The Frey Brothers

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24 Hope

Mona's POV

Happy, is a word, which could never fully describe the feeling I had. My stomach fluttered, just looking at the three men I was able to call mine.
Sitting in between Craig's feet, I am pleased by the warmth surrounding me. Daniel had his head, laying on my belly, studying my every move until he gave into the calming feeling, himself.

The sound of the ocean, the bright moonlight, the taste of wine on my tongue and the warm sand we were all resting on, brought a peaceful aura to all of us.

John was massaging my knee, drawing soft circles around the sensitive skin. My heart felt full, to the point where my body started shaking and tears swelled up in my eyes. Trying to suppress my light sobbing, I tilted my head upwards, letting a deep trembling breath escape.

This was all I ever wished for. Having a reason for my heart to beat, for my breath to be drawn and my soul to exist.

Closing my eyes, I felt sparks all around my skin, tingling. So I gave into it.
The circling around my knees stopped, sounds of breathes hitching sounded in my ears, but from so far away.
I was close to being knocked out completely, because I didn't want this feeling to go away just then.

"Mona!" it sounded like whispers.

"Hey, what is happening?"
A hurried voice asked.

"I don't know!"
"Help her!" "Craig, please!"

Suddenly, a blow to my face ripped me out of the hazy bubble. My body shooting up in high speed, lungs started to fill with fresh air and my eyes widened as I saw the three of them watching me intently.
Only then I noticed butterflies all over us.
Opening my hands, palms upwards, a few Bourbon colored ones sat down on it, tingling my skin, making me giggle.

My surroundings were hazy and blurry, the other's voices so far away, still and moonlight sheen down like a spotlight, only lit for us.

Wait, was I on some kind of drugs? I asked myself. My mind cleared and the light dimmed, the butterflies disappearing.
John had turned around to plant his hand on my cheek, the look on his face setting nothing but questions.

"Wh - what happened? Craig? What was that?" I asked, concerned about the situation and I knew the only person knowing anything about all of this, would be Craig.

John just smiled, his eyes shimmering in the moonlight. Biting down on my bottom lip, I fight the urge to just throw myself at him.

"Someone performed magic on you, I guess.Somebody,who is able to-" His eyes narrowed and his words slowed "Who is able to control animals and nature" his voice disappearing into a whisper.

"Fuck" Craig growled.

Fear rose inside me. Did someone want to take me from my mates? Jumping up, I look over our surroundings, until I noticed a small figure walking along the beach.
White light material floating in the wind.
A dress. It was a woman with endlessly long, tanned legs, the slit on her dress exposed. And when she got closer and closer, I felt them all get up and stare into the direction I was gazing.

Now I could make out her black long curls, that hang loosely off her.
A strong hand took a hold of my shoulder as another slung around my waist. The warmth of them, giving me comfort.
Growling echoed throughout the ocean.

The woman stood still right in front of me, helping me take her gorgeous self in. Green eyes scanning over me. Plump lips on her soft, small frame. She was pretty skinny but still seemed healthy. Who was this woman?
A blush rose on my cheeks, creeping down my neck. Her red lips opening slightly "Well, hello Brothers" she smirked at the three of them.

My face grew hotter and hotter, my heart beating out of my chest.
"I'm Hope" she said, offering me her right hand.

The familiar spark, they all shared, dancing on her irises.
"Nice to meet you Mona, I've heard lots of things about you, so I came to check on my brothers' stunning mate" she smiled warmly.

"So you couldn't tell us you'd come before ?" John asked trough gritted teeth.

Hope raised an eyebrow "Seriously, you think I'll take her from you?" Letting out a hilarious little laugh, she passed us, on her way to the house.

I just stood there, speechless. She had heard a lot of things about me, about us. How was that even possible?
I ran after her, just to stop in front of Hope.

"What do you mean you've heard a lot about me?" I asked, looking directly into her pools of emerald.
A soft smile appeared on her lips. "You do know that there is more of us,right? More of Dan,watching you from the woods.More of John,staring at you from the shadows.And I don't think I'll have to tell you that Magicians could be anywhere,even right now?"

Her words left me startled though I knew she meant that nice,I didn't want to believe her words.
"You are kind of popular in the world of supernaturals now"
My gaze was set on my guys now "Is that ehm a good thing?" I asked,having no idea of where this all was going to end.

Craig's POV

Nonetheless,I was terrified.Hope wasn't always the soft soul she seemed to be.
I knew why my brothers have been holding their breaths since the moment she appeared.
Every time one of us seemed to fall for someone,Hope came out of her shadows,wanting to approve of them.
Worst part was,that she,not only had light in her eyes.There was a fiery dark part of her,overwheigting the moment she thought one of us would be taken from her.
To keep her family safe as she always said,she took every single chance,to keep women away from us.Hope was a possessive person with too much power for my own liking.

I saw the questions rotate all over Mona's head.

The council of hell must have gotten a glimpse of the four of us,and so did the whole world of supernaturals.
Frey was a very hard name to hold.
Being friends with devil himself,other creatures had a huge want on having something to hold against us.
I wouldn't have thought that it would go by so fast,but rumors spread like poison,down in hell.The place where we should better belong.

Mona was an easy victim.Hurting her meant hurting us.And I wasn't sure what Hope was up to this time.Would she finally see the bond we shared?And help us fight against what was to await us?

I was lost for words though I knew the answer to her question was,for better or worse,No,I mouthed towards her,shaking my head slightly,seeing the fear in her eyes.

"Are they going to take me?" she asked,sounding more fragile then ever.Mona was never afraid of anything about us,but this seemed to scare her more and more.
Wrapping my arms around her,her heartbeat was on a run.
I kissed her neck and whispered "We won't let them".
John came over in front of her "You're ours" he said,while kissing her temple.

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