The Frey Brothers

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3 and 4 Mind fuck


I can see her confidence break as she looks at me. She seems lost.

" Are you okay? " I asked, really worried about what' s mine. Mona took a moment and shaked her head back and forth. I could see the tears sting up in her eyes.

Of course she is not okay. She started crying. I got closer to hug her. First she seemed a bit confused and scared. But then I heard her taking a deep breath and hugging me back. She carefully presses her head into my chest and continued to cry. I could feel her relax. And I was relieved myself. It always felt so good to be around her.

"Millers will pay for that Mona. Everything is going to be just fine " I whispered into her left ear.


God, he smells so good. He is so warm I don't want to let go. I don't even know what came over me. I always try my best to seem strong, but this was just too much.

"Millers will pay for that Mona. Everything is gonna be just fine." John said as he was holding my head in his right arm, streaking down my hair. I pulled away.

" Thank you, but i don't think It's over yet. "

He looked at me. Confused.

He began: " I-"

I brushed off the tears and noticed his shirt being wet from my tears.

" I am sorry for the water stain. " I said and touched the stain.

He just smiled " That's no end of the world. At least you are okay now"

I looked away from his stunning eyes and faced the floor as I began to blush. I looked back up to him.

" I have to go to class now, but can we please talk again later? Maybe directly after school?"

I rubbed my arm again. Yes, yes I was nervous.

" Yes, I owe you that."

I said still rubbing my arm.

" Okay, so let's just meet at the parkings okay?"

He began to smile again. It warmed my heart.

" Alright " I answered.

Now I left with a smile and not a tear on my face.


She looks so god damn cute. I couldn't stop smiling on the way to my office because I still had her perfume burnt into my mind, her smell fogging my brsin. I walked in and locked the door behind me. Millers was sitting in it facing my desk. I sat down on the other side.

" 2 weeks. I would fully supend you. But I can't. Wat did you even want to attain by pestering her?"

He looked down, not saying a word.

" You know she could report you right? You could go into prison for that. I hope you are clear about that. Cause if she decides to, you will lose the judgment."

" Now get back to class" I waved angily. He got up still looking at the ground.

"Oh yes and If I ever see you near her again, this here is harmless." Fuck him. He nodded and got back to class.

I sat there at least another 5 minutes just thinking about how I could care so much about her.

Later after school

And within every minute my heart began to beat faster when all of a sudden it began to rain heavily.

"Hey, I think we should go in there now." I was a bit shocked by hearing her voice. But I turned around and there she stood. Mona. With her beautiful glowing eyes, her catching smile and the mustard yellow coat she wore. It all fit her perfectly.

"Yes, you are right."

We headed into a little café . It was pretty empty. We sat down and ordered some coffee.

"So do you know him closer?" I was curious.



She slightly rubbed her arm and looked down. There was complete silence for a few minutes what felt like hours. God I felt uncomfortable too. Until she looked up to me. With that cute puppy dog eyes she's got. They now were glowing like the ocean. And full of tears.

"No..I I should have listened to my friends. God-"

She began to cry and it was a pretty hopeless situation I then was in.

"I don't know....I can't stop thinking about what he could have done to me if you wouldn't have been there-" She sobs.

Beforw being able to say another single thing K was cut off. "I should go now. Thank you for saving me." She wiped her tears away, stood up and left. I- mouth opened didn't know what to do. But I knew I would regret not going after her. So I did.

"Mona! Please wait."

She already ran out of the café when she turned around. Her face full of tears. Right before my arms flew around her.


Yes. I am probably totally dramatic right now. But the hell, I can. He could have raped me. Or worse.

"Mona! Please wait."

God It felt so good to hear his voice. I turned around and gave in. I felt weak.

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