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Chapter Twelve


I watched them unloading the ship, taking out the boxes full of drugs and guns and loading the trucks with them.

I saw Alex and Nicola working. My body was leaned on my car, one hand in pocket and the other one holding my cigarette.

I released a ring of smoke through my nostrils,

“ Take them to the warehouse.” Nicola said to them before walking towards me, Alex was attending a call,

“ You good Boss?” Nicola said as he leaned on the car besides me and took out his pack of cigarettes and a lighter,

“ What could happen to me?” I said to him while smirking, he chuckled while smoking,

“ Nothing at all.” He said and I laughed darkly,

“ Snake called saying that there are some racks, do you want to go and claim it or should he send it you?” Alex said as he came towards us, I went yesterday to the town,

“ Tell him to send it.” I said to him and he nodded,

“ He’s been out of sight lately.” Nicola said as he smoked,

“ Heard that he had some MC updates to make and some fuckers to teach a lesson to.” Alex said as typed on his phone,

“ Should we go out partyin’?” Alex said as he kept his phone in his jeans pocket,

“ Wasn’t there a party to attend, a ball??” Nicola said and Alex looked up to him,

“ Rogers Ball.” I said to them and Alex groaned,

“ We aren’t going there, right?” Alex asked, voice full of hope, he hated balls,

“ Yes we are.” Nicola said and Alex released a wild growl,

“ Fuck them Rogers!” He said and Nicola laughed, I smirked,

“ Is it tonight?” Alex said and Nicola nodded,

“ Fuck I hope there’s some good fuck.” He said and Nicola chuckled,

I heard my phone ringing, I reached out for my phone in my pocket, seeing my P.A, Ray, I picked it up,

“ Good afternoon Mr.Deigo, the Lot enterprise collaboration shoot has been done, do you want me to forward you the photos of the shoot?” He said,

“ Choose a photo and pass it on to the PO department.” I said to him before disconnecting the call,

“ Fuck, let’s leave.” I said to them and they chuckled, we got inside our cars and drove off.

I was eating while working on my laptop. I closed my laptop once I was done, I checked the time on my phone and saw 8:00pm, I got up from the sofa and walked inside my bedroom, throwing my phone on the bed and taking off my shirt, I entered my bathroom.

After taking a bath, I walked towards my wardrobe and got inside, walking towards my suit section, I picked out my dark blue suit.

I wore my suit and black shoes. I wore my silver wrist watch on my right wrist. I sprayed my favourite cologne on me, I had my hair styled perfectly and my blue eyes popped out.

I left my wardrobe, leaving my bedroom. I walked towards the main door and saw my Rolls Royce Sweptail outside with my driver, I got inside the backseat and he closed the door behind me.

We drove off.


I got out of the car and saw Nicola and Alex, Nicola wore a matte black suit while Alex wore a gray suit, they were talking.

When they saw me, they bowed down,

“ I didn’t expect to see Alex this early.” I said as I walked and they followed from behind, Nicola laughed and Alex groaned,

“ If it weren’t for someone, I would still be laying in my bed.” Alex said, addressing to Nicola, I chuckled,

“ You’re welcome Alex.” Nicola said with a smirk.

We got inside the hallway, we entered the brown double doors, entering the hall. The time stopped and the aura changed as we three walked down the stairs, people bowed down to the Godfather.

I saw Adam, the elder roger coming towards us, he smiled as he greeted us,

“ Welcome to our small party, we are looking forward for a blissful night.” He said and I smirked, a blissful night, I doubt that. With us, everyone felt only one thing, fear,

“ Of course Adam.” I said to him with a dark tone, he laughed, trying to hide his intimidation. The music started once again and people continued their chattering,

“ This shit is so boring.” Alex said as we walked,

“ Bear it.” Nicola said and Alex shot him a glare. Guests came greeting and talking to us like the usual. After awhile of talking to this non-stop flow of guests, we excused ourselves and grabbed a drink. Nicola and Alex stood in front of me while my back faced half of the people behind.

We took a sip of our champagne and I saw Alex raising his brow at something, Nicola followed his gaze and stared, I turned my head and stared at what they were staring at, I smirked before turning my head back to them,

“ The night is about to get excited.” Alex said with a smirk and Nicola chuckled,

“ They must have lost their minds to invite the Hort’s.” Nicola said and I smirked while taking a sip of my drink,

“ We all know that they can’t do anything.” Alex said and Nicola smirked,

“ Fact.” He said and I chuckled,

“ Oh no.” Nicola mumbled as he stared once again, Alex frowned and tried to look in the same direction but Nicola grabbed his face,

“ Did I ever mention that your eyes are so beautiful.” He said and Alex frowned, what was that? I turned my head and saw Rebel, I smirked, she was busy talking to Tyler’s parents and didn’t notice me, she wore a white long glittery and shimmery dress, revealing her curves perfectly, I could see the tattoo on her back. Tyler stood besides her while smiling at her, I turned my head back once again and stared at them.

“ Dude what the fuck?” Alex said as he pushed Nicola’s hand away from his face and turned to look in the direction, he clenched his fists,

“ Didn’t know they allowed anyone to come to this party.” Alex said while gripping the glass tightly,

“ Alex.” Nicola said in a warning tone, this hall was full of legal and law suckers, but even if Alex did something, they won’t be able to utter a word because even the law was corrupted, like the world. One word and they would fall to my feet, not that they haven’t already.

“ You know that no-one can do anything about me murdering her right here.” Alex said as he glared at her,

“ Yes I know, but a little control on your temperament would be nice, if you continue to act this way, you will eventually kill one of the allies, not that it would matter.” Nicola mumbled the last part, Alex groaned,

“ Fine.” Alex said.

Soon enough, the dance started. Alex was annoyed and Nicola just stared, I saw Rebel and Tyler walking to the dance floor, smiling at each other, I stared at them intensely. Rebel stared at me and her eyes widened, she was frozen for awhile. She leaned in to whisper something in Tyler’s ear and he glanced in our way.

He turned his head to her and smiled, whispering something back,

“ I hate her.” Alex said and Nicola chuckled, some girls came and asked us to dance, we agreed.

We danced but I kept my gaze on Rebel. They talked and laughed. It was time to exchange partners and coincidentally, Rebel and I ended up as partners.

She was nervous and I enjoyed it. I took her hand in mine and placed my other hand on her bare back, she released a light moan and I smirked. I leaned in to whisper,

“ I wonder how you ended up here, my little Bambola.” I backed my head and stared at her, her cheeks were tinted pink now, I smirked,

“ I’m Tyler’s date.” She said and looked up to me, we danced while staring into each other’s eyes. She was hypnotised.

As soon as the dance ended, she excused herself and ran. I watched her going towards Tyler and whispering something in his ear, he replied back and Rebel nodded her head, she bit her lower lip.

“ Zac, you good?” Nicola asked and I looked at him and found Alex and Nicola staring at Rebel and Tyler,

“ I’m fine.” I said to them and walked away towards the balcony, the doors closed. I took out my cigarette and smoked while staring at the city view.

I heard the doors opening and closing, when I turned my body, I saw Rebel looking down at her hand and walking towards the fence, when she looked up, she gasped and froze.

To Be Continued


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