The Frey Brothers

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6 Law

"Does it feel wrong to you?" He asked.

" No"

He smiled "So it isn't."

"But it' s law."

He thought about it for a moment.

"Yes, but It' s not as complicated as you think it is. There is always a way out."

He hugged me even tighter.

I just said nothing. We stood there for another 10 minutes until I told him I had to go home to do things for school tomorrow.

Of course there wasn't going to be any exams because tomorrow is only day 2 of school but I had homework and suff to do and I didn't want my mother to get upset.

I left at 6.30. John brought me.

When I came home I saw a little box waiting for me on the kitchen counter. It didn't have any address on it. I just threw it onto my bed and saved it for later. I changed into some normal clothes and My mom came walking in the kitchen. One thing I had always appreciated about my mother was, that she didn't squeeze me out like a lemon about things I didn't talk about straight.

I had told her I stayed at a friends house and that was enough for her to know. We don't have big secrets from each other but things that aren't that important to tell can be left out easily for our opinion.

"So how was your day?" My mom's name is Ally and she looks similar to me. She has natural curly hair too but hers is deep blonde. Her eyes are blue. And I still don't know from whom I got my green eyes. Not even my father has them. Anyways I love her, she is my everything. She has been trough so many bad things in life and I still think she deserves more than she got. But I don't think she does.

"It was good. I mean I am pretty tired from getting up so early this morning to do my hair and makeup. But I won't do that tomorrow. For sure."

She smiled a little. I went to my room after to do bits of homework when the box on my bed shot me in the eye.

I wondered what is inside. Hell. It was a brand new Iphone. It was white and one of the newest on the market.

I turned it on and John' s number was already saved. I decided to message him.

Hey you,

thank you for the phone.You are crazy to buy such an expensive one.

I hit sent.

Hey it' s okay I felt like you are worth it you know, I miss you

I bit my lip and wrote that I missed him too. Which was true. The moment I got out of his car I started to miss him. I missed his smell his warmth and his lips on mine.

God what was I getting myself into.. Right after that I fell asleep.

The next day I got up an hour later. That day I just didn't care about a thing. I got to school with my best friend and the first few lessons went great. I knew that guy Logan got suspended for the next two weeks so I was pretty chill.

I made a few new friends and we decieded to meet at the beach right after school. I felt good knowing that I got welcomed this well. I have always been afraid that I wouldn't make good friends in Highschool because there is so much fake stuff running around.

After school I went home and I met my sister there. I decided to take her with me after she was something like a best friend to me. I changed into a bikini, packed some bathing stuff and headed down to the beach. It was only a few miles away from home so we both came by pretty fast.

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