Poisonous ( MATURE)

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Chapter Nineteen


So much has been happening in my life ever since I met him, and after that Tyler thing, I just needed a break, we all needed a break.

So here I was, sitting with my parents in the living room, watching movies. I, Amber and Derek went to our homes since the exams were over. We all made a plan to come to my house and I would give them a tour of Switzerland.

Oh did I mention that Amber fainted when I told her about me and Zac? No, well now I did. Derek was surprised to death, I though they both would need some time to think about this whole sudden situation that occurred in their lives but despite their fright, they stayed with me.

I have been avoiding Zac, not because he shot that jerk, but because I just wanted my normal life back or maybe I wanted my stone cold heart back....

I knew Tyler coming to me and asking me to be his girl was suspicious but if he was a good actor then so was I, plus I liked teasing Zac.

I was sitting in between my parents while we all watched a comedy movie. I had my head laid on Dad’s shoulder while he patted my head, I had my hand intertwined with Mom’s, she caressed the back of my hand as we watched the movie.

It’s been a week since I came back, my parents were very happy about my arrival. I didn’t told them anything about my life there except for college and studies and of course my friends.

I heard the door bell ringing, Dad got up and answered it. I and Mom continued to watch the movie. After awhile I heard loud laughing coming from outside, I and Mom exchanged looks and got up, not being able to help our curiosities.

When we walked out, I saw Uncle Ferd, Dad’s younger brother who lived in another country, he would visit us as much as he could but his job kept him really busy, I didn’t mind it, everyone had a life to live.

I was close with him to be honest, I remember my childhood memories with him, he would play with me and read stories for me, he brought me gifts and stuff. But after the death of his wife, Diana, he was distant and engaged himself in work for the moment. I understood his situation back then.

His wife died after she was diagnosed with cancer, that happened after she gave birth to their only child and Son, Bate. Mom said that I saw him once and that was when I was one, I didn’t remember it since I was very little.

I was an year elder than him. After he was born, Uncle shifted to another country and Dad supported his decision although he was sad. Unlike my dad who was a fighter, Uncle was engaged in business, buying casinos and hotels.

Whenever they would meet, Dad would be really happy. Uncle would usually come alone, I assumed that his son didn’t want to come not that I cared, I was happy about my Uncle being here only.

I saw a boy behind my Uncle, he had green eyes and red lips, dirty blonde hair and a well built and tall figure, fair white skin and sharp jawline, he resembled Uncle a lot.....was he? He wore a pair of blue jeans and white shirt with a black leather jacket over it. He had his black bag thrown over his shoulder.

I didn’t notice Mom walking towards them and hugging Uncle tightly, Uncle laughed and hugged Mom back. Fun fact, Mom, Dad and Uncle were college buddies. I and Uncle stared at each other and his smile brightened, we didn’t met for 3 years and I changed a lot.

Uncle broke the hug and I walked towards him or ran. Uncle pulled me in a tight hug and kissed my cheek,

“ How are you my little Devil?” Uncle said and I laughed while hugging him back, I used to tease him a lot so he called me Devil,

“ Fine, I missed you.” I said to him and he chuckled, I stared at that boy and found him staring at me already, our eyes locked.

“ I missed you too and don’t worry, I’m not planning on leaving early this time.” He said as he broke the hug and I smiled,

“ Good because I wasn’t planning on letting you go early this time either.” I said and he laughed while ruffling my hair slightly,

“ She grew up a lot.” He said to my parents and they smiled at him, my parents stared at the boy and Mom smiled brightly, she left Dad’s embrace and walked towards that boy,

“ Is this...Bate?” Mom asked as she placed her hands on either side on his cheek, Uncle Fred laughed and nodded, Mom hugged him tightly and he was surprised.,

“ Omg!! You grew up so much!!” She said and broke the hug, she kissed his cheek and smiled at him, he stared at her,

“ He grew up to be a handsome man, Fred.” Dad complimented and Mom nodded, Dad hugged Bate and he hugged back, I didn’t expect to meet him, what the heck do I do?

They broke the hug and Dad patted his shoulder,

“ Welcome Bate, hope you like it here.” Dad said and Bate smiled slightly, our eyes locked once again, I bit my lower lip and he stared, I felt like I would be in trouble soon...

“ Rebel, greet your cousin honey.” Mom said and I walked towards him,

“ Rebel.” I said to him as I extended my hand,

“ Bate.” He replied as he accepted my handshake,

“ Alright, why don’t we head inside and talk, come on.” Dad said and the elders walked away, Dad helped Uncle with his luggage and bags while they talked and laughed. They might be old but they still had enough power in them to crush 10 people all alone.

