Poisonous ( MATURE)

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Chapter Thirteen


I regretted coming here, it was a bad idea. I shouldn’t have agreed to Tyler’s request of being his date, if I would have rejected his request, I wouldn’t have to face him here.

I came to the balcony to refresh myself with some fresh air and smoke but seems like I wouldn’t have any of that. He stared at me intensely and I bit my lower lip, he smoked while staring me dead in the eyes.

I was standing in the middle of the balcony, staring him in the eyes. I pushed all of my feelings aside and walked towards the fence, acting as if he didn’t affect me.

I took out my cigarette and lighter, lit it up and smoked. He watched me with his head titled, he turned his body and stood besides me.

He continued to smoke while we both stared at the city view, our hands connected as he placed his hand on top of mine, taking it in his grip. I tried to remove my hand but he tightened his hold and stared at me, deadly.

I ignored his gaze and averted my focus from him,

“ Why did you run away from me, Bambola?” He asked and I smoked, I turned my head to him and he copied my actions,

“ Because I wanted to.” I said to him and he smirked before laughing darkly,

“ Keep on hiding Bambola, I will know the real reason eventually.” He said as he smoked and turned his head away from me, staring ahead. I stared at him for a moment before turning my head away from him,

“ Why are you so curious about me?” I asked him and he chuckled,

“ Aren’t you about me aswell, Bambola?” He asked and I felt my heart beating faster, I was hella curious about him, I heard my phone ringing, I took it out from my clutch and saw Tyler calling me,

“ Hello?” I said to him and he said,

“ Where are you babe? We need to leave.” He said and I replied,

“ Sorry, I will be there.”

“ No worries, I will be waiting.” He said,

“ Alright, Bye.” I said to him and disconnected the call, I kept my phone in my clutch and threw my cigarette, I turned my head to Zac and found him staring at me,

“ You got yourself a man who hates smoking, ironic.” Zac said as he released smoke through his nostrils and stared at me with a predatory gaze, Tyler hated smokers? I didn’t know about that, it’s not like we’re dating so I don’t care, but even if we were dating, I couldn’t care less.

I stared at him and crossed my arms, he stared back,

“ Why do you care?” I asked him before walking away,

“ Because you’re not his to touch.” He said and I stopped in my tracks, my heart beating faster and my body covered in sparks, I slowly turned around and saw him smirking,

“ My body, my choice.” I said to him and he chuckled,

“ My Bambola, mine to fuck.” He said and I clenched my fists, he was a selfish bastard,

“ You really need to go and fuck yourself, Zac.” I said, his name rolling on my tongue perfectly. He raised his brow at me, shit!! I thought as I stared at him, he threw his cigarette before making his way towards me. I quickly left the balcony and walked towards Tyler.

In this rush, I bumped into a strong back, great!! The person cursed and turned around and I was greeted by the one and only, Alex.

He sent me a glare and said,

“ Watch where you’re going.” I wanted to fire back but when I turned my head, I saw Zac coming towards us,

“ Did you go deaf?” He said and I sent him a glare,

“ Shut up will ya.” I said to him and walked away, I spotted Tyler with some people, I walked towards him and took his hand in mine,

“ Let’s leave please.” I said to him and he chuckled while nodding. We started to walk and I turned my head, I saw Zac watching me with smirk, I turned my head back.

We left the place and got inside his car, once settled in the passenger seat, I realised how badly I was trapped by my emotions.

Tyler started the car and we drove off, he turned his head to me and said,

“ Are you okay?” He asked and I said,

“ Yeah.” He nodded, he intertwined our fingers and I looked up to him, he smiled at me and I returned it. I leaned back in the seat and relaxed.

I closed my eyes and the vivid image of his face came right in front of my eyes, fuck...

When we reached the dorms, we got out. Tyler came towards me and hugged me, he kissed my lips. We broke the kiss after awhile,

“ Thank you for being my date Rebel.” He said and I smiled,

“ You’re welcome.” I said to him and he smiled while chuckling, he kissed my forehead before saying,

“ Goodnight.” I nodded and said,

“ Goodnight.” He smiled and I walked away from him, he watched me getting inside the place, I turned around and smiled at him, he smiled back, I got inside the place and walked towards my dorm. I heard his sports car leaving.

I entered my dorm and walked inside, feeling the exhaustion hitting me now. I didn’t see Amber in the living room, she must be asleep. It was pretty late.

I walked towards my bedroom and threw my clutch on the bed before taking off my dress and heels, I walked towards the bathroom and removed my makeup, I got inside the shower after removing my undergarments and took a quick bath.

I wore a baggy blue shirt and walked towards my bed, I grabbed the dress and heels, I settled them inside my wardrobe and walked back. I took out my phone, lighter and cigarette pack from the clutch and placed the on the nightstand, I placed th clutch on the dressing table.

I collapsed on my bed and felt my muscles sore, I needed a massage. I closed my eyes and sleep founded me way quicker than the other times.

To Be Continued


Stay safe and stay indoors!! Hope you all enjoyed this chapter. Thank you for reading it,


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