The Frey Brothers

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We put down our towels and sat down to get a little sunkissed. We rubbed ourselves with oil to become a little more of cute brownies. We waited for our friends to arrive and decided to just get into the water already.

The beach was pretty crowded that day. I mean summer had just began and the weather was hot. My sister and I just jumped right into the ocean and I dived a little further.

But suddenly I felt someone stab my head. Everything became blurry and It was hard for me to move. The only thing I felt after that was someone go around my waist.I can't remember a thing besides that.

I woke up laying in the sand with someone strong putting pressure on my body. Something soft touched my lips and then water came pouring out of my mouth as my vision was starting to come back. I was longing for air.

I then just started to panic a little. A man in front of me sat me up and my body finally got enough air to work properly. My sister was the one standing besides me.

And it was John. His hands were resting on my shoulders while he was kneeling in front of me. He had this scared look on his face as he was looking right deep into my eyes.

"Mona are you okay?" He seemed really concerned.

"I think so" "Thank you" I coughed.

"Can someone bring me some water?! He asked.

Luna came back with a bottle from my bag and I devoured it like I hadn' t drunk in days.

"Can you stand up?" John asked me.

"Yes " He took my hand and helped me get up. We went to my towel and I sat under my umbrella with him besides me. His hand was laying on my foot. I looked at him.

"How did you know I was underwater?"

"I saw somebody diving and noticed it was you. And then a guy accidently stepped on you because he jumped into the water. Dumbass"

He covered me in another towel and protested he would not leave my side for now after I still felt dizzy.

"Now I owe you." I smiled at him.

He smiled back.

"Do you want to take another sip?"

I nodded.

After half an hour when my bikini was dry I decided to go home. I just didn' t feel like swimming anymore.

John took me and Luna wanted to stay a little longer. She knew how to get home after she was only 2 years younger than me.

John helped me out of the car and was about to say goodbye. But I didn't want to be left alone.

"Do you want to stay over a little? My mom is at work and I just don't feel like being alone right now"

He looked to his car and then back at me. He smiled and nodded at me.

"If you want me to"

We headed inside and I changed into a dress. He had his casual clothes with him.

"Do you want to order some food?" I asked.

"Yes maybe chinese?"

He ordered some food and we sat down on the porch.

"Are you at the beach often?" I asked.

"Yeah I mean mostly before lunch time when I am free from work so it' s not as crowded with students and so on"

After 15 minutes our food arrived.

While we were eating he told me a little about himself. First of all he was 24, he was born in Miami . I myself felt like I could tell him anything I wanted and he could be trusted. He made me feel so secure.

"You know there is not much to tell about me"

He smirked "Come on there is a story for everyone"

I got nervous. My past sadly wasn't full of fairytales and butterflies. And I didn' t want him to think about me in another way.


She just looked away. I felt bad for her and didn' t want to make her feel uncomfortable.

"You know what, you don't have to tell me if you feel uncomfortable because of it."

"No it' s okay you know I grew up in Seattle and we moved when I was 5,7 and 14. My dad just didn't -"

She looked down to her feet.

"Anyways you' ve met my little sister Luna already. She is more of a younger best friend to me."

"- so

I cut him off.

"Do you know what - I am going to get your clothes from yesterday" i tried to put on a small smile. But it seemed like It didn't work out completely.

"Mona wait" i turned around.

"Whatever it is that makes you feel bad. I am not the one to judge but I won' t ever push you on anything you don' t want to do. Just remember that you are an incredible and strong person. If you ever need someone to talk to and when you are ready to be open about some things I am always here for you whatever it is." he had this look on his face like he had felt the thing that I had to go trough years ago and I still kind of am.

He took my right hand into his. He felt so familiar like I had known him for so many years. The sunlight hit his eyes.Out of all he had the most beautiful eyes on this planet which I could get lost in like in an ocean. Not to forget his aura. He looks like a 20 years old but owns this experienced character which seemed like he was 200 years old. He was handsome and soft. His jawline seemed like it could cut paper, and he was strong as a bear.

I couldn' t resist and pressed my body onto his like I had never done before and in less than a second our lips met.

It was a passionate but hungry kiss. He put his arm around my waist and the other one went onto the back of my head under my ear where he led me further into his kisses. They became hungrier within every touch.

We were all over each other.

In soft moans he whispered into my ear " You wouldn' t believe how long I have wanted to do this. But if you don't stop I won't be able to control myself".

I felt turned on by his words, how I felt his breath on my neck, by the way his voice got even deeper the quieter he whispered.

I kissed him back even harder and hungrier than before. He let out a soft growl and I moaned to his lips.

He took my leg into his hand and he grabbed the other one after. He was now holding me up. Next thing I felt was my back against the wall. Heat began to rise between my feet and I felt something hard down on him.

Oh shit do I really want to do this? I thought.

Suddenly, he stopped and he was looking to the ground. He whispered "Mona I think I can' t do this. Not right now. The thing between us feels so natural and easy and I do not want to go too fast on it. Do you understand that?" John looked up into my eyes, he had this cute dog look on his face. I nodded.

I thanked him a last time and I waved him goodbye. It was a hard goodbye after my spot was still pulsating like crazy.

I went into my room and decided to just lay down on my bed, do some homework and watch some Netflix.

After another episode of my favorite show I heard some noise downstairs. It was people arguing, and they sounded just like my mom and dad. I went to the top of the stairs to look down on the kitchen.

"Ray I can't do this anymore."

"Ally you cannot leave me. I will - I will kill myself if you do. I won't live without you!"

And that is the exact same way it works Every time.

"Are you serious? There is not a single other day in the whole year when you truly tell me you love me and that I am worth more than the way you treat me" She looked down and in a lower voice she said "You changed. You are not the person you were before all of it."

I saw my dad getting really upset. He balled his hands into fists and I just knew it was my cue to go down there.

My father has harmed my mom a few times before like 5 times at least. And that is the reason me my mom and my sister moved since we were little. The only good thing was that my best friend's mom had a similar problem with her father but they divorced after 3 years of marriage. So they moved with us the last time a few years ago.

We moved away from Ray but he always followed us and after half a year he would always end up on our porch.

I think it's okay that I don't like him anymore. My mom is the only parent that is all to me and I feel like protecting her because she had always fallen for him again after he told her he would end his life. And if that didn't work out for him he started to abuse her. And so now there is me helping her out again because she is too good for this whole fucking world.

"Ray!" he looked up on me.

"You are not going to punch her again. Because I am not the little daddy's girl anymore and I will finally call the police if it s necessary!" I stood in front of my mom and crossed my arms. My mom put her hand on my shoulder and I could feel her shaking. Ray stood there just saying nothing.

"You always came back and threw your problems at us and if they became too much to handle for you you start to get crazy."

Now he looked away like he was ashamed. I mean he should be because if your daughter has to tell you to back off you know you fucked up.

He spoke trough gritted teeth "That is non of your business Mona. Keep yourself out of it." Then he left and I could hear his car leaving the gate.

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