The Frey Brothers

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2 Logan

" Class is over, guys. You can leave now. "

Mister Frey said as he stood there shrugging his arms in front of the class. While I had to pack the rest of my stuff Luna and Jade already went down to the cafeteria to get some warm food.

" I wouldn't of thought you are a junior. More like a college girl." he said leaning onto a desk in front of me. He seemed nervous. I was ready packing so I stood there with my bag, looking puzzled.

" Really ? "

He grin " Yes. It's good to see you again!"

" I think so too. But I should of probably go now." I said, wiping a strand of hair behind my ear.

" Yes of course " he gestured for the door, looking a little hurt by my words. Did I say something wrong though?

" It is not that I wouldn't want to talk with you. My friends are just waiting for me." I said, holding my left arm, feeling bad for leaving him there.

As I was about to walk off I heard a quite

" Mona ? " My heart stopped a beat ans a knot formed in the back of my throat.

" Yes Mister Frey? " I said as I turned around. He walked into my direction and handed me a book.

" I think that's yours."

" Thank you!" I tried to press out of my closed throat. About to hand me the book, he held onto the book for a moment as if he was struggling with something. But not a single word dared to escape his mouth, so I nodded, took my book and said bye.

I sat with Jade and Luna at one table at the cafeteria. At that time, my food was completely cold and qasn' t my taste at all.So I just held the food in my hands and didn't even take one bite.

"Mona, what's up? " she asked laughing a little.

A little startled my her question, I was actually ripped out of thought. Thoughts about John. I couldn't put my finger on it, but he is kind of special to me. The way he is making me nervous by just saying my name out loud or watching the veins on his arms, which make me want to rip our clothes apart and do it right there.

" There is just something about him. In one moment he is nice and cute and in the next he is sarcastic and hot. I just can't read him. And I hate it"

Luna raised her eyebrow as she started to grin.

" So you just adminted that you thought about him! I saw you drooling gal." We both laughed.

" No-" I threw my paper tissue at her.

"Don't even try to lie. You haven't even touched your food yet!" I rolled my eyes at her and just smiled before biting into my hawaii sandwich.

Two hours into the next lession I was dead, getting up at 5:30 makes you wanna puke after 6 weeks of doing completely nothing. Just sleeping till midday, eating, watching netflix and maybe sometimes going to the gym.

Now going for break two, I wasn' t planning on eating a single thing from this cafeteria. I might as well just bring my own food from home tomorrow.

" Hello! You are Mona, right? " is what woke me from daydreaming.

A guy with dark blonde hair and peercing blue eyes was standing next to me as I looked up to the right of me. He looked like a beach boy. Somehow like a surfer with his tanktop on.

" Yes, I am. And you are? " I asked while supporting my head with my left hand.
As I looked over to Jade I noticed her looking a bit uncomfortable.
I gave her an asking look, but she just eyed over to him. I don't get it.

" I'm Logan " he said with his soft voice.

" So you are a? "

" I'm a junior " I said smiling.

He grinned back and took a moment before he asked if he could sit by us.
I looked over to Luna and gave her an asking look again. She just gave one back and shrugged her shoulders.

" Sorry, but we just wanted to leave. Our class is starting early." said Jade with an a bit stocking voice. I glared over to her, turned my head a bit and raised my eyebrow. I never heard of early classes. What is she up to?

" Oh okay? I'll see you 'round?" he said, rubbing the back of his head, seeming uncomfortable.

"Sure" I answered and with that he left.

"What is up? Early classes?" I blurted out.
Jade got a bit closer to me and said whispered

" Mona, he is not much of a good one"

" What?" Now I was curious.

" He is a player and I have heard a lot about him. And belive me when I say it' s nothing very good."
She got back her seat, took her bag and left. We both looked at each other and then just followed her. Do I have to be afraid of him now?

I was the only one of us to take maths this time. I walked into the classroom, laid my bag beside some desk, sat down and unpacked my stuff. A college block and a pen. 'That's it' I thought to myself.

" Is this seat taken? " a voice made me jump, and when I looked up, there he was, Logan. After Jade' s tantrum I was getting kind of scared.

" No, you can sit there if you want to " I said trying to be nice though.

Logan smiled at me and nodded.

Dozing off throughout the lesson I really had to go to the toilet. So I went to the halls.

But as I got out of the toilets and was trying to turn right to get back to the classroom, someone grabbed my arm and pulled me to the left on the wall.

" So little miss Mona..."

It was Logan, he pressed me against the wall. holding onto my hands.

" Logan, what are you doing?! " I said in a hectic tone. I tried to pull my hands away, but he was too strong. He just moved closer, bit his lip and gave me an evilish look.

"You know I know that there aren't any early classes, right? Your sassy little friend. Nobody will ever reject or fool me . I am not dumb bitch" he pointed at himself, getting furious.

"Reject? We did not." The air in my lungs got caught. There was noone to help me, everybody was in class at that time. He came a lot closer now, almost brushig my lips with his. No, this is not the magical moment where I get my first kiss, right? Cause this is so not magical!

"You little liar!" he pressed a lot harder now. And I would lie if I said it didn't hurt.
I took a deep breath.. " Logan, let go of me!" I spleaded, still trying to keep calm. He said nothing and was just starting to kiss my neck, I faced away. A tear ran down my face as I kicked him with my foot. Looked like it really hurt. Good so. So I ran, for my life. But I didn't get really far when I turned around as I felt him grabbing my arm. He pulled me closer again.

"Logan! Let me go now!"

He still didn't let go. "You will be sorry for that!"

" I am going to do a lot bad things to you. If you want to or don't. " he meant a lot quiter and his grin was disgusting.

"No, you are not" I heard someone answering seriously.

Shiffers ran down my spine as I heard it. Logan seemed shocked as he looked behind me.

" I- I can explain that!" He let go of me real fast.

" Millers, into my office, now!"

I turned around as he was walking away. He gave me one last look that looked like It's not over yet! And I had to swallow down the knot in my throat.

" Mona, are you okay? " It was John asking me calmingly.

He walked over to me. I shaked my head back and forth as I began to cry. It's too much! Too much of my dad' s behaviour.

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