I and Bate stood outside,

“ Why didn’t you visit us before?” I asked him straight forward and he stared at me,

“ Why do you want to know?” He asked and I replied,

“ Because I want to.” He chuckled and said after a short pause,

“ I had a tight schedule and I never got free time, high school was tough.” He said and I nodded,

“ You’re in college now?” I asked him as we started to walk besides each other, he hummed in reply and it reminded me of Zac,

“ Which college was it?” I said and he replied,

“ S.FT College .” He said and I nodded,

“ Studyin’ business?” I asked him and he nodded while staring at me,

“ What about you?” He asked as we entered the living room,

“ I study in Oxford, just completed my first year.” I said and he nodded,

“ Hey kiddos, come on and eat.” Mom said as she placed the snacks on the table, I and Bate sat down together on the sofa, Mom handed us plates full of food, we thanked her and she smiled at us.

We all continued to talk and laugh while eating our food.

Uncle announced that we all would go out for the night to eat. I really didn’t like those 5 star restaurants but agreed anyway.

I showed Bate his room and went to mine, I popped down on my bed and closed my eyes, Zac was all that I could see. I opened my eyes and sat on my bed, fuck I feel like I’m possessed.

I got up, checking through my closet. I should get ready.

I took a bath and cleaned myself up, I did my makeup perfectly, finishing my makeup by applying my maroon matte lipstick, I wore my tight black dress that’s revealed my curves and hugged my body like a second skin, my hair was styled in loose curls and let down.

I wore my golden bracelet and my black mate heels. I sprayed the perfume on me and grabbed my golden clutch, I checked the time on my phone, 9:00pm. Got ready just on time.

When I walked downstairs, I saw Uncle and Dad dressed in their expensive black suits, looking dashing. Mom wore her beautiful maroon dress, looking gorgeous. Bate looked good in his black matte suit. He stared at me, his gaze was fixed on my lips.

I walked towards them and my parents and uncle smiled at me while Bate kept on staring at me,

“ Gorgeous as always.” Uncle said and they smiled,

“ Thank you Uncle.” I said and he smiled before hugging me and kissing my forehead. We left the house and everyone got inside their cars, Mom drove with Dad, Uncle drove alone,

“ Want to ride with me?” I heard Bate saying from behind, I turned around and saw his body leaned on the doorway of the main door.

“ Okay.” I said to him and he nodded, we got inside his Maybach, he started his car and we drove off, following the rest.

We reached the restaurant, getting outside of his car, we followed the rest inside. Our fingers brushed against each other as we walked side by side, before I could pull my hand, he took my hand and intertwined it in his.

I stared at him and saw him staring ahead, acting as if he wasn’t holding my hand. When I tried to pull my hand back, he tightened his hold.

Before I could give him an earful, we entered the hall and sat on our table. Bate sat next to me and the rest sat across from us,

“ Seriously you need to leave my hand.” I whispered in his ear, he turned his head to me and smirked,

“ I don’t want to.” He said and I gave him a death glare, taking my hand out of his grip and placing it on my lap. He chuckled lightly and leaned in to whisper,

“ I never knew I had a feisty cousin.” I grabbed my glass of wine and took a sip, he stared. I turned my head and sent him a look,

“ You don’t know me.” I said and he smirked, taking my hand in his once again and this time placing it on the table, my parents and Uncle saw our intertwined hands and stared at each other,

“ Then educate me about you, I won’t mind it.” He whispered and I chuckled,

“ Do you use this line on every girl you see?” I asked him and he smirked,

“ Believe me, you’re the first one.” He said but it all felt like a lie, well after that Tyler incident I don’t want to believe any guy,

“ Yeah right.” I said and took another sip of my wine, there were couples dancing slowly on the dance floor, being nothing but romantic. Mom and Dad got up to kill time and danced, Uncle and Bate were asked for dance by some ladies and I was left alone.

I was asked by men but I refused. I got up and left the hall, walking towards the restroom. Entering it, I did my business and washed my hands. I dried my hands and walked out.

As I reached the entrance of the hall, I bumped into someone since I was glancing at my wrist. I looked up while backing up a little.

My eyes went wide and his lips curved into a smirk, Why was this happening to me??

To Be Continued


Stay safe and stay indoors!!! Hope you all enjoyed this chapter. Thank you for reading it,

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