Poisonous ( MATURE)

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Chapter Fifteen


I hate him, he’s filled with evilness, he’s not my type. He can’t be a human, he doesn’t have a heart. He’s a psycho and needs a Doctor. He doesn’t feel any emotion. He’s inhuman.

All these thoughts were running in my mind, I hate him for hurting my loved ones, I hate him for appearing in my life, I hate myself for helping him, I hate myself for enjoying his touch, I hate my type of man now, I hate everything!

I saw him sleeping soundlessly next to me, every time I thought that I hated him, my mind drifted to only one thing, did I really hated him?

Fuck him and his touch, fuck him being a total Greek God, fuck him. I have nothing to do with him after this. I don’t want him in my life anymore, I don’t want to see him again.....but did I really meant it or was it just my rage?

I unconsciously caressed his face and brought my lips near to his, slowly capturing them in a small yet passionate kiss. I kissed him for a short moment before pulling away. He was still asleep.

I hugged him and tears left my eyes,

“ Why must you be like this?” I said to him,

“ Why must you treat me like this every time?” I said to him and cried, I never cried in front of anyone but I couldn’t help it, I feel so different with him and it’s starting to bother me,

“ I hate you.” I said once again, by the amount of times I said this, it felt like I was coating the bitter truth by repeating this one sentence again and again.

I broke the hug and laid besides him, I slowly closed my eyes and fell asleep besides him.

I woke up feeling someone moving around, I opened my eyes when realisation hit me. I saw Zac fast asleep, he turned around, resulting in his back facing me.

I turned my head and saw the day had turned into night, the city lights shone brightly and the view was breathtaking through the huge glass wall.

I slowly got up, I couldn’t believe that stupid ass principal let me go with him? Like wtf?? He’s a principal and no matter how powerful the other person was, he should never let his students go with that person just because they were powerful, jerk.

I will deal with him later on.

I left the bedroom and slowly walked downstairs, my lower part hurt. I picked up my clothes and wore them before leaving his place.

I walked out of the famous 5-star hotel and got inside a cab, telling the driver the address, he started to drove.

His touch and his scent, they were still on me. His touch was electric and pleasuring and his scent was just so addictive that it could have anyone under its control. His blue eyes were captivating yet intimidating and his body made me want to touch him badly. He was perfect from the outside but vile from the inside.

I pushed my head back on the seat and closed my eyes, I couldn’t stop thinking about him.

When I reached the dorms, I paid the driver and got out. I walked inside the place and towards my dorm. I opened the door and walked towards the living room. I saw Amber, Derek and Tyler sitting there, anxious.

When they saw me, they got up and Amber ran to me, hugging me,

“ Omg!! We thought something bad happened to you, why the hell would you not answer your calls?!?!” She asked mad yet concerned, fuck I completely forgot about them.

She broke the hug and stared at me,

“ You’re okay right?” She asked and I nodded, Derek and Tyler came towards me and Derek placed a hand on Amber’s shoulder, smiling at her,

“ She’s okay now, I think we should leave them alone.” Derek said addressing to me and Tyler, Amber nodded and the two of them walked towards her bedroom.

“ Zac?” Tyler asked with a raised brow and I looked up to him, I slowly nodded and his eyes fell on something on my neck,

“ Did he...” Tyler said as he came towards me and pulled down my shirt’s neck, he stared at the hickeys with a rageful gaze, he stared at me and said,

“ Did he force you?” I bit my lower lip, I looked up to him and said,

“ I don’t want to talk about it Tyler.” He sighed and placed his hands on my shoulder,

“ You don’t have to hide anything from me, I will be here for you, always.” He said with a smile and I smiled back, I hugged him and he hugged me back. He was the complete opposite of Zac but atleast he treated me right.

“ Can you stay with me tonight?” I asked him as we broke the hug, he smiled and nodded. We walked towards my bedroom and got inside, we laid on my bed and he pulled me to him, kissing my forehead,

“ Tyler?” I said to him and he hummed,

“ Do you hate smokers?” I asked and he chuckled,

“ I know you smoke and I’m okay with it, I won’t ask you to change yourself for me, I would rather accept who you are because that’s what makes you unique.” He answered and I smiled brightly, I kissed his lips and he replied back, he wrapped his arms around my waist and his hand roamed inside my shirt, he started to tickle me and I laughed, we stared at each other with smiles.

I caressed his face and said,

“ Will you never hurt me?” He smiled and said,

“ Never.” He answered before pulling me in for a kiss. Again I had this feeling that he wasn’t meant to say these words to me but someone else.

Why was that??

To Be Continued


Stay safe and stay indoors!! Sorry for uploading late, had some stuff to do but I hope you all enjoyed this chapter. Thank you for reading it,


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