Poisonous ( MATURE)

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Intoxicated Touch.Poisonous Lust.Greed To Have It More. What do you call that??? ____________________________ “ Fucking disrespect me again and it will be worse, my little Bambola.” He said as he stared at me with those intimidating yet lustful eyes..... _____________________________ Sweet, you wish. Sexy as fuck, yes. Possessive as hell, fuck yes. Sagacious and super rich, check. As evil as Devil, worse. Beautiful blue eyes with tall height and Adonis, YES. Lethal and full of power, Yes. Short tempered, yes. This was Zac Stefan Diego. Fighter, yes. Beautiful, yes. Smart and strong, yes. Confident, yes. Kind, yes but doesn’t show it. This was Rebel Rose. They were the same people, but one chose to show his power and made his presence known and the other one chose to stay in the shadows but that didn’t mean she allowed people to have authority over her, she was a wild tigress let loose for hunt but she miserably failed to hunt him down...... After an encounter, Zac wanted Rebel and he always gets what he wants, whoever he wants, whenever he wants....(MATURE)

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter One


I walked out of the airport and got inside a cab. After I told the driver the address, he started to drove off. I rested my head against the window while my mind drifted back to the vivid memory of my past....

I got up, dusting myself off. I stared at the group of bully’s who were laughing at me. I clenched my tiny fists.

I was in raged. I grabbed the thick wooden stick from the ground and threw it at the leader, he hit his head and stumbled back. I smirked as I saw him in pain,

People giving pain should receive it as well, to know how it felt and affected the ones who they had hurt.

Two of them came towards me and grabbed my wrists, I used my legs and kicked them where the sun won’t shine again. They groaned and left me, my smirk widen.

I took out my dagger and aimed it towards the last bully before throwing it towards his leg. He cried out of pain while rolling on the sand, I laughed while walking towards him, I pulled out my dagger and he moaned louder.

I left the place acting as if nothing happened....

Whenever I was in raged, I couldn’t control myself and my parents were the only ones who knew about this, I never had friends and trust me, I was happy about that. I hated fake people....

I was a fighter just like my Dad, my Mom was a successful lawyer, they had me from their one night stand. They were different people with different thoughts yet they were so deeply in love with one another.

You all might be thinking that since I have a “true love exists” live example in front of me, I must be so into it....but the reality was different.

I hated love, no specific reason though.

I moved out of my country to England due to studies. I was studying medical, boring ain’t it?? But I found the whole blood thing interesting so I took it.

When I reached the dorms, I paid the driver and left. Dragging my bag with me while throwing the other one over my shoulder, I made my way inside.

I already knew about my dorm room and schedule, I entered my dorm room with the key and saw an apartment. It was cozy and clean here.

I walked inside, I saw a girl studying in the living room, she wore glasses and had her hair in bun. She was cute. She looked up to me and smiled brightly, she got up and came towards me,

“ Hey!! I’m Amber, your roommate.” She said extending her hand, I stared at it and then at her face. She had light green eyes, squishy cute cheeks, pink lips, white skin and dark brown hair. She was beautiful with a slim and feminine figure.

“ Rebel.” I answered to her and she nodded while taking back her hand and placing it by her side,

“ You’re gorgeous Rebel.” She said and I nodded, I had brown eyes which some people mistook as red at times, I had light brown hair and maroon lips, long eyelashes and slim figure, I was tall. I and Amber were the same height, almost.

“ You must be tired, I will help you with your bags.” She said but I stopped her,

“ Thanks but no.” I said to her and she nodded,

“ Well your room is that one.” She said pointing with her finger, I nodded and walked off.

I opened the door and got inside, I closed the door shut behind me with my leg. I took out my cigarette and walked towards the window, lightening it up and letting my lips surround it, I released smoke.

I opened the window and stared outside while leaning my body on the wall. I threw the cigarette outside the window once I was done, not caring that it hurt someone. I turned around and took in the features of my new room.

It was painted black and had a dark vibe, I liked that.

I organised my closet and closed the doors after taking out a baggy shirt. I got inside the bathroom and took a relaxing bath.

When a lot of people thought that I had many men in my life, they were mistaken. Not every bad girl has a love life and when the girl was as bad as me, I highly doubt if she would ever have a love life.

I didn’t like love and shit as I mentioned before, that was reason number one. The second reason was that my type was not here or so I thought. I wanted a dark and alluring man, who was evil yet lustful, who was handsome yet cold, who was possessive and dominant as fuck.

My type was probably someone who could only be imagined. Who could, when dreamt of, be your sweetest “nightmare”. So, you can say that my type was only a lucid dream and not real, how fucking wrong was I....

I popped down in my bed and closed my eyes, tomorrow was a new start in my life, a new chapter. Sleep slowly found me and captivated me.

To Be Continued


Stay safe and stay indoors!! Thank you for choosing my book and reading it, I hope you enjoy the rest of the book. Thank you for reading it,


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