The Frey Brothers

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23 John and Mona

My brothers and I were planning a surprise romantic dinner at the beach for Mona. We wanted to show her that we respected her trust in us. She never doubted the connection and gave her soul away to us.
And the thing I wondered about the most, was the way she saw all of us. I mean, I am a vampire, anyone would run away and never come back, having no trust in us "bloodsuckers". And Daniel, werewolves weren't' t really known for being kind or soft. But Mo just took it the way it is.
None of us would ever hurt our Mate in any way, even if controlling our demons meant going crazy and having to keep some distance at times.

"J, have you called the staff yet? To get the ingredients here?" Daniel asked, sitting on the golf car seat besides me. We were driving down the long path from our bungalow to the reception, ready to pick up the roses and furniture we had ordered before even arriving here. Driving along the lane, passing a lot of humans, I have to say, being at a place with so many sun-heated people felt like starving to death, but nothing compared to the hunger I felt towards Mo.
I nodded at him, everything was planned out by now. We were going to cook for her. In a normal way. Of course taking Craig's help would have made it much more effortless, but putting some love into it let it seem like a so much better idea.
Craig was supposed to keep her entertained for quite a long time, so she hopefully wasn't' t able to even catch a glimpse of our idea.

Evening arrived faster than I thought and my nervousness increased within hours. I felt like a teenager, trying to get a girl's attention. And maybe I was. Maybe my life began just now.
Having a white dish with red roses and candles, four skinny stools and a blanket sat on the sand by the house, just in front of the water settling in the sand, we were now all getting ready for the dinner. We told Mo to get ready for dinner, not that it was going to be in our yard and neither that we cooked while she was out with Craig. Putting on a white fine shirt and black pants, I headed down into the living room to wait for the three of them.
J and D came down next, wearing just the same outfit as me. Just like in old times. Weird enough to say, that we split up one year after the murder of our father Antonio, and only came back together for the most stunning woman on earth. She was like a magnet, pulling us towards her more and more.

We were all chatting about being hella nervous and hoping that Mona would like the surprise, we got caught off guard, when she stood there on the staircase, just watching us with a bright smile on her face. A white long sundress with a deep v-cut at the front and back, embraced her curvy body, taking my breath away. Red lipstick flattering her plump lips and her silver hoop earrings adding the final touch. Trying to keep my nerves cool at the sight of THIS. Growling rang out in my sensitive ears, and I was only now aware of my full hard-on that I desperately tried to displace. And I knew mutuality filled the air.

I stood up to press a kiss on her cheek and whisper "Stunning" in her ear, brushing the sensitive skin on her neck, making her blush. So did my brothers, and we headed out to the set up, just to find her shed a tear and turn the head into Daniel's chest and take a moment.
The dinner went on just great, we laughed a lot, always being able to have an easy chat with her. Mona thanked us literally a hundred times to tell us how happy she was about how we changed her life, which made my heart swell.
Later on, after finishing our food and drink, we decided to continue the evening, watching the sun set.

We sat there in the sand, at the beach, all four of us and I looked up to the moon, to thank whoever was there to give me so much luck, love and happiness.

The day I found out that Mona wasn't' t only my mate but my brother's too, everything felt like a stupid joke. I wasn't' t prepared for sharing someone, not even for ever finding my mate in the first place. All my life I had thought I met her, again and again. I always looked for a mate, like me, someone with power, with a special power like ours. The thought that SHE could be human never crossed my mind before.
Until I met her. She was only ten years old when she appeared out of nowhere. I was in the woods, shredding someone's head off because he betrayed my family so many years ago. And there was literally nothing that came before my fam. That's when I saw her. Dressed in her Hello Kitty dress, pink boots and a cap. She was going for a walk with her mom and I immediately felt the pull towards Mona, like I had never known before. I followed her home and since then, every evening, I sat on the tree by the woods before her window and watched her fall asleep. She never got to see me. But I saw her, getting abused, her mom getting abused. But I wasn't' the one to stand up for them. She wasn't' old enough for me to be seen by her. Though I always made sure to *accidentally* make them find a new place and job when they moved, it broke me to watch the full scenario without being in the place to help.
But when she moved to California and turned eighteen, I thought about 100 ways on how to exactly introduce her into my life. And when I saw her at the mall that day, I just knew it had to be. So it wasn' t all coincidence, I helped that a little.
At the end I had to say yes to sharing her. Even though it took me a moment to really realize that I had to give both of my brothers the chance of being happy and feeling the strongest connection to someone, they had ever felt.
We had shared two women before, but that was an eternity ago and sadly never out of love. It was a way of expressing grief for my father' s death.
All before I even knew her, Mona.
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