Poisonous ( MATURE)

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Chapter Eighteen


I had the perfect sleep once again, thanks to her. Nicola spoke and slide his finger on the board, showing us the next slide.

I couldn’t concentrate on the meeting as her blue eyes kept popping up again and again in front of me. Nicola’s voice was blurr to my ears, all I cold hear was her moans.

I closed my eyes and leaned back in my leather chair, smoking,

“ Boss, you good?” Nicola asked and I hummed, he continued after a short pause, I wasn’t okay. I blocked her from my mind and opened my eyes, placing my hands on the table, I focused on the meeting with the boys and Snake.

After the meeting ended, Snake left because of some MC work,

“ Zac you have been a bit...I dunno, weird lately.” Alex said and Nicola nodded as they walked besides me,

“ I can fall asleep now.” I said to them and they turned their heads to me in the speed of light,

“ Really?” Nicola asked,

“ That’s good man!” Alex said and I smirked, he wouldn’t say the same thing when he would find out the reason for this miracle,

“ But how? I thought no pill could fix this?” Nicola said and I smoked,

“ She is no less than a pill.” I said and they smirked,

“ Who is she?” Nicola asked and I replied,

“ Rebel.” I saw Alex stopping in his tracks and Nicola laughed hard,

“ Omg!! Poor Alex, what will he do now?” Nicola teased and Alex walked towards him, Nicola ran and Alex chased after him in the garden, they looked like some 5 year kids. They both started up again and I shaked my head in disbelief,

“ And they call themselves men.” I said to myself and walked towards my car, letting them continue their lunacy.

I entered my office and sat down behind the table, grabbing my glass of wine, I took a sip. I placed the glass down on the table and opened the first file, starting to work.

Six Hours

Dawn visited us late today or maybe it was just me, checking the time on my wrist, I saw it was 6:50pm. I was exhausted by attending meetings and reading documents and signing them. Gosh I needed sleep and I knew exactly where to get it.

When I reached her dorm, I was about to ring the bell but heard a yell from the inside, it resembled Tyler’s voice. When I turned the knob, the door opened up. Something was definitely fishy here...

When I walked inside with light steps, I saw Tyler pointing a gun at a girl, Rebel and another guy who stood besides her were anxious yet in raged,

“ Rebel tell me!” Tyler yelled and Rebel clenched her fists,

“ I’m not his weakness fuckin’ dickhead!” She replied back, damn I’m in love with her fierce side, wait what?

I saw the whole scene with a smirk, they didn’t see me since I was hidden behind the wall but I could see and hear them perfectly,

“ Then why the fuck would he come to you again and again!!” Tyler yelled and I knew I was the topic of their interesting conversation,

“ How the fuck am I supposed to know that Tyler!!” She fired back, my smirk widening. I crossed my arms and continued to watch in great interest,

“ Tyler, let Amber go.” The guy who stood besides Rebel spoke up, so she is Amber, Rebel’s friend and roommate, hm,

“ No I won’t, not until she tells me about his VP code.” Tyler yelled and I silently laughed, he was so damn foolish. I saw him reaching out for the trigger, I took out my gun from the back and walked out.

I pressed the gun against his head and he froze,

“ Why don’t you ask me yourself or are you scared, pussy??” I said and he got goosebumps, he let go of the girl and she ran towards Rebel and that guy, hugging them. Rebel had her eyes on me,

I shot him and heard a terrified scream, it was Amber. Tyler fell to the floor and soon enough, the area around him was covered in blood. I looked up to Rebel, my face cold and emotionless,

“ I told you to break up with him didn’t I, Bambola.” I said as I tucked my gun in the back of my jeans, she bit her lower lip, she was unaffected by the dead body, rather glad I would say, unlike her friends who were dying out of terror,

“ You never told me that he was fake or a liar.” She said and crossed her arms, I smirked and walked towards her,

“ If I tell you to do something, there must be a reason for it Bambola and you must obey whatever the fuck I say to you, understood??” I whispered in her ear and she got goosebumps, she nodded her head lightly and I smirked before attacking her neck.

To Be Continued


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