Poisonous ( MATURE)

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Chapter Eleven


“ And it won’t be anything like the previous one.” He licked my earlobe and I got goosebumps, both out of his touch and tone.

I now know why my heart was beating so damn fast, why coming to the club with the couple was a bad idea, why my instincts told me to run when that guard approached me and asked me to come with him.

He started to walk and dragged me with him, he pushed my body on the desk. Grabbing my hips with one hand, he pulled me up and placed me on the desk. He stood in between my legs, I could feel his length growing, making me wet for him. He placed his drink besides me on the desk.

He reached out for something in the back of his jeans, when he brought it to the front, I saw a beautiful black gun with his name engraved on it. I saw a blue light covering the gun’s trigger as he wrapped his fingers around the trigger.

He caressed my face with the gun, we stared into each other’s eyes. His eyes emotionless, my eyes filled with anticipation. He trailed the gun down from my face to my collarbone, then to my breast, slowly and slowly, he went down.

His free hand rested on my thigh and he pulled down my panties, he leaned in closer. His hand went for my dress zipper, he pulled it down and took the dress off of my body.

He took off my bra and I felt the cold metal pressed against my womanhood, I moaned due to the sensation. He stared at my naked body, smirking,

“ Listen here my little Bambola,” He said as he caressed my face with his hand, he shoved the gun inside me and I closed my eyes for a moment before opening them up,

“ If you moan, I will pull the trigger. If you touch me, I will pull the trigger. If you cum, I will pull the trigger.” He said and I felt my breathings heavy, I stared at him and his eyes were completely drowned in evilness yet lust.

He started to thrust the gun inside me so fast that I found it hard to control my moans but nonetheless I bit my lower lip and gripped the desk, I tried so hard not to moan.

My body was being tortured, I wanted to release my pleasure by doing all those things that he forbid me from doing. My body was covered in sweat already and I was exhausted, but one mistake and....

He watched me in pleasure, enjoying my current state. He fastened the pace and I gripped the desk tighter, fuck I was losing it....

Holding myself from touching him, moaning his name and cunning for him, was so damn hard. I couldn’t control all these things all together now.

He finally pulled out and I released, I was panting hard and I placed my hands on his shoulder, putting my body weight on him.

Fuck him....

“ Will you disrespect me again Kitten?” He asked and I bit my lower lip, he pushed me back so that he could stare at me, I wanted to yell “YES!! I WILL” so loudly out of rage but chose not to say it, I would dig my own grave,

“ Since your punishment is over, I will leave.” I said and was going to jump from the desk but he stopped me by placing his hands on my thighs and saying,

“ Your punishment remains, Bambola.” He picked his glass and stared at me with a smirk, he poured the drink all over my neck, making it fall down my body like a water fall.

He licked the alcohol off of my body, sucking and biting on my skin while doing so. I moaned and gripped his hair, he pushed his teeth deeper and I yelped, he licked my skin and went down.

I felt my body tensed as I felt the alcohol dripping down to my womanhood, I felt him smirking as he kissed my stomach and went down, attacking my womanhood. I instantly closed my eyes and laid back on the desk, keeping my feets on the desk and spreading my legs wide for him.

He placed his hands on my thighs as he sucked me harder and harder, I moaned loudly.

I cummed in his mouth and he swallowed it all, I sat on the desk while catching my breaths. Our eyes locked,

“ Down on your knees, Bambola.” He said and I obeyed. Sitting on my knees, I looked up to him, he caressed my jawline and smirked at me,

“ Pure yet feisty.” He said and I turned red, he figured it out....

I slowly reached out for his jeans and pulled down the zipper while he took off his shirt. I pulled his jeans and boxers down and his length popped out, I bit my lower lip,

“ I’m losing my patience my little Bambola.” He said and I slowly took in his length. When half of his length was inside my mouth, I was already choking.

I started to suck him, he tilted his head and checked me out, smirking. He grabbed a fistful of my hair and pushed his length deeper in my mouth, I was choking to death,

“ If you stop, you will be punished again.” He warned and I carried on, sucking him.

He released in my mouth and I swallowed it all, why did he has to taste so good???

“ Up.” He said and I got up, he pushed me on the desk once again, spreading my legs wide as he entered me. I moaned loudly out of pain, he was rough.

But eventually, the pain turned into pleasure. I gripped onto his back tighter, connecting our upper bodies together, leaving no space between us, he thrusted inside me like a hungry beast.

I cummed on his length and he pulled out, cumming on my stomach and then licking it off, making me moan. We stared at each other,

“ Were you trying to make to jealous by kissing Tyler?” He said to me as he caressed my cheek with a smirk,

“ Don’t be mistaken, I kissed him because I wanted to, you’re no-one to me.” I said to him and he chuckled,

“ You’re not a good Liar, Bambola.” He said and I bit my lower lip,

“ Think whatever you want, it doesn’t matter to me.” I said to him and he chuckled darkly,

“ Oh trust me I will and Bambola,” He said as he leaned in to whisper,

“ Nothing can be hidden from me.” I felt my heart beating faster, fuck you Zac,

“ The type of guy you want is definitely not Tyler, my little Bambola.” He said with that fucking smirk and I crossed my arms,

“ And what is my type??” I asked him confidently, there was no way he could know about that, right??

“ Someone like me.” He said and had me by surprise, he smirked as he connected our lips, kissing me deeply.

We broke the kiss and stared into each other’s eyes, he traced his thumb on my lower lip and said,

“ Nothing can be hidden from me.” He attacked my lips once again and I moaned.

To Be Continued


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