The Frey Brothers

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Chills ran down my spine as John slightly bit my earlobe. My mind was getting foggier within seconds when Craig grazed his fingertips down my spine, stopping, to drive small circles on my back. Goosebumps were forming all over my body.
Daniel's eyes landed on mine, as I opened my eyes. A light shade of orange, caressing his irises. He was just as aroused my the sight of the four of us as I was.
As Craig began sucking on my neck, a slight moan escaped my lips, earning a wild growl from Daniel.

Remembering Hope staring at us, made me snap back to reality. "Fuck, this is hot" she whispered, as her cheeks turned pink.
Her eyes roamed my body as she came up to me.
John towered over me when he noticed Hope trying to hold our stares."Hope, this is not your business. Mona is special to us, not like all the other women you took from either of us. We need her" the last part of his saying, made me hold my breath for a second.

It was true. My lungs worked for them only.
My life meant to be theirs.

"I'll see you tomorrow, then I'll explain everything to you. Just came here to warn you little sparrow" I heard Hope say. And before I could look over my man's shoulder, she disappeared into nowhere.

Suddenly I was being scooped up into Craig’s arms, his heart hammering against me, just like mine did that second.A bright light flashed around us and the next thing I knew, the two of us were on our bed. His tall figure hovering over me as these dark curls were swept over his forehead. A devilish grin on his face. “What the funk man!” I heard John growl through the house, nearing the bedroom.

Craig found it oddly amusing while I felt his smile in the crook of my neck, where he placed soft kisses, making me moan. A pair of yellow and one of green appeared in the doorway, their gaze fixed on me. Or to be exact, on my thighs, where the dress had ridden up a little too far, exposing my set of red lingerie John then took a seat besides me, stealing my attention as he kissed my lips with hunger.

As his tongue asked for entrance I felt Craig’s warmth disappear from my belly and a pair of hands grazed he other part of my panties. Wetness pooled between my feet. Daniel’s hands found my nipples as he pushed himself past the others to reach the spot to my left. Moaning into John’s mouth, a cold breeze touched my wet pussy. The tingling in my belly intensifying.

While a second later, Craig’s hot breath fanned against my fold as he parted them with his thumb. Daniel’s greedy hands reached the maximum of control as he raised the dress over my head, completely exposing myself to the three of them.
The moment Daniel pinched my left nipple and John squeezed my right boob, Craig’s lips landed on my clit, slowly sucking the sensitive flesh there.

Without any control, my hips raised further into his lips, needing more. But it seemed like he had other plans as he pushed me back down, digging his fingers into my hips. A shudder ran through me, as his vibrating moan released onto my pussy and my lips parted from John’s, desperately needing a big breath. But as soon as I felt his tongue enter me, I let go. An intense high ran through my body, making the world shatter around me.

Coming back to earth, I noticed them all laying besides me, still fully clothed.
Still panting, I asked “Guys, what’s wrong?” my brows furrowed together in confusion.
Daniel laid to my right, his hand caressing softly my cheek. “My wolf, he wants to mark you, make you his.We all feel the urge to do so.” he explains carefully.

John’s arm pressed me against him as he whispered lowly into my ear “We don’t want to rush you into anything-“ now Craig spoke up “-but tomorrow we want to make you ours” he says, his head laying on my belly.
My surroundings became dull as I fell asleep with a smile on my face.

Until I woke up with a weird feeling in my tummy. My head was unable to shut off anymore, because the things their sister said, worried the hell out of me.
It was 4 am and I went out onto the veranda to catch some fresh air.

None of my mates moved even the slightest as I crept out of bed and put on a thin cardigan to cover my naked figure. Sitting down on the beach chair I watched the sun peeked from afar, seeming like it dragged itself out of the ocean.

I never asked if there was anything else besides their kinds on this planet. I just trusted them with anything.

But...what if there is more?

My throat tightened. If anything she said was true, I was in real danger. Not only me, but my mates too.

The sun rose and the sky turned a slight pink. Tonight the four of us will become one......

“Hey why are you up this early, you okay?” Craig’s hands started massaging my stiff shoulders before placing a soft kiss to my cheek. My gaze was still fixed at the phenomenal sight in front of me “Yes, I just wasn’t tired”. A few minutes of silence passed as the palm trees in front of us swayed in the wind “Do you want to try some grounding with me?” My head tilted upwards, meeting his stunning eyes “What’s that?” I asked, a smile playing on our lips. He came to sit down in front of me “Well, I do it quite often, which is why I am awake so early.

It’s a kind of meditation with a hint of magic and it helps me calm the busy house up there” Craig explains, pointing to his head. “What do I have to do?” his hand patted the spot in front of him and I took it as a hint to sit down on the wooden floor. “Now give me your hands and close your eyes. Think of a place, one you feel comfortable with. It can be anywhere, just picture it in your head” A smile crept up my face as my mind went to the meadow in the backyard of John’s house where all kinds of flowers sat, but especially white roses and lilies. The smell freshly cut grass flaring up my nose, as if I could smell it for real.

The sun was shining and the grass oh so green. I started running around, barefoot in a white long gown. As a warm hand engulfed my own and my eyes went to Craig’s. I could feel him, smell him, hear his breath. What was this?

I came to a standstill “What is this?” I asked stunned. His smile grew bigger “All of this is YOU. I’m just a visitor in your head” My mouth hung open for a few seconds before I sprinted away from him, enjoying this carefree feeling, the warmth, the smell.

As I suddenly was tackled on the floor, a loud laughter escaping both our lips. I needed this so much, spending time with him after I felt like he was left out after our late encounter. His tickling eventually stopped and our laughter died down, only the aftermath, a grin, left over our faces. Laying on our backs, staring up into the blue, clear sky, two bodies laid down besides us.

In the end the four of us laid there, on the green grass, between flowers and butterflies. My heart hammering against my chest. I was beyond happy, fulfilled. So I drifted off again as sleep took over me.

Hey guys! I wanted to let you know that I am really sorry for the late update.
There’s many important things going on in my life right now and I really hope and pray you’re still hanging on. Maybe you would like to let me know how you liked this chapter, it would really help me with continuing!

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