom, jeans being ripped off my feet. My body was facing the wall as John pushed me towards it, taking my back to arch it slightly.

My pussy was pulsating like a bitch, aching for their touch. When suddenly, I felt my blood rush to my core because someone kneeled between my feet, spreading them enough to queeze his head between my tighs and for a breeze of hot air reach my nerve bundle.

My head pressed onto the wall in front of me I was facing down into Craig' s eyes which were now lit with a purple color. I put my hand into his hair, having been longing for his touch for quite some time now, the sexual tension between us had been growing more and more.

I gasped when my panties got ripped apart by two masculine hands, two times as big as mine. Swallowing hard.

Craig' s slight stubble teasing my clit mixed with John' s kissing and nibbling on my neck almost threw me over the edge here and there. "Fuck" I whispered, earning three low growls, giving me goosebumps all over my body.

Craig plunged his mouth onto my clit and my world went blurry for a second. Trying to hold back a moan I put my hand over my mouth.

"Don' t Mona, we wan' t to hear you" John growled into my ear.

While Craig was working his magic on my clit, sending me closer to the edge, two fingers appeared to my mouth, begging for entrance, before they plunged into my it.

I was now facing my right, just to see Daniel sitting on the black leather seat by the corner. His shirt on the floor and his eyes in a beautiful bright orange, his wolf at the front of his mind, watching me getting pleasured.

With my brows furrowed together I was now looking at him, not ready for John to slide his fingers deep inside of me.

My mouth slightly opened at the sudden action. "Oh my god, John" I moaned. Pressure was now building within myself faster and faster until I was so close to come, that I clenched slightly before they both just stopped in their tracks.

Breathing heavily I was caught off guard by being thrown on the bed. Legs spread wide with John behind, pressing his fingers into my mouth one more time

"You nasty little girl, tasting like fucking heaven" He whispered. John casually never cussed, but it seemed like the more furious he got in bed, the more words started spilling out of his dirty mouth.

Daniel came off his stool to my side, kneeling on the black bed sheets. Ripping off my bra like a wild animal. And now taking my nipple in his mouth, growling against it, sending electric waves down my core.

When John' s teeth grazed over my neck, my body jerked up and my head was spinning. What was that feeling?

I heard huffled laughs behind me. "What was that?" Asking breathlessly I locked eyes with him. When a deep voice reminded me


With that Craig slammed his mouth back onto my pussy, his tongue sliding in and out from time to time, when I was sent over the edge right there.

Fully sweating and breathless I was caught by John' s arms.

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