Poisonous ( MATURE)

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Chapter Sixteen


I heard my alarm ringing, I got up, expecting to be welcomed by the midnight moon but was left surprised when I saw the sun hidden by the clouds.

I picked my phone from the nightstand and checked the time, 9:00am. I had a full sleep?

I saw the space besides me empty, she left. Wait....

Did I have a full sleep because of....her? What the fuck was this? I rubbed my eyes, I didn’t care if she made me fall asleep, I didn’t want her.

I threw the sheets off of my body and walked towards the bathroom. I took a bath and changed up in my black suit. I walked down the stairs and saw breakfast served on the counter.

I picked up a slice of bread and took a bite of it, I drank my coffee while eating my bread. Feeling myself full, I didn’t bother to glance at the other dishes. I walked out of my penthouse and inside the elevator.

The doors opened up and I walked in the lobby, I left the hotel and got inside my car, backseat door closed behind me.

As the car started to move, I pushed my head back and closed my eyes. Why did I have full sleep because of her? Fuck I want to know the reason. I took out my phone and called my Doctor’s number. He picked it up in the first ring,

“ Hello Mr.Diego, what can I help you with?” He said and I replied,

“ I had full sleep yesterday night.”

“ I see, Mr.Diego were you on drugs?” He asked,

“ No, I slept besides a woman.”

“ Mr.Deigo, that person is your cure for this problem. There are times in medical that your healer is a person instead of a pill. You can only have your full sleep with that person.” He said and I listened,

“ Hm.” I said before disconnecting the call, I threw the phone on the seat and closed my eyes once again, fuck sleep, I didn’t need any.

When I reached the airport, I saw Alex and Nicola standing there, guards surrounding the area. I got out and walked towards them, they bowed down.

I walked inside the jet and they followed, we settled down and the jet eventually took off. We headed off to Russia for the mafia meeting.

After A Week And Half

Attending meetings relating my mafia empire from almost all over the world, we finally went back to England.

I would wake up in the middle of the night during the trip and it annoyed me. I wanted to sleep.

By the time we landed, it was 8:00pm. The door opened up and we walked out,

“ Fuck that was a long ass trip.” Alex said as he stretched his arms, Nicola chuckled while smoking. I stared at my wrist watch and looked up,

“ Alex, you need to collect the goods tomorrow and Nicola, handle my business affairs for the following day.” I said and they nodded, I got inside my car and drove off.

I went to the only place that was stuck in my mind like a harmonic melody. I smoked while driving.

When I reached the place, it was 10:00. I got out of my car and went inside, I went towards her dorm.

I rung the bell and placed my hand on the wall, waiting. The door opened up after awhile and I saw her, she rubbed her eyes while yawning. She only wore a baggy red shirt, making her look sexy,

“ Amber, why are you so lat—What the fuck!!” She said as she opened her eyes fully and saw me,

“ Hello my little Bambola.” I said and she bit her lower lip,

“ What do you want?” She asked and crossed her arms,

“ I want you.” I said to her and she said,

“ I’m not yours Zac, I have a boyfriend now so please leave me alone.” I smirked,

“ I don’t care if you’re dating Tyler or not, I just want you.” I said to her and leaned on the doorway,

“ No.” she said and I smirked while chuckling darkly,

“ My little Bambola, I wasn’t asking, I was telling you that,” I said as I made my way inside and closed the door behind us with my feet, locking it while staring at her.

She backed up as I continued to walk forward,

“ I can have you whenever I want and no-one can fucking stop me from doing whatever the fuck I want to do with you.” I said and she bit her lower lip,

“ You shot my father and threatened to do the same with my mother.” She said and I smirked,

“ I can still do that, without hesitation.” I said and she clenched her fists,

“ Please Zac, just leave me alone, why do you have to appear in my life and treat me like this?” She said and looked up to me, I laughed and stared at her,

“ You don’t expect me to be the lovey dovey man just because I fucked you, right?” I said and she replied,

“ Not at all, I already know what kind of man you actually are.” I smirked and grabbed her by her waist and pulled her to me,

“ And what kind is that?” I asked her as I caressed her jawline,

“ Evil, emotionless, ruthless and heartless, you like to see people in pain, you’re worse than a Satan, Zac.” She said and I smirked before chuckling,

“ You know me well.” I said to her and stared into her eyes,

“ I don’t want you or anything related to you in my life anymore Zac, you come back to me whenever you need me, you’re a selfish man and I can’t do it anymore, I’m happy with Tyler and my life is normal, I don’t need you.” She said and I laughed,

“ Break up with him.” I said and she stared at me,

“ I will not break up with Tyler, he treats me right and you don’t, you’re selfish and he’s not, you’re evil and he’s kind.” She said and I smirked,

“ Which is why you should break up with him, he’s not your type.” I said and she averted her gaze from me,

“ You’re impossible to understand Zac.” She said while facing the other way from me, I grabbed her chin and made her face me,

“ If I were an open book like the rest of the people, then there would be no fun left, everyone would read me and use me. I’m not easy to understand Bambola, no-one can understand me better than I do.” I said before kissing her deeply, fuck I missed those lips.

To Be Continued


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