The Frey Brothers

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5 Be right back

He took my hand and spun me around so I faced him. Our lips were so close to meet. Water dripped down his nose while he was looking into my eyes with this deep soft look on his face. I felt water raining down on my hair but I didn't care. Everything was in slow motion.

"Mona please come with me. It's not safe here anyways. Please trust me."

I watched him soften his face expressions and a little smile appeared on his face. I nodded. And we ran to his car. He opened the door and I sat into it.

The whole way I looked out of the window and watched raindrops run down the window. It's always a small reminder of my childhood when this was my way to fall asleep.


I noticed her turning very quite. And as I looked over I could see her falling asleep. She tried to fight it, but it didn't work out so well.

God this is adorable.

Her head was resting on the seat belt.

I got out of the car and around it to get to her door. I opened it and well she is so damn pretty that it hurts. I leaned over and got off her seat belt.

That's when she almost fell out of the car.I caught her in my arms and that's when she woke up and held onto me. I felt the tension between us.

With our foreheads touching each other I felt her hand go behind my head and one moment later our lips met. I felt her cold body on mine. Her hands were freezing and as I noticed I backed off a bit. I stood her on the ground and we went into the house.

"You are freezing right?"

"Kind of" she nodded at me, smiling.

"Just sit yourself on the couch. I' ll be back in a bit."


His house looked just as firm as himself. It got lots of dark wood and this warm atmosphere to it. I still couldn' t believe we just kissed each other. What did I do?

He is my teacher. But it felt so good and I have never felt anything like this before. He was so passionate and caring.

After a few minutes he came walking out of a room I think it might have been his kitchen because he had a cup in his hand. He sat down besides me and handed me the cup. It was hot chocolate.

I smiled at him.

"Thank you"

"Are you still cold? Wait a second"

I took a sip.

He went to a black wooden cabinet and grabbed a blanket out of it. Then threw it over me.

I looked up into his eyes while he executed the blanket on me. I didn't wanna spill the chocolate but I almost did because his couch was that fluffy and I moved a bit. But in the right moment he held onto my hand holding the cup.

Holy shit. He looked at me and I started breathing heavily because not only I was in a bit of shock but his hand touching me made me jump.

"Oops" I tried to loosen up the tension.


Her eyes twinkled at me and my feet felt like jelly.

"It' s okay" I smiled back at her.

Then I let go of her hand.

I sat besides her.

"I didn' t know him before this class. I just met him maybe an hour before. He seemed nice at first but suddenly he showed his real face to me."

I nodded at her. She took another sip and I could see the pleasure it gave her. She must of really loved the chocolate when a moan escaped her and I wanted to slap myself.

"He won' t do it again. I will not let him."

She looked at me crazy.

" Wait you suspended him?"

"Yes I had to"

She looked away.


" What why? Do you think I will let him do this again? He would never learn out of it if I didn't punish him." I said in a more serious voice.

She pressed her lips together.

"Thank you" is all she said.

"It' s okay"

Mona looked back at me. She looked serious. " No I mean everything. I don' t take nice people for granted. There is so many bad people out there that good ones aren' t easy to find".

She was hurt before. I just nodded at her.

"You know I am just going to change into something dry okay?


"I'll be right back."

I went to the bathroom and got myself new clothes and a towel. I must of taken a few more minutes because when I came walking back in with a towel for her hair I saw her asleep on the couch. Adorable.

I sat myself down and put on the tv. I kept the volume pretty much down to not wake her. She must have gotten up pretty early today. And after anxiety kicks in everything just falls off of you and your body tells you to calm down.

I came by a TV channel called CatsClips.

Well I enjoy cats and animals in general so after nothing else came on I just decieded to watch that. It' s about funny cat videos.After some time I went into the kitchen to make myself some coffee. Meanwhile I heard giggling from the living room. Mona mus have woken up. I stood in the doorway just watching her enjoy the clips. Then she noticed me. She had sleepy eyes and cute tousled hair.

"Well shit I fell asleep"

She said in a soft quite voice.

I smiled at her.

" You look adorable "

Her cheeks turned pink.

She sat up " I should leave now"

I went to her side.

"Aren' t you hungry? Please stay for dinner? I owe you"

"I don' t know.."

"I mean you don' t have to but I would really enjoy your company".

She sat there thinking about my offer.

"Alright thank you" she had a smirk on her face. She stood up.

"Wait your clothes are still wet. You can change in some of mine if you want to"

" Yes if that' s not too much to ask I will"

" Do you need anything else?

" Can I use your phone? I think my family might care about where I am by now."

I nodded and gave her my phone. Then I went out to my room to get her a sweater and some pants. As I came walking down she was waiting for me and took the clothes.

She looked at me sweet.

" You can change in the bathroom. Just walk down the hallaway and take the third door on the right side."

She smiled and went there.


As I came to the bathroom and got out of my wet clothes and put his on, They smelled just like him and a warm feeling made it' s way to my inner.

His, for me oversized sweater just ate me up because I was only 1.65 meter tall. I went back and walked into his kitchen. He stood there making some dinner.

"Can I help you?" I said trying to be nice after all he has done for me.

He turned around and just looked at me for a moment. He smiled.

" It fits you perfectly" he laughed a little.

I laughed too. It was really kinda big for me. " Well at least it' s warm and cozy"

He then turned around and told me to just cut some onions. Great I thougt to myself. I am surely going to cry as always. I started cutting them and like I said my eyes began to water. We looked at each other and both had to laugh.

He took some wet towel and softly dabbed it onto my eyes. Meanwhile he held onto my upper head to get a hold of me. I just smiled while my eyes continued to water like crazy. John was so gentle.

The food was delicious and as I took our plates back into the kitchen to do the washing I felt arms come around my waist. My body started to shake a little.

I turned around and he hugged me. Me just snuggling into his chest. Even though I definetely shouldn' t do this I couldn' t just help it. I inhaled his amazing smell and I felt like home.

"Hey, you are shaking a little. What' s up?" He said with a caring undertone. I just simply looked up at him and he smiled down on me. I snuggeld in even more.

"I like the way you feel" He gently stroked trough my hair. It was now not curly anymore. Not the way I did it in the morning. I got natural curls and they came trough because of the rain.

" Me too. But isn' t all of this so wrong?"

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