Poisonous ( MATURE)

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Chapter Fourteen


I walked out of my bathroom with my boxers on, I grabbed my glass of wine from the nightstand and sat on my bed, taking a sip.

She thought she escaped my punishment by running away from it, she thought wrong. No-one disrespects me and gets away with it.

I finished my wine and placed the glass on the nightstand, I laid on my back and placed an arm behind my head as I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

The Following Day

I was already awake, even though I was tired I still couldn’t get my full sleep. I awoke in the middle of the night once again.

I was dressed up and having breakfast in the backyard. It was windy and cloudy today, likely to rain. I grabbed my cup of coffee and took a sip, my peaceful morning was disturbed by two people arguing as they came out of the glass door, entering the backyard.

Of course, no-one else had the guts to ruin my morning expect for these two,

“ No you listen to me.” Alex said and Nicola said,

“ No, you’re wrong!”

“ Am not!” Alex said,

“ Are to.” Nicola said,

“ Fuck you.” Alex said and Nicola replied,

“ Shut up bastard.”

“ You shut up bastard!”

“ Why don’t you both shut up?” I said to them and they zipped their mouths, finally!

I took a sip of my coffee while they stood there like statues,

“ Um, can I say something?” Alex said and I hummed while going through my phone,

“ Felix is dead.” He said and I looked up to him,

“ Who the fuck is Felix?” I said while taking a sip of my coffee,

“ Your driver.” Nicola said and I looked up to them,

“ How?” I asked them, my tone completely normal as if I was not effected but the truth to be told, I wasn’t effected, not even 0.01 percent,

“ Devil ate him.” Alex said and I chuckled,

“ Really? Well that’s good, he needed some blood, he’s a predator afterall.” I said and Alex smirked, Nicola stared at Alex and said,

“ He’s been smirking a lot lately.” Alex turned his head to Nicola and said,

“ Does it bother you hoe?” Nicola smirked,

“ Nah bitch, I ain’t affected by shit heads.” Alex scoffed and they continued their silly argument,

I got up and walked towards them,

“ Fuckin’ stop, Alex go to the MC and collect the goods. Nicola go to the main casino and collect the money.” I said to them and they listened seriously,

“ Yes Boss.” They said in unison and left, they enjoyed their lives but knew when to stop joking.

I left the backyard and walked towards the main door, getting inside the backseat of my Maybach. The driver got inside the driver’s seat and we drove off.

I lit up my cigar and smoked.

When reached to my destination, I saw the principal coming outside, he opened the door and bowed down to me, nervous and afraid,

“ Mr.Diego, what an honour to have you here.” He said, gaze down. I stared at him blankly,

“ I don’t have the whole day, bring her out.” I said to him and he nodded,

“ Yes Sir, I will go and get her.” He said and closed the door. After awhile I saw them walking out, my driver went out and opened the other backseat door for her, she got inside the car and the driver closed the door.

When she saw me, she gasped and said,

“ Z-Zac.....” I turned my head to her,

“ Hello my little Bambola.” I said to her and she bit her lower lip, we drove off.

She was uneasy and I watched her being so damn affected by my presence and gaze. I grabbed her chin and made her face me, she stared into my eyes and I said,

“ Did you enjoy disrespecting me and running away from your punishment, Bambola?” She bit her lower lip and tried to remove my hand from her chin but failed,

“ What do you want?” She asked and stared me in the eyes,

“ Isn’t it obvious?” I said to her and she bit her lower lip, I leaned in and whispered,

“ I want to punish you and then fuck you.” I bit her earlobe and she moaned lightly, I smirked.

I backed up and stared at her,

“ Since you ran away from me, you will have a twist in your punishment.” I said to her and she stared at her lap.

When we entered my penthouse, she shivered and got goosebumps. I watched her. She turned her head to me and said,

“ I’m not doing this.” I walked towards her, opening the first four buttons of my shirt, I wrapped my hands around her waist and stared at her with evil eyes,

“ I never asked for your opinion, Bambola.” Her face stiffened, she removed my hand from her waist and backed away,

“ You know what? Fuck you.” She said and tried to walk away, I chuckled darkly and said,

“ Your father was shot today by my man because of your disrespect, next in line is your sweet mother.” She turned around, breathing heavily,

“ Y-You’re k-kidding....” she said in a low tone, I smirked and said,

“ Dose it look like I’m kidding, Bambola.” Tears formed in her eyes and she sent me a hateful glare,

“ I hate you so so much!” She yelled as tears escaped her eyes. I laughed darkly and took out my cigarette and lighter,

“ I’ve heard that a lot.” I said as I smoked, she came towards me and tried to slap me, I grabbed her wrist and turned her around, her arm twisted and her back collided with my chest, she groaned and tried to free herself from me,

“ That’s just a glimpse of my evil side my little Bambola, if you keep on disrespecting me, you will see worse.” I whispered in her ear and she froze,

“ Fuck you Zac!!!” She whispered in a low tone, I let go of her and she turned around,

“ Fucking disrespect me again and it will be worse, my little Bambola.” I said to her sinisterly and she bit her lower lip,

“ Now, do as I say or you will see your parents dead bodies in front of your dorm.” I said and she stared at me,

“ Strip.” I said to her and she clenched her fists before obeying me. Slowly and slowly, every piece of cloth on her body was removed, she was left in her undergarments, she looked up to me while taking off her bra. I smoked while staring at her.

She threw her bra to the floor and took off her panties, she was naked in front of me, I extended my hand for her to take and she took it, I pulled her towards me and released a ring of smoke in her face, she didn’t turn her head and instead stared at me.

I threw my cigarette and picked her up, she wrapped her legs around my waist. I went towards my bedroom and opened the door, laying her on the huge king size bed,

“ Touch yourself.” I said to her and she turned her head to me as her hand slowly went towards her womanhood, she spreaded her legs and started to touch herself, I saw her do it while taking off my shirt.

I got on the bed and removed her finger from her womanhood, licking it up. She tried so hard not to moan but couldn’t help it. I smirked.

I took out my dagger from the drawer of the nightstand and traced it on her body, I carved my name on her stomach, blood oozing out of her fresh wounds, she moaned in pain every time I did it.

After I was done, I threw the dagger to the floor and licked up her blood. She gasped, I smirked.

After I was done, I attacked her neck, my mouth wide open, sucking on her neck roughly and strongly. She moaned while closing her eyes, tears falling out.

I stopped and backed up, her neck was purple and red. I kissed her lips, she didn’t reply. I bit her lower lip and she opened her mouth, I roamed my tongue all over her mouth.

She clenched the bedsheets tighter, she wasn’t having any of it yet she was enjoying it.

I took off my pants and boxers and entered her, she moaned loudly in between the kiss, her lips parted and we stopped kissing. I started to thrust inside her strongly and she moaned uncontrollably.

She cummed on my length and I pulled out, cumming on her womanhood. I licked it off and she moaned.

I laid besides her and pulled her close to me, she was exhausted yet said,

“ I want to leave.” I smirked and caressed her face,

“ You can leave later on.” I said and she bit her lower lip, she didn’t answer back and just laid in my embrace silently. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

To Be Continued


Stay safe and stay indoors!!! Hope you all enjoyed this chapter. Thank you for reading it,

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