Poisonous ( MATURE)

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Chapter Ten


“ Can we kill her now?” Alex said as we stood outside the coffee shop, my appetite dead. Her man??

“ You hate her bad don’t you?” Nicola asked while chuckling deeply and Alex replied,

“ I do, I wanna kill her.”

“ You two go ahead, I will leave, got some work to do.” I said and they frowned but nodded, I got inside my Bugatti and drove off.

Her man?? I smoked as the same line kept repeating in my mind, I ain’t planning on fixing that but I would love to see Tyler break apart all though he is no comparison to me, nor was his family. They were under me.

Not having the energy to drive to my mansion, I drove to my penthouse. I parked my car and got out. Heads bowed and fear written all over their faces. I got inside the elevator and the doors closed.

I entered my penthouse, walking inside while taking off my sweater, I entered my living room. Popping on the couch, I took out another cigarette and smoked.

I got up and walked to my bedroom. Opening my closet, I walked inside. I saw Rebel’s ripped clothes placed on the sofa, I remember keeping them there.

I sat on the sofa and took her shirt, inhaling her scent. I smirked while smoking,

“ As far as I know, your man doesn’t exist and he certainly is not your man.” I said while leaning back in the sofa and smoking.


Entering the club, we headed off to the restricted side, gettin’ inside, guards bowed down to me. I ignored and continued to smoke on my cigarette.

The doors opened up by the guards and we got inside, my allies got up and bowed down to me. I ignored and sat down in the couch, Alex and Nicola sat across from me and them.

The allies took out their guns and placed them on the glass table settled in front of us with drinks and bundles of money to throw on the strippers.

I saw them taking out the brief case and placing it on the table, opening it up with the passcode, they pushed the case towards me. I stared at the papers and the huge black box.

I checked the papers, flipping them up slightly before throwing them back. I grabbed the box and opened it up,

“ Claimed worthlessness by the UVPD but after testing them up, we found out that there was poison inside it, a poison so strong that it can kill a person within 5 seconds and decompose his body quickly. You can touch it since the poison is inside, you will have to break the stone to take out the poison.” One of them said and I stared at the black stones, beauty can be dangerous sometimes,

“ Nicola.” I said and he pushed the bags full of money towards them, they took it and checked the money, thanking me afterwards,

“ Let’s enjoy a successful deal night.” Alex said as he raised his glass, they laughed and nodded, raising their glasses along with Nicola, I stared at the stone.

Some strippers came and started to entertain them, two went towards Alex and Nicola and sat on their laps, crossing one leg over another. They started to touch them and the boys allowed them. I closed the brief case.

One of them came towards me and sat on my lap, she smiled at me as her hands wrapped around my neck,

“ Did you miss me, Daddy??” She asked with a sultry voice and I stared at her,

“ I don’t miss hoes.” I said to her and she bit her lower lip, offended, but didn’t dare to say a word, I grabbed her chin and made her face me,

“ Offended, slut?” I said to her and I could see tears dwelling up in her eyes, I threw her off of me and got up, holding the case,

“ Enjoy gentlemen.” I said to them before walking out, Alex and Nicola stayed behind while I made my way towards my office.

Guards bowed down to me as I came to my office, I opened the door and got inside, closing the door behind me. I placed the brief case on my desk and heard my phone ringing, the loud music was unable to get through the glass wall, making it quiet here.

“ Hm.” I said as I walked towards the glass wall, one hand on my waist and the other one holding my phone,

“ King, new goods were sent by the Russian exporters, we customised them, you want to come and grab it??” Snake said and I hummed,

“ I will be there tomorrow.” I said to him and he replied,

“ Aight, will be waiting on you King.” He said and I disconnected the call. I stared at the dance floor, people were dancing and drinking like there was no tomorrow.

I saw a familiar figure sitting by the bar, drinking. I smirked, I pressed the button and heard my office door opening and closing,

“ Don.” The guard said as he bowed,

“ Bring that girl to me.” I said to him and he replied,

“ Yes Don.” He bowed and left my office. I smirked while walking away from the glass wall, I walked towards my bar in my office and made myself a drink, I took a sip and heard my office door opening, I knew it wasn’t her but someone else, the strong cologne filled the room, I heard heels clipping.

Hands were wrapped around my chest, I smirked and turned around while taking a sip of my drink,

“ Although you insulted me, I still want you.” The stripper from earlier said, I chuckled darkly, she flinched and backed up a little,

“ It doesn’t matter if you want me or not, as long as I don’t want you, you’re useless.” I said to her and she was hurt but refused to show it, I heard my office door opening,

“ Don, she’s here.” The guard said and I saw Rebel staring at us, arms crossed,

“ Take her away.” I said to the guard and he took the stripper away from me and out of the office, closing the door behind him. Rebel stood besides the door while I stared at her from across the room, she wore a sexy gray club dress, revealing her curves perfectly,

“ What’s up with the distance Bambola?” I asked her as I walked towards her, I took a sip of my drink while staring into her eyes intensely,

“ Why did you call me here??” She asked, her tone pissed, I laughed darkly while staring at her,

“ So much hate isn’t good for your health my little Bambola.” I said to her and she stared at me, she turned around to leave and I smirked, I grabbed her wrist and pulled her, her back crashed into my chest and I wrapped my arms around her stomach. She got goosebumps.

My other hand rested by my side, holding my drink. I buried my face in the crook of her neck, inhaling her scent, gosh how can she manage to smell so good? It’s making me drive crazy.

She didn’t try to fight back, her body was paralysed with shock and pleasure, I slowly placed my lips on her soft skin, sucking her neck. She moaned and clenched the hem of her dress tightly.

I smirked.

She stopped and sealed her mouth, she started to fight my grip to be free. I let her go with force. She turned around and sent me a glare,

“ Why the fuck do you need me when you can have that fucking stripper who would gladly give it you.” She said, in raged and I smirked, her fierce side was entertaining,

“ Jealous, my little Bambola?” I said to her and she scoffed,

“ You wish.” I felt myself annoyed, I knew she would disrespect me again. She bit her lower lip, nervous as she realised what she did, she turned around and tried to leave the room but I grabbed her arm, turning her around,

She tried to break free but that only made me tighten my hold on her,

“ My little Bambola, you’re going to be punished badly,” I said to her, I leaned in and whispered,

“ And it won’t be anything like the previous one.” I licked her earlobe and she got goosebumps again.

To Be Continued


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