The Frey Brothers

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22 Wait a second

"So when are we leaving for the airport?" I asked, looking at three sets of amused eyes.

Craig came over to my side, rubbing my shoulder to whisper in my ear "We' re not going by a airplane, Baby" Confusion swept my mind.

"What? Are you going to just snap your fingers and there we are?" I giggled shyly waiting for the answer. Knowing that the things I just asked weren' t even that far away from reality anymore. What a life.

"Umm kinda" Daniel answered with a huge grin on his face.

"Come here" John smirked at me and commanded, waving his fingers to his side. I did so and he slung his arms around me tightly.

Suddenly I heard quite chanting coming from Craig. Purple sparks were now flying across the room, collecting themselves at the door frame of the kitchen. With his eyes closed, his fingers wiggling and his chanting, I had never been more fascinated about anything else in my life before.

Then the door changed to a purple sparkling nothing. Kind of looking like a wall out of glitter. Craig opened his eyes and nodded towards the door. Daniel's hand pedded my back to make me move forward.

"Are we just going in there or what is that even?" My gaze wandered from Craig to John, back and forth. Being really nervous at that point.

"Do you trust us?" Daniel asked besides me. I nodded. This was all so new to me and my heart was about to beat out of my chest. John inhaled sharply "Mona, calm down, it' s okay. It won' t hurt" and exhaled after.

Daniel and Craig took me by the hands while John stayed behind us to probably keep some distance. He might just heard my blood rush trough my veins and my heart beat faster than before. I am kind of sorry for putting him trough that.

They both led me trough the purple wall, feeling a warm wave splash over my body, I closed my eyes. And one second later the feeling was gone. Inhaling the scent of - the ocean? This really worked. It' s all so crazy. I thought to myself.

I opened my eyes to the beautiful clear sea, just to feel my eyes water by happiness.

After checking in I was looking out the huge windows of our bungalow, which reached my feet, to a pretty private ocean view that I would have never thought I' d be able to see in my entire life, when strong arms went around my waist slightly squeezing.

I took his elbows into my palms, laying my head against his right arm, enjoying his warmth, the scent of him letting me clench my thighs together, making me aware of Daniel being the one holding onto me, always having a hot body. Literally. His wolf let his blood boil or something, I swear.

"Get ready 'til seven." Daniel whispered into my ear.

His big hands eating up my body, rubbing small circles on my thigh, heating my inner.

"Mhm, you know if you don' t stop we won' t make it until seven" I smile.

A growl errupted behind me, making me shiver.

Driving his hands up under my lace top, his fingers caressing my ribs, so close to touching my breast. At that time my nippels hurt, brushing hard against my bra, pouring out a low moan under the sensation of his bare skin on mine.

With Daniel' s head laying on my shoulder, he whispered in a seductive kind of way "I don' t care If we' re late".

As his fingers were heaving up further, closing onto and cupping my bra cups I heard a throat clear in the background by the kitchen counter.

"Daniel get yourself together now. We' re neither getting late nor are you going to keep her to yourself." Oh Craig, getting a little jealous now?

Daniel growled into my ear, pulling his hand away from my skin.

"Now get outta here, John needs you out there" Craig commanded.

Daniel' s hands left my body completely now, his chin still laying on my shoulder, kissing my neck he growled "See you".

And with one last pat on my ass he dissappeared to the outside.

It was all so surreal to me. All too much for a human' s brain. Maybe this is a normal ongoing thing in the world full of vampires and supernaturals, but for me, it was a lot to take. I mean, it totally changed my life from a 0 to a 1000.

Trying to clear my crazy mind there was one thing I had been wanting to do since the second we arrived here.

Not saying a single word to Craig, I ran out of the opened glass door to the most peaceful place on earth. The ocean.

On the way there I undressed myself to my lace red underwear, throwing my clothes into the sand, not caring about anything in the world now. Jumping into the water, diving down to the very end. It was so clear you could see the fish swim trough it.

Letting all the air of my lungs flow out in the water, I laid myself on the ground of the sea and watched the bubbles escape my lungs. What a peaceful sight. The only thing hammering in my ears was now my heartbeat only. The sun was peeking trough, letting it seem even more magical.

A hand ripped me from my thoughts when I was pulled from the water. Breathing heavily, laid on the sand, turned onto my back, I faced Craig. With his clothes soaked and a worried expression on his face he commanded.

"Don' t ever do that again!"

A giggle escaped my mouth, I sat up and Craig' s expression finally softened when he started tickling me all over. Laughters filled the air. But when I accidently kicked him with my foot, I was sat on top of him faster than my senses could recognize. He looked me in the eyes, holding in his laughter, his head turning red.

Well, me kissing him deeply right after, probably took him off guard. His hands went over my sides, moving my hips to slightly grind against his wet trousers.

Oh dear Craig.

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