Poisonous ( MATURE)

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Chapter Twenty


I just wanted to sleep....next to her and have her wrapped around me but I found out she left the country and went home since her exams were over.

I certainly didn’t expect to see her here, whenever she tried to get away from me, destiny made us meet. I came to Switzerland for business but I never thought I would meet her so quick, I was here for a meeting.

She stared at me with wide eyes,

“ Z-Zac...” she said and I pulled her to me, burying my face in the crook of her neck, inhaling her scent that I missed like crazy,

“ I didn’t expect to see you here Bambola.” I whispered in her ear and she got goosebumps. I broke the hug and stared at her, I felt hands clenching, I turned my head slightly and saw Alex’s stern expression while Nicola seemed fine as his cold face stared at them,

“ Can we got inside, I can’t stand her anymore.” Alex mumbled but we all heard it, including Rebel. She stood besides me and glared at Alex, I turned around and stared at her,

“ If you can’t stand me, then you can walk inside.” Rebel said and Alex stared at her, both of them crossed their arms and Alex replied,

“ Fuckin’ shut up, I wasn’t talking to you.”

“ Oh my thousand apologise.” Rebel said sarcastically,

“ Oh my thousand apologise.” Alex said, mimicking her, Rebel glared at him and he gladly returned it,

“ Dickhead.”

“ Bitch.” They both said in unison and their glare turned even more intense, Nicola was trying so hard not to laugh and I smirked, amused,

“ What are you doing in this 2 star restaurant?” Rebel asked and Alex rolled his eyes while replying,

“ Fuckin’ dumb bitch, it’s a five star.”

“ I’m so proud to say that after you walked in, it’s standards went down.” Rebel said and that triggered Alex, he walked forward and she copied his actions, both ready for a riot.

Before these two could start fighting, Nicola got in between them and said,

“ Stop, both of you.” Alex scoffed and Rebel bit her lower lip while sending a glare to Alex,

“ Grow up Alex.” Nicola said as he turned his back to Rebel and faced Alex,

“ Yeah grow up kid.” Rebel commented and Alex took out his gun, losing his cool, Nicola placed his hand on Alex’s wrist, making him lower the gun.

“ Stop.” He said again and Alex growled wildly, Rebel giggled, I raised my brow at her, she was being mischievous, I backhugged her and she froze, her giggle died,

“ One week away from me and you turned so mischievous, I think we need to head to my place to teach you some manners, my little Bambola.” I whispered in her ear before kissing her neck, she shivered in delight and tried not to moan.

She broke away from my hold and walked inside, without sparing a glance in my way. I smirked,

“ She someone important?” Alex said and Nicola turned his head to him and then to me,

“ I guess.” I said before walking inside, Nicola laughed at Alex’s expression.

I saw her sitting next to Bate, but they weren’t alone. They had three other people with them, one of them I recognised to be Bate’s father and the other two, they were Rebel’s parents.

Bate saw me and got up, walking towards us, Rebel saw him walking towards us and she turned red as our eyes locked, she averted her gaze and bit her lower lip,

“ Don.” He said as he bowed, I kept my emotionless face on,

“ Welcome, this way please.” He said as he started to walk but an idea invaded my mind, I smirked,

“ I’m tired of having meetings in separate rooms. how about we join you?” I said and he chuckled lightly,

“ As you wish Don.” He said and we walked towards their table,

“ Why must we sit there!! I can’t stand that woman!” Alex complained and Nicola chuckled,

“ Ask the Boss.” Nicola replied and Alex groaned.

We joined them and the elders smiled at us, I sat next to Rebel and her breaths became shaky, Alex and Nicola sat next to each other and across from us.

Bate sat next to Rebel on the other side,

“ Who are they Bate?” Rebel’s mother asked with politeness, Rebel resembled her,

“ They are my friends.” Bate answered and she smiled including the other two elders,

“ I remember meeting them once or twice.” Fred said and Rebel’s parents smiled,

“ Well do you all live here?” Rebel’s father asked,

“ No, we live in England, we are here for business.” Nicola answered and they nodded,

“ Well it’s amazing to see how the young generation loves commitment.” Rebel’s mother said, she stared at Alex and he stared back, she frowned with a smile,

“ Your eyes, they remind me of someone...” she spoke and it became silent, the two elders looked at her and Rebel stared at her mother and then at Alex,

“ Who?” Alex asked,

“ My late son, Alex.” She said and Nicola choked on his drink,

“ Are you okay?” She asked concerned and Nicola nodded,
“ I’m fine.” He said and Alex and Nicola exchanger looks,

Rebel stared at the boys with a frown, she picked up her glass of wine and drank some. I placed my hand on Rebel’s thigh, caressing it. She got goosebumps and placed her glass of wine down on the table, I missed her touch,

“ What happened to him?” Nicola asked and Rebel’s mother smiled sadly,

“ He was taken away from us.” She said

“ By whom?” Alex said,

“ They were our enemies.” Rebel’s father spoke and Alex listened,

“ When our son was 4, he was taken away from us. Although we found them, we failed to find our son.” He said and Nicola turned his face to Rebel,

“ Why didn’t they try to kidnap Rebel?” Nicola said and Fred replied,

“ Back then Rebel wasn’t born, she was born after two years of her brother’s abduction, she didn’t know about this until she was 12.” Nicola nodded,

“ So Rebel and her brother have 5 year age gap?” Nicola said and Rebel’s mother nodded, Bate was staring at them,

“ How are you so sure that he is dead?” Alex said and Rebel’s mother stared at him,

“ They sent us his dead body.” She said and her body shivered in fear as if it was all happening again,

“ I think we should drop this topic.” Bate said, Alex was left in wonder and Nicola stared at me,

“ Excuse me.” Alex said as he got up, Rebel watched him leave the hall,

“ Is he fine?” Rebel’s mother asked concerned,

“ Yes, he just got a call.” Nicola said and she nodded,

“ Well, how long are you all staying here?” Rebel’s father said and this time he stared at me, I turned to Rebel and she stared at me with wide eyes as everyone stared at us,

“ Well, we planned to leave the next day but seems like we will me extending our stay here.” I said and Rebel blushed.

To Be Continued


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