Poisonous ( MATURE)

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Chapter Two


Watching my men carve beautiful designs on his face, I smoked on my cigar. I got up, feeling myself getting bored, I walked towards the glass table and saw a range of knives,

“ Speak up you son of bitch!!” One of my man yelled but that motherfucker was quiet. Not long after I heard a feminine voice yelling in pain and worry,

“ Dad!!” She yelled but my man slapped her cheek, my back faced them since I was busy finding the perfect knife,

“ P-P-Please l-l-let h-her go.....” that fucker finally spoke,

“ Boys.” My right man, Nicola said and I heard clothes being ripped apart and loud yellings filled the place, the familiar pleads joined the scene eventually,

“ The usb is hidden in LK bank, locker number 330.” He finally spoke, dark and evil laughs replaced the fucking annoying pleads and cries,

“ You could’ve said that earlier, fuckin’ wasted my precious time.” I said and everyone became silent, I turned around holding the knife in my hand, I stared at him but he didn’t.

I threw the knife in his way and it pinned onto the wall, his head separated from his body and the girl yelled loudly in complete horror and fright. I walked out, not giving two fucks about the girl.

“ Grab the usb from that fuckin’ bank and bring me the damn papers.” I said to Nicola and he nodded before replying,

“ Yes Boss.” I left the basement and walked up, I left the place and got inside the backseat, my driver closing the door and getting in, driving away.

We reached my mansion, isolated from the world. I got out and met up with my black panther, Devil. I patted his head while kneeling down, he licked my face and I released a dark chuckle with a smirk.

I got up, fixing my suit and walking inside. Like the usual, heads bowed down to me, fear radiated from everyone, I walked up to my bedroom and got inside, I took off my suit and threw it on the bed, before sitting down and taking out my cigarette and lighter, I lit it up and smoked, my light blue eyes with a touch of yellow and green in them saw the smoke escaping my nostrils and spreading in the air.

I got up, smoking and taking off my shirt. I entered my bathroom, I stripped off my remaining clothing and got inside the big jacuzzi. The warm water relaxed my body and I closed my eyes while smoking, I threw my head back, resting it on the jacuzzi.

My fingers wrapped around the cigarette and my lips parted as I released a smoke, I stared at it.

After cleaning myself up, I walked towards the mirror while wearing my towel. I placed my hands on either side of the marbled sink and stared at my reflection, tall and well maintained body, god-like enchanting looks, jet black hair, tempting red lips and tan skin with ink drawn on it.

My shoulders, arms, left wrist and back were tattooed. I ran a hand through my hair and left the bathroom, walking towards my wardrobe.

I entered it and wore my black boxers before leaving the place. I collapsed on my bed and drifted off to sleep.

As usual, I woke up in the middle of the night. I sat on the bed and leaned my back against the bed, I closed my eyes and threw my head back, the death of my parents kept on haunting me, even after I killed that dick a death that would have the Devil and Demons bowed down to me.

I tried to fall asleep but couldn’t, I growled and threw the blanket off of me. I got up and walked towards the balcony after grabbing my cigarette and lighter.

I smoked, enjoying the drug. She’s the only thing that will be my addiction forever. I didn’t do love or shit. I fucked one girl once, that was the history of my, well you can’t call it love life so I call it my fuck life.

I didn’t hate love, I fucking loath it.

I wanted to tear up everything that was related to that fucking feeling. If you fucking fall in love, consider yourself dead. When they say love is addictive and all, the reality was fucking different. It’s some stupid ass fucking shit that will have you broke. So, after knowing all this shit about love, knowing it’s real face, you still wanna fall in love then a piece of advise for you all,

Go fuck yourself or even better get yourself killed by some mobster.

I threw my cigarette and crushed it with my feet. I walked inside my bedroom and went towards the bathroom, knowing my day has begun.

After taking a warm bath, I left the bathroom. I got inside my wardrobe once again, putting on some clothes on me. I walked out and grabbed my phone, checking the time.

4 fucking am.

I took my phone, cigarette and lighter before leaving the place. I walked towards my garage, the view of different luxurious and sports cars was placed before me, every car shining brightly and customised. But I wasn’t in the mood to ride any of these luxurious rides, I wanted to blow it off.

I walked towards the second floor, which was underground. I picked out my favourite bad boy, limited edition. I got on it and brought it to life. I wore my helmet and drove off with a speed, the huge black metal gates opened up automatically, I drove out.

My leather jacket and shirt pushed back due the wind. I gripped my bike tighter and increased the speed, taking a turn.

The forest started to replace with malls and buildings, indicating that I entered the city.

I switched lanes, I had attention diverted to me and my bike as I drove past them. I increased my speed.

By the time I entered the town, it was 11 am. I entered the MC and parked my bike. I took off my helmet and ran a hand through my hair, the entire garage stopped their actions and stared at me. I looked up to them with a raised brow and they went back to their work.

I got off of my bike and placed my helmet on the seat,

“ Hey King, wanna customise again?” Snake said and I stared, I gave him the keys and he laughed,

“ Bad mood again.” He said and I stared at him, they knew me too well,

“ Prez waiting up on ya.” He said and I walked away, I entered the bar and everyone stopped their actions once again, I walked in and up the stairs, entering his office.

I saw him in the chair behind his desk, he was talking on the phone, when he looked up at me, he smiled and ended the call.

He got up and walked towards me, hugging me,

“ Welcome King.” He said and I stared, one hand in the pocket and the other one playing with my lighter,

“ Quit with the talking, the goods.” I said to him while lightening up my cigarette, he laughed and nodded,

“ Of course, not only do you have his looks but his personality too, let’s go.” He said as he walked out.

Passing the corridors and walking down, we entered the basement. Guards bowed down to us. We entered the room and I saw different type of guns placed up on the table, there were racks filled up with money in the room, I smoked.

“ The money is going to be sent to you and as for the guns, you can pick ‘em up.” Snake said as I traced my hands on a gun, I turned my head to him and smirked,

“ You never fail to impress me.” I said and he laughed,

“ We the best.” He said and I chuckled, I picked up a gun and stared at it, I aimed it to the wall and shot,

“ Don’t take down the whole MC King.” Snake said and I smirked,

“Tomorrow.” I said to him and he nodded,

“ Aight, you will have them in your mansion.” He said...

To Be Continued


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